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HeadWorks company is a software development company that is focused:

  • on the creation of tailor-made innovative products from the idea stage;
  • improvement currently apps/products, review and fix bugs.

With core expertise in cross-platform app development.

We mostly work with small and medium running businesses. Our solutions help businesses to become more efficient and cost-effective. We are responsible for product A to Z development.
Our mission is to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and capability of the business by delivering the IT solutions above.

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Key clients: 

DJ Pool, Tibbaa, YiPos.

Apple Watch Alarm System App Image

Apple Watch Alarm System App

There is a fun story about these apps. We actually started developing these after one or two of the main Android and iOS apps have written a review (feedback) and asked us to do the apps for wearables. The second thing that sped us up was our aspiration to join the IoT community and to make some handy apps for smart-devices. The apps have very similar

functionality compared to their «older brothers» and are fully-functional till these days. We’ve pulled out best features from the core apps (unique design, elaborative UX and UI, clean code) and combined them with what we knew about wearables at that time. The outcome impressed even ourselves!) I do think we did a great job, but have to admit some «sharpness» those apps have in design. We’re now great partners with MCC and are going to add the support of new version Wear OS and watchOS in our apps, and I’m definitely going to make some design-related changes, which would bring the feel of a Nova into them and will make them look fabulous on your watches.
Xamarin Android app for PoS in restaurant Image

Xamarin Android app for PoS in restaurant

YoiPos is an app for restaurants and food chains, which simplifies the ordering process and makes it more simple to communicate and report inside the team. Language: C# 7 Framework: Xamarin.Forms (v2.4.0.18342 or above) PCL targeting: netstandard2.0 Testing: Xunit 2.3.x. Logging: Serilog (sink to ElasticSearch) Component Set: Telerik UI for Xamarin 2017.3.1018_3 Target Platforms: Android (Min target API23), iOS (later phase)

Supporting: Nuget Packages: Xamarin.Auth v1.5.x The idea of an app was «floating on the water surface», and the client had to bear it in mind for a long time. Just imagine some regular restaurant or a cafe you’ve been visiting for lunches or dinners. What is the ordering process there? Let me guess - a waiter is coming to your table (if there are waiters at all) and suggests you a menu and pulls out a notebook to write down your order. Once you’ve chosen on your dishes, he/she writes down your order and hands it over to the kitchen. Let’s imagine the waiter did his «writing» job good and you’re being presented with your dishes - you get what you expected to get. The times flies by, and you’re adding up to your check, ordering some beverages and deserts - just keep in mind every time you order something the waiter needs to «document» your words, - this information will be a part of the month-to-month report, and when it’s time for annual bonuses this information will be handy too. So, I believe we can agree on the importance of the waiter’s «writing» work, right? ) Let’s imagine the waiter had a bad day and a little bit dull of hearing, and he overheard your words and put down to the order-list some wrong items. You’re waiting for your order, and voila - you’re watching your waiter approach with the tray, but…. unexpected happens - it turns out he overheard you and instead of pasta with some meatballs he brought you chicken parmesan and instead of a bottle of wine two bottles of beer. You need to wait another 40 minutes, and the waiter is getting more upset because he brought something the clients never ordered. «This could never happen» - you might say, but the things like this happen all over the world; in every bar, cafe, or restaurant the described situation (ok, may be made up :) ) I’ve described. So, how to minimize or prevent situations like this? - The answer is simple - eliminate or reduce to the possible minimum the human factor. This is what YoiPos does, and even more. So, we’ve made a research and thrown a poll in one of Facebook’s Popular Cooking Community, where we asked the community members (food chain workers, bartenders, restaurant owners, cooks, and eaters) what irritates them the most when visiting the cafe/restaurant/pub/whatever the place they visit. The answers were: 1. The need for booking tables aforehand. 2. Waiting for your order to be prepared. 3. Jumbled orders 4. Whenever POS-terminals don’t work (the need of paying by cash) 5. Rude staff. Well, it’s not a mystery all these are pretty irritating and we’ve just made sure how much they can impact the overall impression the place makes. The core idea of the app - less human interaction - more productive and streamlined the ordering process. No - we haven’t sent all the waiters to the desert isle, - we still need them. =) What we’ve made is the app for food-and-drink places, which simplifies the ordering process. Every waiter is given a tablet with the app installed on it, and also there are tablets that are handled to the kitchens. The waiter does the same process he used to do - he greets visitors, hands over menus, takes orders, but! there is one crucial difference - he no longer needs to memorize/write down the orders - he uses the app on his tablet and simply chooses the dishes from the menu, reducing the chance of mistake drastically. Do you remember what he used to do next? He would go to the kitchen and hand the copy of the order-list over to the kitchen workers. Well, guess what - he no longer needs to do that.
Event management cross-platform Xamarin mobile app for iOS and Android Image

