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Established in 1992, Focus Softnet rose from a regional IT company to a multinational business solutions provider and innovator. With its acclaimed products and services, strong emphasis on R&D and a richly experienced workforce, Focus has expanded across 17 countries around the globe, operating from 27 offices.

Since its inception, Focus has ensured that its products not only use state-of-the-art technology but are also feature-rich and based on extensive research. This has earned Focus, partnerships and business associates from all around the world from major business organisations.

As an IT solutions provider with over 25 years of experience and multi-domain expertise, Focus Softnet's consulting services and skillsets are backed by a vast knowledge-base and a keen understanding of what it takes to run and grow a business. Focus has come to be known for re-engineering business processes, optimizing resources, developing and deploying user-friendly, flexible and cost-efficient industry-specific solutions.

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MHK Trading & Ship Chandlers LLC

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Kothari Distributors

Act Fiber

Shamma Group


Al Ershad Group

Khimji Ramdas Group

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Computer Aided Facility Management Software - Centra CAFM Image

Computer Aided Facility Management Software - Centra CAFM

Centra CAFM is a cloud-based computer aided facility management software provided by CentraHub, a sister concern of Focus Softnet and a trusted vendor of maintenance management solutions in 17 countries. Centra CAFM helps property owners automate all the major aspects of managing their assets and aids in taking data-based decisions for all eventualities.

Instead of investing more time and resources on reactive

maintenance, Centra CAFM empowers users to deploy preventive maintenance procedures that not only save time but also increase customer satisfaction. As an intuitive software for maintenance management software, it’s equipped with automated mechanisms for planned preventive maintenance of common area and in-suite assets. These mechanisms are an add-on to its capabilities to serve breakdown or reactive maintenance requests through SLAs that are carefully governed.

Centra CAFM is equipped with multiple tools and powerful features to enhance and automate facility and maintenance management. Its feature preventive maintenance helps users in scheduling and perform maintenance tasks with the help of a customizable dashboard. The dashboard allows users to track maintenance tasks, product conditions and renewals to increase the utilization of assets and technicians.

For every maintenance incident, users can auto-create tasks, assign them and track them to ensure completion. With automated reminders and escalations, no tasks would be overlooked and would be accomplished proactively.

Human Capital Management Software - Centra HCM Image

Human Capital Management Software - Centra HCM

Centra HCM is a highly efficient and dynamic HR management solution by CentraHub, one of the top HCM software vendors. The cloud-based HR system automates human capital management processes which enable users effortlessly track all HR operations. Being customizable, the HRIS System suits the requisites of small, medium, and large scale businesses of all types.

The all-in-one HRIS software solution, Centra HCM offers a

fully integrated, single platform to track and manage every HR process.

The revolutionary features of Centra HCM software enable users to steer all HR processes functioning within an establishment. The solution automates recruitment process including job posting, applicant tracking, candidate screening, filtering, sorting, and selection. Users can onboard the new recruits with the help of paperless onboarding system having a user-definable process structure. The HRIS system offers dynamic rostering with time and attendance management features for a seamless and accurate employee payroll management. The application also allows employees to manage different aspects like updating personal details, apply for leaves, view pay slips, and more on the ESS portal.

The comprehensive features included in Centra HCM enable easy tracking and management of employee records in each stage of their employment lifecycle, starting from manpower planning, recruitment, onboarding, schedule, time and attendance, leave, performance review, reward and recognition, engagement, payroll, and more.

Automotive Management Software - Centra Auto Image

Automotive Management Software - Centra Auto

Centra Auto is a cloud-based CRM software specifically designed for establishments dealing in automotive sales and leasing. The solution also caters to businesses in automobile rentals and garage management. It is designed by CentraHub, one of the best business solutions providers, to enable organizations streamlines all aspects of vehicle sales and leasing and to ensure maximum utilization of resources.

Owners at

automobile establishments can use Centra Auto to manage vehicle sales, leasing, rentals, repairs, and maintenance operations. It’s an ideal solution for dealers, car rental agencies, specialty workshops and garages.

As a provider of robust business solutions, Centra Hub understands the fact that each opportunity in the sales funnel of the dealership sales management system is potentially worth thousands of dollars. Therefore, it offers powerful features to ensure that each opportunity is properly handled, followed and matured through adequate communication, follow-ups and processes.

