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Electronic solutions for IoT

At Grinn we build IoT solutions by designing and manufacturing electronic devices. We transform our clients ideas into real products by carrying them through a comprehensive process: from needs analysis to mass production of the devices. We are distinguished by software and hardware competences and a flexible approach that will transform your concept into a tangible solution.

We serve a range of industries

As experts in technology, we design all elements of embedded software to create a range of devices and IoT solutions in the area of medicine, smart home, aerospace, energy, agriculture, smart city, manufacturing and many more.

Our services include:

  • mechanical product design
  • electronics design
  • embedded software development
  • wireless connectivity
  • testing
  • production management.

Our services are distinguished by combination of quick operation with high quality service. This is possible thanks to a project-type process involving 5 stages: 

  • analysis of the customer needs
  • selection of technology
  • preparation of the outline and the prototype of the solution
  • testing and production management. 

The design process structured this way, experience and knowledge of technology allow us to deliver innovative solutions.

Grinn in numbers

  • 12 years of experience
  • 180+ projects implemented
  • 65+ satisfied clients
  • 40 specialists.
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Wroclaw, Poland


Key clients: 
From developing LoRa-based solutions for global tech brands like Panasonic and Texas Instruments, to providing comprehensive solution design for entrepreneurs and pioneering new businesses, we can create a solution tailored to customers needs.   We develop long-term relationships with our clients including EagleEye Networks, Circa, Versa, Optics11, Sani nudge, Airtame, Spider IoT solutions, Seneco, Hi-P, BMTC, TRAX elektronik, Sonel.
Rhino Image


Flexible and efficient operations are now in compliance with environmental standards, saving money for the company and creating a sustainable business.

Sensor technology and smart metering is no longer out of reach – nowadays it's a solution you can’t afford to be without. 

Get to know Rhino tools to make your complex utilities network simple to manage, sustainable and cost-effective. Our smart

solution and management technology for buildings provides analysis tools for:
  • energy
  • water
  • gas
  • heating
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • custom parameters.

At a simple level, it can help reduce energy consumption and deliver savings. Rhino is different from other solutions – it was designed to be flexible and can accommodate custom modules created specifically to your needs. Rhino can implement more modules or add the function that you believe will bring massive savings to your business.


Nubo Image


Security camera

The world's first 4G/LTE camera that gives minimal effort, amazing remote observing, any place you are. We worked with the Eagle Eye Networks group to configure, create and upgrade the center electronic equipment and software.

Indoor and outdoor

Intended for both indoor and open air utilization, Eagle Eye NuboCam is climate safe and offers sensor

availability through an incorporated remote radio. An advanced video examination show when an individual enters your ensured space, activating alerts to the portable application. Remote radio technology enables the camera to "speak" with outside sensors, for example, door or movement sensors. 


Our objective was to convey a solution that permits customers the opportunity and adaptability of picking where the camera can be set and the certainty of realizing that the information made is safely transmitted and stored. We were entrusted with planning highlights that increase the value of the device, to be specific securing property while the person is outside of Wi-Fi reach. 

Our industry experience, and liquid collaboration with Eagle Eye Networks B.V. what's more, SLIMDESIGN, enabled us to make a practical device as well as one that really surpassed industry benchmarks. 

In light of the idea structure necessities for weight, strength and the sort of treatment required for outside surfaces, we tried different kinds of the components. We at that point arranged firmware and the PCB format, just as leading EMC testing.


Circa Image


Why should people still use an alarm clock in the era of smartphones? Circa is not a simple alarm clock - it also helps you sleep better while offering fewer distractions. It does include a sleep sensor which wakes you up at the perfect moemnt and it provides data about your sleep quality. 

Sleep matters, and that's why we wanted to implement a solution that promotes healthier sleep cycles. You

can use it for better rest thanks to a dark mode which ensures uninterrupted rest. 

Our engineers designed the electronics and implemented the software, working closely with the visionaries behind the company, product design experts and graphic designers. We also designed the UX and UI elements to make the device easy to use and attractive. 

