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We’re a fiercely independent modern marketing agency made up of creative entrepreneurs who solve problems and drive results. And to us “Live Free or Die” isn’t just a motto, it’s the philosophy we bring to every brand partnership, every project, and every problem we approach. Because when you stay free to innovate, evolve, and create, death is never even an option. 

We’re driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. One that’s always solving, always evolving, always creating, and never satisfied. The result is a willingness to create big, bold solutions. To question the way things have always been done. To speak our mind when everyone else is content to go with the flow. To take a chance on something we believe in.

To us it’s not enough to check the boxes.

We’re always on the lookout for new boxes, too.

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Key clients: 

Cedar's Mediterranean Hommus, Sweet Baby Ray's, New Hampshire Travel & Tourism, ESPN, Timberland, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Moxie, New Hampshire Lottery, Barstool Sports, Dunkin', Cat's Pride, Staples, Wahlburgers, Ocean Spray, YORK Athletics

NH Travel & Tourism: Tyler McGill How I Live Free

A video we made as a part of the NH Travel & Tourism How I Live Free series. 

YORK Athletics MFG: #WorthTheFight

The hero video for the YORK Athletics worth the fight campaign. 

Ocean Spray Grapefruit

A video we created to promote Ocean Spray's grapefruit line. 

Cedar's Now You Know: Jalepeno

A video we created for Cedar's Now You Know campaign. 

Boston Children's Hospital Visit x Dunkin' Promposal

Sweet Baby Ray's: Buff-a-Cue Chicken Dip

A recipe video we did for Sweet Baby Ray's as part of the buff-a-cue campaign.