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FrogSlayer provides growing companies with the custom software tools they need to accelerate growth and become the technology or data leader in their industry.

Since 2011, our team has helped over 60 clients become technology leaders in a variety of industries. We’ve made commercial buildings smarter, oil rigs safer, financial crime harder, education more accessible, healthcare more efficient, and much more.

Our clients have generated over $350M in ROI – an average of 23x payback in 2 years or less.

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Key clients: 
Schlumberger, Weatherford, NCR, Best Buy, Wrigley, Texas A&M University, Microsoft, TEES, National Instruments, and more

Momus Analytics

Momus Analytics is a complete and comprehensive jury selection tool, allowing users to evaluate jurors by conducting analyses on a multitude of data points for each juror and providing an objective rating to maximize the user’s odds of achieving the best outcome for their case.


Benchly helps law firms quickly and efficiently find the information they are looking for.

Benchly partnered with FrogSlayer to create ezBriefs - a software that allows individuals to upload legal documents to instantly find, view and print cited case authority.

The Emergency Center

What is the Emergency Center?

The Emergency Centers are free standing emergency rooms that offer a full-range of emergency services such as heart attack, stroke, pneumonia, broken bones and lacerations.


The Problem:

TEC's physicians were frustrated that up to 70% of physician time can be spent on a keyboard typing and documenting - taking time away from

patients and patient care.


The Solution:

TEC partnered with FrogSlayer to rethink traditional EMRs (Electronic Medical Record) to create a simplified, hand-made, very accessible system that would provide the information important for patient care, but that is not intrusive or difficult to use. A robust EMR solution was created that is web-based, on the cloud, HIPAA Compliant, and easy-to-use.