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Unlike your typical design agency, ge-o-de Studio follows a different model. We work closely with dozens of brilliant professionals, but none of them are employees. Instead, when a project requires certain skills and expertise, we mandate the relevant collaborator(s) and build a custom dream team.


Just like geodes, brands are multifaceted organizations that must encompass different aspects to reach their consumers. In our view, the perfect combination consists of a 360° marketing strategy and a consistent brand identity, combined with a memorable Web experience that will effectively reach its target audience.


Every project starts with a good discussion


$50 - $99 / hr
2 - 9
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Montréal, Canada
  • Hochelaga
    Montréal, QC H1W3M6


Key clients: 

Bentley, CISSSMO, CIUSSSCN, CloudRaker, Featuring (previously Ecorce), Intact Insurance, Medexa, Maya HTT, Motion in Design, SmartUse, Tangerine, TELUS Business Solutions, Yu Centrik, and much more.

SmartUse - Collaborative Construction Software Image

SmartUse - Collaborative Construction Software

Industry leading construction App for marking up and sharing construction blueprints and documents in real-time.

With SmartUse, reduce risk while improving productivity by connecting all project team members to the most current plans and document versions.

Text exerpt from SmartUse's website.

A Business Intelligence software Image

A Business Intelligence software

Designed for growth. From small companies to large corporations, Nectari Business Intelligence changes the way you see your business, giving you clear insights into profitability – quickly and easily.

Medexa -  Image

Medexa -

MEDEXA: the simple, centralized, and affordable online multidisciplinary clinic management software

Electronic medical records, appointment management, schedule management, billing, detailed reports, and much more in a single program
  • Online notes in personalized forms
  • Centralized management of multiple locations
  • A customizable, multidisciplinary solution

  • Everlift - Skin care by Dr. Justin Piasecki Image

    Everlift - Skin care by Dr. Justin Piasecki

    Cairns Visitor Centre - Tour packages and online booking platform Image

    Cairns Visitor Centre - Tour packages and online booking platform

    Cairns Visitor Centre is a locally owned and operated tour booking agency, based here in Cairns, in Far North Queensland, Australia. 

    Mûr.e pour entreprendre Image

    Mûr.e pour entreprendre

    Making room for ideas from retirees, as well as their commitment to redefining ageing.