With Centra Auto, shop owners or managers can track the entire journey of a lead, right from the initial stages of enquiry, lead qualification, vehicle identification, test drive and vehicle selection to quotation, accessorizing, service & warranty contracts, finalization, trade-in process, Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) to delivery and invoice generation.

Restaurant Management Software - Focus eRMS Image

Restaurant Management Software - Focus eRMS

Focus Softnet provides the best ERP solution for restaurants, Focus e-RMS. The integrated point of sale software provides total control over operations in restaurants and hospitality enterprises. Whether a restaurant, cafe or a chain of diners, this POS software includes a set of tools that needed to increase profitability, customer satisfaction, and turnover of the business. It is available in both on-premise and cloud-based


A wide selection of tasks is performed by Focus e-RMS including flexibility to manage customers table booking, take orders using any device, and restaurant billing, which eliminates human error, increases productivity leading to faster service and better customer satisfaction.

Focus e-RMS is equipped with a customizable dashboard that summarises important information to keep a check on issues in restaurants and investigated further if needed. It can be accessed through touch screens and keypad. Kitchen Display System (KOT) feature enables smooth recipe management and manager approvals, whereas other tools like table management and time tracking help to reduce waiting time for customers.

Restaurant business requires a superior inventory management. The cloud-based restaurant POS system, Focus e-RMS provide a modern solution that helps businesses optimize their stocks and simplify workflow to manage inventories in a cost-effective manner. The multiple level security in Focus e-RMS ensures POS access is kept private and secure always.

Real Estate Management Software - Centra REMS Image

Real Estate Management Software - Centra REMS

Centra REMS is a powerful cloud-based property management solution by CentraHub, one of the best real estate software vendors. Being cloud-based real estate CRM software Centra REMS boasts of robust all-encompassing features which can automate mundane tasks. The scalable solution includes features that are needed to efficiently run real estate business such as contact management, accounting, inspection and maintenance

management, property marketing, appointment, booking & registration management, landlord and tenant portals, appointments, multi-currency converter, sales orders invoicing, lease contracts invoicing, transfers & cancellation management, sales life cycle, and more. 

The three specialized modules of Centra REMS guarantee extensive management of all assets and helps business owners and managers to store and access all records of buyers and tenants.  

Real estate management system - sales and leasing

Centra REMS is designed provides complete visibility over the sales funnel of commercial and residential property. The comprehensive features included enable businesses effortlessly manage opportunities, deal pipelines, sales, leasing, and marketing. The powerful and easy to use real estate management software streamlines all aspects of the sales and leasing cycle in one place.

Centra REMS displays building occupancy details with interactive stacking plans.This elevates web presence, thus generating more opportunity to match buyer and tenant requirements and leads.

Customer Relationship Management Software - Centra CRM Image

Customer Relationship Management Software - Centra CRM

Centra CRM is an agile cloud-based customer relationship management software by CentraHub, a sister concern of Focus Softnet, a leading ERP vendor in 17 countries worldwide.

Centra CRM is one of the best cloud CRM software solutions that bring multiple functionalities to help users effectively convert leads to more revenue generating opportunities. The powerful engine automates tracking of phone calls, emails, report

creation, and other sales and marketing activities into one system, which enables organizations to boost operations including sales lifecycle stages, authorizations, quotation management, calendar management, and many more. The intuitive UI of the software is smart enough to view every customer requirement, irrespective of scale or type of business.

The process automation brought by the powerful CRM software helps users gain a complete insight of sales and marketing operations which enables business owners to analyze, plan, develop and deploy sales, marketing, and service activities.

The Centra CRM software is also equipped with planned-preventive-maintenance (PPM) and reactive or breakdown maintenance features that can help companies create and manage contracts, service requests, and schedules for assets under strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This ensures organizations effortlessly prevent their machinery and equipment malfunctions or failures and always keep them in top shape.

Point of Sales Software - Focus POS Image

Point of Sales Software - Focus POS

Focus POS is a reliable retail management software from Focus Softnet, one of the top POS software providers in 17 countries. It comes with multiple features to manage and operate single and multi-location retail stores and is available both as an on-premise software and Cloud-based solution.

