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First Line Software is a premier provider of custom software development, technology enablement services and value-add consulting in big data engineering, digitalization, intellectual integration, industrial Internet and IoT, digital media and marketing, and enterprise content management as well as healthcare IT.

Headquartered in the US, First Line employs 600+ staff globally. First Line team and company culture is centered around subject matter expertise, technical excellence, consulting capabilities and proven methodologies, with a strong focus on Agile and Intellectual Integration.

The company has been recognized with multiple annual rankings and awards by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), Global Services, CorporateLiveWire, Insights Success, Ventana Research and CNews. We were the first to be awarded with the Scrum Capability Medallion by Scrum, Inc. Most recently, research firm Gartner included FirstLine in their first ever Market Guide for Technology Integrators (2014) and the Cool Vendor in Applications Services 2015 Report. We are active members in Object Management Group and Industrial Internet Consortium. FLS is also an EPiServer Solutions Partner.

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    United States
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Key clients: 

First Line ran over 1000 projects in 15 countries in 14 different industries. We have global clients across North America, Europe and Australia, including Accenture, Bonnier Group, Clinic to Cloud, Partners HealthCare, Solita, Viastore, and others.

Web-application for service management, research and optimization of energy consumption in buildings

Our client provides services for energy management based on their specialized software and research to enable optimization of energy consumption. Their customers are some of the largest retail and hospitality chains, universities, theaters, and many more organizations with large facility portfolios. They use this solution for enterprise energy management that provides their customers with energy cost reductions.


Line Software has been developing a web-application for the client’s platform, so customers can view the energy data for their buildings in real-time. The application alerts the client about any trouble spots such as higher energy consumption and can be used by the client to compare different indicators themselves.  

First Line Software developed the “Command and control service”, which allows for the management of several groups of devices from the unified system. Previously each device was controlled separately.

First Line Software implemented Microsoft Reporting Services, a simple analytics toolkit.

Four software development professionals from First Line Software developed the Building View solution. This solution is used to monitor the operation of energy-consuming appliances in the building. It provides real-time visibility with its console and assembles statistical analysis based on collected data. The solution was already in place but First Line redesigned and redeveloped it for their client.

Development and implementation of a risk management system for a leading airline company in Russia

The system for this airline was designed to automate the processes associated with assessing the compounded impact of financial risks on the company's financial results, modeling and maintenance of payment schedules for operational and financial leasing.

The primary targets for this system include:

  • modeling of risk forecasting and the budget line
  • accounting and maintenance of
payment schedules for operating and financial leasing
  • reporting risk assessments and leasing payments
  • The architecture of the system was implemented by using a three-step approach:

    • backend — Java
    • frontend — JS
    • modelling — R

    The database management system being used is Oracle.

    The duty cycle in the system includes the following steps:

    • data import from external systems
    • simulation and scenario development
    • regular reporting

    As a base of data input becomes market data in real time, it is downloaded from the Bloomberg and Platts systems.

    Then the system carries out modeling and forecasting that is based on historical data that was downloaded. The system uses three types of factors calculation:

    • formula calculation
    • deterministic methods
    • stochastic models

    All reports provide information about factors, objects and financial results indicators.

    Development of retail shopper behavior data collection and analytics system

    Customer is a consulting company that specializes in the development and implementation of BI systems for retailers.

    Their first proprietary product is a decision support system based on retail shopper behavior analysis.

    This software analyzes the collected data and converts it into detailed and multi-dimensional reports that assess the shopper behavior in various analytical

    • Visit duration – the time spent by shoppers in the retail outlet
    • Capture rate – actual visit percentage of the total number of shoppers
    • Loyalty – follow-up call analytics
    • Bounce rate – percentage of shoppers who left without making purchases
    • Outlet heatmap – concentration of retail shopper traffic.

    First Line Software developed the cloud-based software solution and performed the Development of retail shopper behavior data collection and analytics system testing. Technologically, the monitoring system consists of Wi-Fi routers with advanced weaving, a server collecting and processing the data and a web application which transmits the data and reports to the user. As part of the project, various types of Wi-Fi routers were tested and the most appropriate equipment was selected. Interaction between the sensors and software was developed. Additional functionality was developed: delivery of ads in the form of text messages to subscribed shoppers who pass by the retail outlet and tracking of the staff and business hours for each retail outlet.

    Programming module for S7 Airlines’s mobile app

    The luggage tracking service is based on the SITA BagJourney system, which operates by transmitting messages to SITA while moving luggage from one checkpoint to another in preparation for departure: at check-in, when loading on the aircraft, upon arrival at transfer points and at the destination airport. The efficiency of BagJourney is based on analysis of a substantial amount of data collected from 400

    airports and 500 airlines.

