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We help companies discover and communicate their unique value —then tell their stories through print design, video, packaging, and advertising.

Our work boosts sales, affects change, builds memorable brands, and reinvigorates failing ones.

We call it ideas amplified™

Specialties include:

  • Brand Development
  • Packaging
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Print & Broadcast Advertising
  • Direct Mail

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Langley, Canada
  • #25 20307 53 Avenue
    Langley, BC V3S 6S8


Key clients: 
Previous experience includes: City University of Seattle InnoFoods Beaver Buzz™ Energy Drinks Nature's Path Organic BC Ministry of Health BC Tel (Telus)
Branding and Packaging for InnoFoods Image

Branding and Packaging for InnoFoods

Flink Branding Opens the Doors to Sales Success!

Inno Specialty Foods began as a family-run bakery in Coquitlam. Recently, Costco agreed to give their “Coconut Love”, snack a trial and sales were impressive! Excited, our new clients wanted to leverage this success and begin approaching other retail chains.

But first, they approached Flink Branding for help.

We clarified their messaging and

made packaging that was more fun. We shortened their name, redesigned their logo, commissioned new, more exciting photos and differentiated their colours and falvours to make for an easier shopping experience.

The new look made it easier for Costco to take them on and they now grace the shelves of stores across North America and Asia!

Flink Branding Helps Musicians Move Their Music Image

Flink Branding Helps Musicians Move Their Music

People Still Buy CDs.

Yes. People STILL make CDs. And they sell. Granted, not like they used to, but there are still music fans out there for whom the physical package is an important part of owning an album. — I count myself among that small herd.

My latest collaboration with artist Keith Kitchen was awarded a GMA Canada Award for 'Best CD Design in Canada" in March of

2018. Keith has worked with Flink Creative before and keeps coming back, because he realizes the value and saleablity of a well-designed cover. It helps him be taken seriously by music fans and moves a lot of CDs online and on his merch table.
Brent Flink Helps Deserving Families Adopt Their Own Gorilla Image

Brent Flink Helps Deserving Families Adopt Their Own Gorilla

A few years back, while employed at Nature's Path Foods, I helped them launch a promotion for their EnviroKidz™ cereals line.

The EnviroKidz™ Gorilla Adoption Contest

EnviroKidz™ gives 1% of yearly sales to groups like Dian Fossey’s Gorilla Fund. In return, their group gave EnviroKidz 10 Gorilla Adoptions. The lucky winners would receive a newsletter and personalized correspondence about their

gorilla all year.

Brent Flink Helps The BC Ministry of Health Promote Better Eating

The BC Ministry of Health and Now Communications hired me years ago to help create a series of TV spots for them. The PreventionCare™ campaign was intended to raise awareness around common health concerns and thus, prevent illness and accidents.

We created TV spots on low fat diets, sun protection, better eating habits, regular exercise, safe storage of chemicals, prescription drug interactions and more. The campaign

did get people talking and saved a lot of unnecessary hospital visits.

Two of the commercials placed second in the Lotus Awards; one in the category of “Best Use of Animation” and the other for “Best TV Commercials in BC”.

Flink Creative Helps Self Publisher "Sell Marital Infidelity" Image

Flink Creative Helps Self Publisher "Sell Marital Infidelity"

Anne Bercht and I worked together to publish her first book, “My Husband’s Affair”.

It’s the true account of reconciliation and renewal after infidelity. The book did so well, she was invited to speak on both Montell and Oprah and has turned her book and experiences into a thriving business that helps couples survive marital problems.

Flink Creative Helps Energy Drink Celebrate it's Canadian Roots Image

Flink Creative Helps Energy Drink Celebrate it's Canadian Roots

Billed as “The Canadian Energy Drink”, Beaver Buzz made a big splash with nationwide distribution in just 6 months! I’d like to think my packaging design had something to do with that early success.

Bevnet (an industry trade publication), said of it, “an innovative design that celebrates Canada’s roots…an attractive and clean look. The branding distinguishes it from the pack…”