Whether it is a Super market, Multi brand outlet, life style stores, Hyper market, Fast food or Boutique store; Focus POS is the

ultimate solution for any retail business, ensuring minimum operational expenses and maximum profitability.

Retail establishments often face multiple challenges in store optimization and integration due to the lack of efficient solutions that are scalable, easy to use and quick to deploy. Using different software for various divisions usually results in decreased productivity and loss of resources. As a one-stop scalable retail business software, Focus POS helps retailers in analyzing point of sale, managing inventory, purchases and accounting and other aspects of business. It substantially reduces costs and time-consuming chores which tend to weigh down operations. Its effectiveness as a robust point of sale software can be gauged by the swiftness and ease with which it enables quick, accurate and secure transactions.

Focus POS supports quick synchronization which allows users to manage remote stores from one central location, transfer stock between stores, share pricing, share customers, schemes, gift cards, receivables etc.

Focus Softnet is paving the way for today’s manufacturers to streamline business processes and overcome the challenges of production by breaking down barriers to growth. With Focus MRP, a robust ERP software for the manufacturing industry, owners can effectively handle customer demand and respond to evolving markets.

Developed by Focus Softnet, one of the most trusted MRP software providers, Focus MRP is a

one-stop AI driven ERP for manufacturing and a complete cloud MRP solution. It enables manufacturers to track, measure, and monitor their entire manufacturing business, from shop floor to top floor and from raw materials to the final product. Right from the stage where a product is planned to the stage where it’s shipped out of storage and delivered, Focus MRP ensures that all production processes are carried out in accordance with the production plans.

Single platform for all data - Boost efficiency with real-time, actionable visibility into plant and business operations

Manufacturing plants often maintain several software and applications for various operations. Focus MRP is a comprehensive capacity planning software that eradicates the possibility of such problems by providing a set of modules that cater to all requirements of manufacturing operations. Its module for production master data is equipped with features to track and generate bills of material (BOM), GUI routing, work center capacity definitions along with other production resource tools.

Focus WMS is a Cloud-based, AI driven warehouse management system from Focus Softnet, one of the best cloud WMS software providers and ERP applications in 17 countries. Its solutions are equipped with robust decision support systems with AI driven automation and attracted many major business corporations and a clientele that has crossed 30,000.

Focus WMS is a top warehouse management software that can be used by

storage facilities, logistic establishments, organizations dealing in distribution, supply chain, retail and manufacturing. It was developed keeping in mind the changing nature of warehousing operations with the advent of new technologies. It combines approved traditional methods and standard practices with state-of-the-art technology to give warehouse owners a platform that can ensure total compliance and smoothen operations.

Owners of warehouses and managers of logistics establishments face an immense challenge when it comes to inventory management. As a comprehensive inventory software, Focus WMS solves this problem by automating inventory stocking and making it synchronized with an inbuilt order management system and procurement management features. The automated synchronization which records every aspect of sales right from order entry to payment, gives a clear view to managers and owners about the existing stock and on-going order fulfilment, based on which they can decide whether to procure more stock or not.

Focus 9 is a leading ERP software equipped with ultramodern technology by Focus Softnet, a distinguished enterprise applications provider designing products with leading-edge capabilities.

The comprehensive web-based software, Focus 9 is furnished with advanced tools enabling organizations across industries to optimize the critical business functions including human capital management,

accounting & financial, enterprise performance management, supplier and customer relationship management, and many others. This automation in everyday tasks allows management to focus on greater market opportunities and challenges.

With the integrated platform of Focus 9 supporting customer relationship management (CRM) and human capital management (HCM) combined with ERP, organizations can replace their multiple complex systems and isolated applications. The modern software solution can connect the enterprises with the workforce, business networks, & all departments to drive growth through innovation.

Focus 9, a fully secure ERP software, comes with comprehensive data security framework to provide secure access to data and applications. The built-in Single Sign-On (SSO) feature handles users and permissions in heterogeneous & hybrid landscapes to help businesses implement a compliant management system. Besides the latest innovation, the simplified IT structure of Focus 9 adds to the advantage of providing greater experience with a much-improved user interface.