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Since Glendale Designs was founded in 1999, our number one goal and priority has been making sure that our customers are happy with the service they receive from us. Glendale Designs emphasis on individualized customer care, because we know that every business is different and unique.

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Key clients: – Miva Ecommerce Design & Development Image – Miva Ecommerce Design & Development


Glendale’s design team added stunning graphics throughout the site. Customized designs were layered over the framework to create a site that is both user-friendly and visually appealing. Design and graphic elements were carried through to category pages for continuity, as well as all other site content for a cohesive, professional look.

To maintain the new site’s modern appearance, the company

logo also received a makeover. NEW FEATURES

Significant improvements in the basket and shopping cart boosted the user experience. Volume pricing and specific product discounts were enabled and the basket screen layout was improved. The checkout process was upgraded for a better flow and design. This included enhancements like order custom fields, gift certificate/coupon functionality, and third-party payment systems like PayPal and Amazon Pay. We also added a three-step abandoned cart email campaign with automatic coupon generation and incentives to encourage shoppers to continue their original purchase.

An enhanced shipping screen with dynamic order total (e.g. when a customer changes their shipping method) keeps the customer informed of all costs ahead of time.

Product pages were enhanced so that customers remain on their current page as items are added to the cart. Custom messages, including error messages, ensure shoppers are notified as items are added to their shopping basket for a smoother, detailed shopping experience.

Additional upgrades include a smarter “back-to-top” function for easier navigation and product sliders that are touch-optimized for mobile. The functionality of the stock search feature and product filtering was enhanced to improve the customer search experience. Standard templates, including 404 pages, basket empty pages, etc. were also updated. – Miva Ecommerce Design Image – Miva Ecommerce Design

Enhanced Search Functions

With such a broad scope of customization available and a very specific audience, needed a way to deliver the right options to the right customers. This was going to call for some serious data restructuring and the application of combination facets. 

We consolidated product categories and applied descriptive facets. Customers can now use a parts finder feature to locate the items

that specifically apply to their vehicle. Beyond just make and model, customers can also narrow down products by application (i.e. fire/emergency vehicles), price, and product availability. 

The new filtering capabilities made it easy for shoppers to scope out the products they could purchase and receive immediately. This leaves the custom-built products to the customers that want something one-of-a-kind crafted for their specific purposes. 

Enhanced Site Design

The rebuild for included a bold new design. Wanting to keep a strong outward appearance, the new design was created with the clientele in mind. The aesthetic of the new site stuck to the same colors as the original. Brand recognition was carried over, but the addition of a tough, masculine font added a unique flare. 

We were able to feature galleries of images to help the client show off the products in action. With real-world images, shoppers can get a better idea of how the parts will look on their vehicles.

Platform Conversion

The original site was mainly built on Wordpress, with the shopping cart operating through Miva. Converting the site entirely to Miva allowed the Glendale team to restructure the data.

The Miva account and pricing functionality also made it easier to give some special attention to his B2B clients. Dealers can now create wholesale accounts in order to access special options and pricing. 

Miva Custom Design & Development Image

Miva Custom Design & Development

Dynamic Blog Display

We installed the module, customized the theme, and added our own adjustments and optimizations. The new blog is streamlined and integrates directly with Miva. We added a dynamic display to the storefront home page to engage the site viewers and bring attention to the new content. Pulling the 6 most recent posts directly to the homepage will ensure visitors see the latest in Suncoast Porsche

news.  Search & Navigation

Making sure that the search feature could be more accessible, we set the site to reference an Alternate Keywords field. This allows for synonyms and typos to garner stronger search results. We also restructured the product data and set up a facet structure that helps shoppers navigate through their search results. Customers can now narrow down the products by make, model, and price.

Streamlined Checkout

Streamlining the checkout process meant a design overhaul to coordinate it with the sleek design of the new site, and to make checking out smoother.  Adding additional payment options like Apple Pay and PayPal Smart means Suncoast customers have greater flexibility during checkout.

Third Party Integrations

As a solution to Ric’s concerns about state sales tax, we recommended TaxJar. Integrating Taxjar into the site takes care of automating rate calculations with the added bonus of easy filing and reports. To protect themselves against fraud, Suncoast also opted to implement Signifyd for an extra layer of assurity.  

Optimization & Testing

If we know one thing about Suncoast shoppers, it’s that they won’t sacrifice speed for style. That goes for their cars, and their shopping. Keeping on-brand for Porsche, we made sure the site and it’s sleek new design is built for speed. 

Miva Ecommerce Design Image

Miva Ecommerce Design

Site Functionality & Design

Coming from a previously state-of-the-art proprietary custom solution 20 years ago, the site was in dire need of an upgrade to keep up with the advancements in web-based design and technology. This included, for instance, a more developed checkout process. The inability to select PayPal as a payment option and a lack of some specific shipping methods were concerns specifically

voiced by shoppers. It also wasn’t possible for customers to tell what the availability was of the items listed online. These were just some of the gaps in the shopping process. Community

Unique to this project, the customers shopping on were looking for a specific experience beyond just shopping. They wanted products and an integrated community specifically suited to their bikes, their demographics, their lifestyle.  The client knew that he wanted to revitalize the active community base that he had already worked so hard to build, including a seamless integration of over 20,000 product reviews, the largest Gold Wing reviews repository in the world. This created the perfect opportunity for Glendale Designs to implement a host of innovative community features that would allow the shoppers and Gold Wing enthusiasts to explore and interact, having the site as their community hub.

The solution

 We integrated PayPal Smart buttons which will allow even more payment options, including PayPal Express checkout, PayPal Credit, and Venmo. We also streamlined the design of the basket and checkout, incorporating options for calculating shipping estimates, saving the basket to a wish list, and coupon/gift certificate redemption.

A rewards system was also integrated into Wingstuff's newsletter platform provider and now seamlessly communicates from 3rd party to 3rd party to Miva.