Small Business Consultant

Small Business Consultant Specializing in Business Management and Technology. 

Providing $1M-$20M businesses the necessary vision to establish their organization's IT strategic long-term goals by working with leadership to define, design, and implement the technical solutions necessary to accomplish the organization's business objectives.

Companies this size seldom have the means to staff a fulltime CIO/CTOs and miss out on the positive impact a strong leader in this role can make. Gordon Lear LLC brings this level of leadership without adding a headcount. Throwing bodies at problem is expensive and doesn’t scale. With a proven "Lean and Mean" process your company will learn to do more with less by bringing the proper prioritization / focus to IT efforts. With the proper team and processes in place and improving the way your company leverages technology you will take your business to the next level opening the doors to what seemed impossible.

$100 - $149 / hr
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Sarasota, FL


Key clients: 

Sports, Hospitality, Retail & Wholesale, Construction, Real Estate, Non-Profit, Software, Technology, eCommerce, Manufacturing, Distribution, Grocery, Pharmacy, Healthcare.