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Hatchet has grown from the status of a bright idea to a fully realised solutions provider, connecting businesses in Perth with a unique set of comprehensive web services across app development, software development, web design, hosting and databases.

We’re digital agency you bring in when you want a effective, no compromise digital solution, built within the latest technology frameworks in a human centred design.

Our values are:

  • Performance
  • Maximum efficiency.
  • Local support.
  • Scalability.

With such a breadth of no-compromise scope and capability, business owners can be confident they’re partnering with the one-stop team they need to smash objectives and hit new heights of success.

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Perth, Australia
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Key clients: 

ONS Boutique

Sleeping W. The Enemy Image

Sleeping W. The Enemy

A boutique eCommerce WooCommerce solution that demonstrated a clear understanding of our customers product range.

ONS Boutique eCommerce Image

ONS Boutique eCommerce

Hatchet had implemented a previous project with the One Night Stand Boutique team months earlier, their booking management system (BMS). It was a natural transition as ONS’s technology partner to design and build their eCommerce website.

The website needed to be built in WordPress that could sync product listings and information with their custom built BMS. Custom webhooks and APIs were developed in order to communicate

and sync information with the eCommerce plugin WooCommerce. For the time being the “add to cart” and checkout facilities were hidden. The aim of the website initially was for it to be a lead generation tool for customers to visit prior to dropping into their brick and mortar stores. It was also aimed at assisting staff in the discussion of products and information over the phone their customers.

Around the corner though was the necessity to empower customers to self-checkout and accommodate to those that prefer an online experience or wanted to make a purchase after visiting a store. In discovery with the Director, Natalia Fiacchi, we quickly realised that this next phase of the rollout was certainly going to have a few technology gotchas to overcome. In our case, it was important for the business that online orders were distributed between the physical stores.

Having a distributed inventory makes online stores 10x harderhow do we determine what store to make the deductions from? On top of that we somehow needed to ensure that dresses were available for hire, within that store, between the customers specified date range and to also take into consideration the calculation of the extended delivery dates vs a standard walk in booking. Who would have ever thought that hiring a dress would be so difficult right?