Circa is based on liteSOM - our low-power module incorporating an NXP i.MX 6UltraLite microprocessor. LiteSOM works with all major operating systems and is preconfigured for Linux.

Wake up with your favourite sounds!

The device allows you to play audio from FM radio, DAB radio, Bluetooth, Spotify, and internet radio, with more sources being added all the time.

Smart people get better rest with smart alarms.

You can also connect the device to your connected lights to slowly light up your bedroom and make your home a comfortable place.



Optics11 Image


Interferometers are precision measurement tools used in specialist nanotechnology labs. Grinn designed and developed a new industry-leading device around the client’s sensor tool, providing PCB, visualisation software and device firmware.

At the point when Optics11 expected to build up another industry-driving interferometer—an accuracy estimation device used in pro nanotechnology labs—they went to Grinn to

consolidate convenience with the most recent innovation. 

The work process

After exhaustive venture examination, cost streamlining, and choice of technologies, we drew up the schematics of the solution. At that point we structured a PCB, the firmware of the tool, and PC software which imagines information in a straightforward and clear way. Thus, we delivered the total working device. 

Our undertaking was to work with forefront nanotechnologies that different organizations can't adapt to and think of a revolutionary solution that would change the way in which tests are performed and improve their quality—and we delivered successfully. 

It was a challenge

Our customers consistently challenge us, yet the assignment of building up the whole tool, from idea to the final item, was especially demanding. We had the option to convey an easy to understand device with a scope of potential applications in the field of nanotechnology. 

The user experience doing complex tests and complicated research has been certain to such an extent that Optics11 have tasked us with implementing the coming age of devices.


Versa Image


Can technology solve the lost luggage problem?
Grinn engineers worked on the solution - a device that tracks baggage while traveling. It's the most complete baggage tracking solution, you always know where your bag is.

Users can track their baggage just by placing the Versa inside. Thanks to this solution, travelers can relax during their journey without worrying about their baggage. We helped

implement the product that not only prevents nervous situations but also makes a big difference in air traveling. 

Versa is the size of a mobile phone using a unique combination of available technologies: GSM, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth and sending data to the cloud. A smart feature such as an Automatic Flight Mode makes sure Versa sleeps during the flight, compliant with aviation regulations.

How Grinn contributed
Grinn engineers prepared the concept of device and created such elements as electronic area (PCB, selected technology and components, engineering research), embedded software and secure communication between the device and the cloud.

No more luggage stress
Versa combines the latest technology and is easy to use. We wanted to create a device that brings value to passengers and cuts costs for airline operators. 


Airtame PoE Adapter Image

Airtame PoE Adapter

A wireless screen sharing and digital signage device with cloud management for businesses and schools.

As a demonstrated creator of world-class solutions, we collaborated with Airtame – an organization that is forming the future of collaboration in work environments and in schools utilizing the most recent remote innovation. Together, we built a device that ties down a reliable wired ethernet connection with

the Airtame 2 - from which the remote network with the devices is set up. 

Simple screen sharing

The goal is to start using screens better with a gadget that makes remote screen sharing and advanced signage simple to use and keep up in workplaces and schools. Using Airtame with the PoE Adapter opens up your WiFi traffic and gives you a steady, fixed connection between the Airtame and the local network. 

Grinn was tasked with the hardware development and improvement of the Airtame PoE Adapter. The powering accessory uses a similar custom cable that accompanies the Airtame 2 item to provide both power and drive information to the device. Grinn also implemented the production tester which is used to verify quality in large scale manufacturing. We worked close by the customer, using our expertise and experience to plan a solid, proficient and helpful solution.


AQM Sensor Image

AQM Sensor

The AQM Sensor estimates the air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, the level of suspended particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10, VOC) and CO2. Utilizing a smart system of air pollution sensors, it is conceivable to increase live condition checking and air pollution alerts. 

