We create customized Games, VR and AR apps

GameAnax is a rapidly growing studio fueled by highly motivated creative individuals and engineers. Over the last 4 years, we have successfully served many industries including automobile, healthcare, real estate, entertainment and sports industries by providing them the best enterprise solutions.

We aim to deliver exceptional solutions focused towards enterprise as well as consumer use cases, with highly engaging and interactive content. Our in-house team of 30+ experts, is capable to produce unique solutions for Mobile, tablet and large screens.

Our key expertise includes providing end-to-end solution and services for Mobile Games, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed-Reality apps.

Our titles have been highly acclaimed by our clients across the globe as well as industry stalwarts like Apple and Google - being in in the top charts on App Store and Google Play.

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Go Karts Ultimate - Real Racing with Multiplayer

The ultimate KARTING game is here! Test your faith in this fast-paced, nerve-racking race that’s not for the faint-hearted! Channel your inner racer and zoom away to gain the glory of the best racer on the track!

Extreme Features

12 realistic tracks to feel the intense racing experience!

Packed with 5 enthralling Go-karts!

Different driving controls to personalize your karting


Hone your racing skills in Career Mode!

Take on the racing world and prove your mettle in MULTIPLAYER mode!

This is not just any street racing this is the real deal! Race against mean street bikers. Breakout and ride to the top of the game, get your gear shifting timings perfect or be ready to lose your cash or your bike and start all over again! Pick your machines from the wide range of bikes as you gradually level up in the game and burn some rubber with the nitro to show them who is the baddest of all!

Blazing Bikers is a

street combat bike racing game with crazy visuals and stunning sounds to keep you enthralled into this adventurous ride!


Super Exciting And Adrenaline Thumping Races

Super Challenging BLACK-LISTED Gang Crews

Bet Your Cash Or Bike Against Special Players To Get AMAZING REWARDS

Prove Your Mettle In The DAILY RACES

Variety of CLASSIC BIKES to own

Burn the wheels with SUPER NITROS

Become the Most Black-Listed racer ever

Snoopy loves exploring and does not think twice before venturing into unknown territories. But this time Snoopy's curiosity has landed him in deep trouble. A peep in the volcano and he finds himself plummeting down the eerie volcanic tunnel.

However, with a brave heart and creative mind, he finds a way to escape. But, that's not all. Snoopy will have to face enemies and destroy many obstacles to save the



80 breathtaking levels with addictive gameplay.

Eight different Zones and two adventurous Worlds with unique enemies and obstacles.

Essential power-ups like Balloon Shield or Double Balloon to support the escape plan!

Collect free diamonds in bonus levels.

Cool Wallpaper Friendly Graphics (Yes, you can print screen and make your screen look like Snoopy!)

Gunslinger - Virtual Reality Western shooting challenge

This is Virtual Reality Shooting Challenge Game.

Extreme Features

24 action-packed challenging levels

Special Night mode levels

Easy game mechanics to ensure a smooth western style shooting experience

Save bullets to earn gold

Hit the bull’s eye to achieve perfect stars.

Virtual Reality- Showreel

Take a glimpse at our VR- Showreel.

3D Model of Timer Bomb Image

3D Model of Timer Bomb

This model is created with PBR workflow.

3D Model of Portal Cube Image

3D Model of Portal Cube

This model is created with PBR workflow using Substance Designer with Procedural Texturing.

3D Model for Bikes Image

3D Model for Bikes

These models are created with PBR workflow.

3D Character Models Image

3D Character Models

These models are created with PBR workflow.