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The goals of most companies can be rolled up to these pretty simple statements. But getting there is the real trick. That takes ingenuity, creativity, and uncommon vision. The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG) is strategy digital agency with a 25+ year track record of moving brands forward through innovative marketing and advertising that transforms the customer experience.

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Key clients: 

Microsoft, T-Mobile, IQVIA, J.R. Simplot, Booz Allen Hamilton, Babolat, Sur La Table, Columbia Bank, CBRE, MOD Pizza

Quorum Software Solutions

The Challenge

After rebuilding its solutions from the ground up, Quorum enlisted GLG to reposition it as a software company. In order to communicate this bold vision in a traditionally conservative industry, the company needed to change not only to whom it was talking, but also what it was saying.

The Approach

A new strategy was created to drive brand and messaging

development that resonates with C-level decision makers. The new direction balances cutting-edge tech with benefit-driven storytelling and a new product architecture adapted to the problems companies need to solve.

A new logo system embodied the new strategic direction of Quorum and created a visual hierarchy between the core products and services offered. A full identity package added an extensive color palette, typography, and comprehensive brand guidelines.

And a fully responsive website was created, bringing these new elements into harmony, using customer-centric design and unique elements like an interactive infographic that doubles as a demonstration of the full range of Quorum’s offerings and as in-page navigation.