Exceptional Digital Customer Experiences

We collaborate with brands to transform & deliver exceptional digital customer experiences. Together with clients we ideate, prototype, design and deliver to achieve the best outcomes. Our lean and collaborative approach is proven to quickly solve problems and make positive change for our clients and their customers. 

$200 - $300 / hr
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Brighton, United Kingdom
  • Olivier House, 18 Marine Parade
    Brighton, ESX BN2 1TL
    United Kingdom
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Key clients: 

Pfizer, Costa Coffee, PSA, thefoodpeople

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UX Design | Service

We partner with enterprise brands to help them design their next generation of products, services, and experiences. 

Every project we touch involves UX, interaction and visual design. Design starts with people and we strive to achieve a positive impact, through our human-centred design process.

Our focus is on crafting delightful experiences across multiple platforms and delivering excellent products and

experiences for users. We work with brands to offer design sprint training, design sprints, product design, prototyping & design partnerships. Whether you need a proof of concept prototype or a multi-channel experience we can select the right team to provide a solution for you.

Learn more: https://www.graphitedigital.com/services/design

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Digital Product Build | Service

From strategy and planning, prototyping and iteration to product launch. We will partner with you on the ongoing journey to develop new digital products and customer experiences. We have partnered with brands to create rapid prototypes, build fully responsive websites and deliver complete loyalty programmes.

We work lean and prioritise experimentation in order to achieve buy-in and outcomes, taking prototypes and forming

them into digital products ready for launch to customers. 


Learn more: https://www.graphitedigital.com/services/digital-product-build

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User Research | Service

At Graphite, we believe user research is an essential part of good, relevant and impactful design. It’s critical for understanding your customers’ behaviours, their aims, and how they interact with your products and services. The insight and evidence that user research gives helps teams to make the right decisions.

Research doesn’t have to be expensive. Our user research process is fast, and it's designed to give

sufficient evidence to help your team make good decisions with actionable next steps. We practice providing ‘just enough’ research to give quick, actionable insights. Shorter research projects can be delivered within as little as a few days. For all research, we deliver an easily digestible report of analysis with clear findings and actionable recommendations.


Learn more: https://www.graphitedigital.com/services/user-research

Design Sprint | Service

A design sprint helps you rapidly prototype solutions to big challenges. It can help you solve big problems and test new ideas. You can compress what could be months of work into just 5 days. Our design team can help you facilitate a design sprint with your team, create a prototype and test with users. We’ll help you bring together and engage cross-functional teams. Together you’ll work in a creative environment to innovate and

prototype solutions to a business problem. This can turn pain points into concepts that can be quickly validated with users.

Learn more: https://www.graphitedigital.com/services/design-sprint

Design Sprint Training | Service

The design sprint reduces the risk of bringing a new product, feature or service to the market. The process helps teams to gain direct feedback from customers quickly, meaning new solutions and experiences can be iterated and improved before they are built and launched. After facilitating many design sprints for our clients, we realised that many clients wanted to train their own in-house teams in the design sprint


Our design sprint training course guides you and your team through a design sprint process. You’ll learn to practice the tools and techniques in a design sprint.

Learn more: https://www.graphitedigital.com/services/design-sprint-training