Network of smart sensors

The whole AQM Sensor system includes a network of air quality sensors, an

application, online platform with a guide and an air contamination figure. The online platform is a place where everybody can without effort check the present air quality in a particular area. With our experience of sensors, IoT, and work on complex Rhino smart metering solution, Grinn was an undeniable choice for bringing the concept to life.

We realized how to combine numerous applications on a similar system foundation, to lower the costs and provide the customer with a great complete solution. The worth we brought to the task was gotten from our past involvement with comparative devices. 

The story of our success

As one of the most exceedingly eminent providers of LoRa solutions in Europe, Grinn took the venture to a level beyond what any other person could have offered.

Rhino RDM sensor Image

Rhino RDM sensor

Rhino discovers approaches to cut expenses in spots you never consider because of the Rhino RDM – it's a basic sensor monitoring for a more secure working environment with less support. 

Roof deflection monitoring

Rhino does not simply work inside your modern space, it can measure any parameter that can cost your business time and cash. Load on your rooftop structure from things like

snow, just as leaks that can emerge after some time, pose a security danger and come at a high price. 

With consistent observing and electronic security cautions, Rhino takes the heap off your brain. Estimations gathered by the Rhino RDM are sent to the cloud and are exposed to cautious analysis. The structure's information is put away in a safe way and if the redirections surpass the set security levels, the framework consequently notifies the customer. 

The expenses of snow removal or holes are the most unusual for the building administrator. Unfortunately, the human factor in the case of structural safety is the most widely recognized reason for development catastrophe.

Saninudge Image


A revolutionary touch-free hand sanitizer for hospitals. We developed the electronics and software to make the client’s vision a reality, then oversaw full testing in complex environments.

Any human health care services should be served in a safe environemntr. Saninudge understands the power of ongoing information analysis in order to carry health services into the cutting edge era and help medical

organizations eliminate the mistakes. 

Rigorous medical regulations

Grinn architects built up the devices electronics and software to make the customer's vision a reality—and at that point managed full testing in complex situations. Our involvement with scientific and medical applications implied that the customer realized they could depend on our comprehension of the medical branch to create the solution that meets therigorous business guidelines. 

The gadget is a wireless, hand cleanliness checking innovation and a far reaching technology for preventing infectious diseases tramsmissions. The device helps reduce hospital-acquired infections by moving an individual best way to deal with hand cleanliness.


Silo spider Image

Silo spider

The latest radar technology for agro-business, utilising high quality IoT solutions for better stock control and healthier farms.

IoT for agriculture

Silo Spider is mounted on top of agricultural silos and measures levels of feed in the silos. Our client, Radarxense, required an IoT master to take this straightforward idea and make it into a revolutionary solution for the agricultural

market through smart structure. 

Feed level information is sent to the cloud, which required the best possible software development and hardware design to be overseen by Grinn engineers. We figured out how to couple the most recent radar innovation with great IoT solutions to help farmers and providers to more readily screen feed levels and keep up orders as required. 

Saving cost is essential

In a business where expenses are consistent and yields are occasional, having the option to spread orders and outlay is a colossal benefit. The item is very easy to assemble and does not require any adjustment of the silo, which means there are no extra cost for fitting, and the solar power source and climate resistance to the purpose of indestructibility continue running costs at an impartial level. 

Our IoT experience was what carried the customer to Grinn, however we were also ready to present the features that took the gadget from a positive element to a genuine advantage. We didn't simply take a functionality, we also considered the design and how we could enable customers to save costs at all stages of usage.


Gateway Eco System Image

Gateway Eco System

A compact device to optimize the efficiency of pole or cabinet light mountings

Smart lighting

Gateway Eco System is a compact device to advance the proficiency of pole or cabinet light mountings – it's a connected device networks open up aggregate funds opportunities. The Gateway Eco System is an intelligent information connection between the cloud and individual lighting units. Data is

communicated through a protected protocol, assisted by the Gateway, and sent to the users. 

Street light management

The Gateway is the connecting device that makes it conceivable to completely profit by connected city lighting. Assisted by the Gateway, data from every individual lighting unit is remotely gathered and sent to the server by a secure protocol and a mobile network. The key information on the light performance becomes available through our web-based platform. The web platform's instinctive interface permits simple light management. 

