IT resource management system backed by Open Tale

Grenade Hub platform is the 21st-century solution that will speed up the process of acquiring or sharing developers.

Thanks to the presented solution you can easily analyze the long-term availability of each employee or the whole teams. This functionality supports not only project managers and people close to employee management but also your sales reps. Apart from the available on-the-go projects calendar, team planner, intelligent resource assignment assistant, analysis of gaps and unused potential of the company it is also possible to cooperate with current and future outsourcing partners on one platform.

From this moment you can invite any business partner to your own network – since then all shared resources from your partner are visible as your own, along with your employees. We help with sharing resources in a painless way, in accordance with the Open Talent Economy. The idea which translates into belief that the access to talented people is far more important than having them.

You chose who’ll join your network and if your current partner net doesn’t have searched for resources you can always expand it by using the services of the whole Grenade Hub community that grew to 1000 software houses and interactive agencies. Independently find a new partner from companies listing or send your inquiry for a specialist with a specific skill set to the whole network. In response you’ll receive dedicated offers which connected with public company card of the bidder will let you make a fully informed decision.

Grenade Hub expands horizons and introduces you to the new era of IT resource management.

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