Event management cross-platform Xamarin mobile app for iOS and Android

This is another app from the Tibbaa ecosystem we’ve made together and it is truly a ticketing monster in your phone (I’m not exaggerating). The app was built on Xamarin, and is available for both: iOS and Android. List of technologies: Language: C# Framework: ASP.NET Core 2.0 Web API Logging: Serilog Sink: ElasticSearch + Kibana Database: MySQL Authentication: JSON Web Tokens ORM: EF Core 2.0 Testing: Xunit 2.3.x Deployment:

Host ASP.NET Core on Debian with Nginx SMS Messaging: Email: SendGrid Scheduler: Quartz Enterprise Scheduler .NET Payment System: Other: Open XML SDK There are key features the app has: * mobile app ticketing administration. * geolocation (maps api), * adding photos from gallery or by link, * advanced filters, * possibility to create and invite users, forming users group and roles, * GDPR, * activation and deactivation users, * unique custom cashless payment system The T-management app is a fully functional copy of a PosSmart application, but is tailored for those, who need the functionality of the PosSmart on the go. The app lets you create a group of sellers, promoters, bartenders, as well as it gives you the ability to create new events, and start tickets sell. The roles are the same as they are in the PosSmart: Administrator (event organizer), Seller, Promoter, Bartender. There are also managerial roles, which enable you to get the control over the groups of sellers/promoters/bartenders, add and delete them from lists, invite new ones, activate, block, profiles and even teams, choose from payment systems, control accrual of bonuses. Every seller receives bonuses and coins for each ticket sold. Promoters are also given inside circulating currency, which automatically converts into/from USD, EUR. These coins can be used during the event, spending them on beverages, dishes, ticket upgrades, merchandise and etc. The idea of using the inside currency is not new, but we’ve leveled it up, and created a cashless payment system, in which only this currency circulates. The app works with all renown payment systems, and every transaction is secured. I can keep going with the list of things this app can, but I’d suggest you download the app and make some use of it to understand what the app is really capable of. less
App for scanning tickets Image

App for scanning tickets

Tibbaa Scanner is a perfect tool for on-entrance tickets scanning. Whenever there is an event, you know - there will be people, and queues, and tickets. A lot of tickets… Let’s be honest here: who doesn’t have a smartphone in 2018? Exactly! The amount of regular, «dumb-phones» is decreasing drastically from year to year. So the idea was to give a person, who will be working on entrances a smartphone with the Tibbaa Scanner on

it to make an entrance process simpler and faster. Once the event is created and the event workers are hired/associated/assigned, the app is ready to work. The system built very thoughtfully, so there won’t be any mistakes: a wrong event occurring, the app can’t get permission to the camera, etc. The administrator (event organizer) can choose the time interval during which the app will be functioning, and once the time passes the deadline, the app is no longer available for scanning tickets. And the statistics are conveniently organized in the charts, so you can see right away how many tickets, wristbands were scanned, how many more left to go, how many guests are checked-in, and who paid by cash or card. App features: - offline work with background sync - synchronization via UDP - synchronization via SignalR - analytics via a mobile center - SQLite storage - QR-code/Barcode reader guest logins via QR-code Links: Android iOS less
Mobile App: Record pool and DJ network Image

Mobile App: Record pool and DJ network

Digital DJ Pool is an online, digital, mp3 record pool, providing DJs access to pre-release records, effectively playing and promoting new songs, getting the songs to "break," or catch on in your market.


App features: 

  • Payments
  • In-App Search
  • User Profile Creation
  • User Authentication
  • In-App Purchases

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