The ability to view the performance and cost of a single unit and the system overall is the place where network technologies advancements bring tremendous industrial differences.


Hi-P Image


An electronics control module for use in domestic appliances. Grinn helped Hi-P address some key issues and developed a low-cost, high-performance solution that is now mass-produced for use in a range of household products.

IoT in household appliance

At the point when major manufacturer Hi-P needed another smart electronics control module for use in household appliances, we ensure it

got the propelled sensors it needed. 

We helped the kitchenware organization make a smart coffee maker that automates the preparing procedure and keeps drinks hot for longer while holding the fresh flavor. We provided the core electronics, including a range of sensors, and had the option to accomplish all mentioned plan objectives—building up an low-cost, high-performance solution that is currently mass-delivered for use in a range of household items. 

Hi-P came to us with an solution that had hit a roadblock. They required something that was high caliber and had propelled usefulness, while as yet being natural and appealing to use. As opposed to fix an imperfect solution and acquire the issues it had, we made the intense step of stripping the device back to its foundations and building a new one, bespoke version from scratch.

Grinn implemented a creative design through consecutive prototyping, which enabled us to keep refreshing the formula and disposing of the issues that had recently emerged with the item. We had the option to deliver a superior design in the most financially savvy way, as we could choose and adjust technologies as the process developed. The accomplishment of the execution is affirmed by the planned sale of 150,000 devices per every year.


BMTC Image


A smart controller with integrated battery charger and communication gateway allowing remote management of solar lights.

We were challenged with developing a street light wholly powered by solar energy. The day powers the night.

Solar power is not a new play, however streamlining its usage is of incredible worth if you have smart solutions. Grinn created a controller and communication

gateway to allow remote management and maximize energy efficiency. With a preview of all considerable number of parameters of the lamp's activity, it's possible to recognize damage or malfunction early, confirm the battery level and check if photovoltaic panel cleaning is required. 

How we succedded

The system is wireless and the entire smart solution is overseen through the cloud, in this way reducing system maintenance costs. We accomplished this by an effective partnership and setting up an enduring relationship with the client. 

We found out the technology and its particular features so that we could transform the information stored in the cloud into a digital front-line expert that keeps the system running easily and an insignificant cost.




Advanced module technology for production cost optimization – with an extremely low-power chiliSOM that cuts the product implementation process down to size.

Grinn devices cross ventures with a similar spotlight on technology and innovation. At the point when Trax Elektronik - designer of cutting edge and best in class traffic management systems challenged us with creating variable message signs to educate

drivers regarding traffic conditions, caution of dangers and propose alternate routes, our chiliSOM, low-power module didn't simply turn out to be a piece of the solution, but it turned into an industry-driving innovation. 

The power of chiliSOM

The use of chiliSOM in variable content tables guaranteed their functionalities. Thanks to this System-on-Module, aside from the advantages related to the advanced technology of the module, it also guarantees optimization of production costs.

chiliSOM is an innovative system on module based on an ARM Cortex-A8 processor. Its advantage is the design, which permits simple establishment, without any connection to the designed device.




Meters with an intuitive user interface guarantee safety and keep business running– the electrical safety is the start point from which all else follows.

Digital PAT-815 meter enables measuring the basic parameters of electrical devices. 

When a business realizes that its machines are working in a secure way, it can get down to the matter of offering value to the clients. The digital meter

enables measuring the essential security parameters of electrical devices, for example, conductor and insulation resistance, continuity of connections, leakage, and power.

chiliSOM was useful!

To accomplish the most instinctive functionality and high quality, the design was completed according to our design procedure, considering the specificity of the business. The task included PCB design dependent on chiliSOM and commissioning to the processor system controlling the meter. What's more, Grinn engineers performed tasks identified with customizing Windows CE to work on the equipment and technical support for creating the meter application. It was additionally possible to get high funcionality of the device.