We create apps, VR, AR, plugins and videogames


We are a small studio based in sunny Portugal. Our team members have worked across different industries, from Videogames, Commercials, ArchViz to Software Development. We use and abuse the latest technologies.


We're a studio committed to develop fun and challenging videogames as well as apps for Windows/Android/iOS including Virtual and Augmented Reality.

$25 - $49 / hr
2 - 9
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Porto, Portugal
  • Porto


Key clients: 

AMD, Energia, Intel, Velux, Ombria Resorts, JLL, JPSCork, Visual Playground, Pixomondo, Guerrilla Games, Sega Games, MPC, Double Negative, ILM, Rede Globo

Cork simulator Image

Cork simulator

A realtime cork simulator where the user can customize the materials in a house. Products/textures where dynamically connected to client web store via REST API. Available for PC, iOS and Android

Sales app Image

Sales app

Sales and marketing app running on iOS and WebGL. Client could showcase various models, show 2D plants and various info. Included a backend to set various parameters to be displayed in realtime in the app

Intel simulator Image

Intel simulator

WebGL simulator developed for Intel to showcase their smarthome products

VR pitch Image

VR pitch

A successfull VR pitch we created for our client that allowed interaction with various elements as well as controlling daylight time and interior lights for HTC Vive

Medical Simulator Image

Medical Simulator

iOS and PC realtime medical simulator with customizable areas

360 walkthrough Image

360 walkthrough

360 walkthrough to show our client product, displaying before/after situations plus info panels. We created builds for iOS and Android using gyroscope, cardboard and Oculus Go