    The newly-developed software module by First Line Software collects technical data from SITA, saves it to a database, analyzes and converts information into a user-friendly format.

    With the enhanced mobile application, S7 Airlines passengers will know when their suitcase has been inspected and loaded on board. This is especially important for passengers who have connecting flights and check their luggage at the departure airport directly to their final destination.

    High-Performance POS Transaction Processing System

    Our customer, an innovative fintech startup, envisioned a system that would connect millions of point of sale terminals in retail and other establishments across the country to a single cloud-based backend, which would allow to track, record, store, analyze, and visualize cash transaction data so it can be used for a variety of purposes.

    First Line’s engineers architected and developed an extremely high-performance

    system that enables over 2.5 million POS terminals to stream cash transactions data in real time to the cloud backend.

    The heart of the system is a very robust, high load, high performance database. The system is capable of processing over 15,000 transactions per second, with peak throughput of over 70,000 transactions per second. That’s over 1.5 billion transactions per day. 

    More details

    Developing A Large-Scale Passenger Loyalty Platform

    First Line was engaged by a system integration firm as part of a larger IT transformation program for the end client, one of the world’s largest passenger railroad carriers.

    Our experts were responsible for the requirements elaboration, design, development, testing, integration and deployment of the core engine of the platform. In the first phase of the project, our team has delivered a loyalty system that includes

    the following functionality:
    • Online account management for passengers, Miles accrual and redemption, Bonus engine and rule-based decisioning, Integration with multiple internal and external systems. Ticketing and payment system, Customer support call center.

    The platform was successfully developed on time and on a budget.

    Total effort: 160 person-months

    More details

    Streamlining Photo Publishing For A News Agency

    Our client was one of the largest national news agencies.

    When photographers work at events, the workflow to get a shot from the camera to the new agency’s website can be quite involved. Typically, the picture first gets transmitted from a Wi-Fi enabled digital camera to a local computer, for example, the photographer’s own laptop. From there, it is uploaded to the agency’s server, where the photo editor further

    processes it as needed and uploads to the website or makes it otherwise available for consumption.

    Solution: First Line’s engineers designed and implemented a brand new photo management system specifically geared towards large-scale events. The system supports multiple users (photojournalists), whose cameras send images in real time, as they are being taken, to a local server. 

    More details

    Automation of Archive and Logistics Center for Bank

    Client: Our client is one of the largest banks in Europe.

    Project / Business Initiative

    FLS was selected to automate its Archive and Logistics Center (ALC), which occupied 53,000 square meters. The challenging fact is that the ALC employees have no physical access to the storage areas and the entire process of archive operations is fully automated.

    The client

    wanted to create a consolidated ALC to process and store the bank’s documentation packed in archive boxes. Special climate conditions were required in the storage zone - a reduced oxygen supply to protect the warehouse from fire, rodents, and insects. 

    Results : There was a dramatic reduction in the amount of time it took to receive documents from the bank ACL - from 3 weeks to a couple hours

    More details

    Application development of financial systems for large IT company in Brazil

    Client: Contmatic Phoenix is a leading IT company founded in 1987 and based in Brazil. It specializes in the development of advanced software solutions for accounting and company tax management. With more than 17,000 active customers and over 100,000 users Contmatic Phoenix is the largest software company specializing in accounting in São Paulo and one of the largest players in this sector in all of


    Solution: First Line Software applied modern technology methodology to ensure fast application performance, scalability and high-speed development. In particular, by using Java, and the REST-approach, the team was able to develop a cross-platform system that can be easily integrated with other systems as necessary.

    More details

    Development and support of a single platform for regional websites of the O’Neill brand

    The web site supports a global community of extreme sports enthusiasts. The O’Neill platform covers three geographic regions – the United States, Western Europe, and Australia by localizing the content as well as prices, product range, and delivery terms.

    Task: When this project was initiated, there were three sections of the portal – covering Europe, Australia, and the United States –

    that had been developed, and were functioning, as individual websites, including the use of separate CMS systems. 

    Project technology: EPiServer, .Net

    Project result: The FLS team launched the portal into production and delivered a centralized regional content management system.

    More details


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    Android App Dev for International Healthcare Solution

    "We are confident that we will achieve even more success in the future with First Line."

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    Less than $10,000
    Jan. - Mar. 2018
    Project summary: 

    First Line Software designed and developed the Android mobile version of a web-based app for use in a highly specific target market.

    The Reviewer
    11-50 Employees
    The Hague, Holland
    Mindaugas Kaziulis
    Co-Founder, YAPILI
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

    The award-winning app has added significant value to business presentations and potential investments. First Line exceeded expectations at every stage, from impeccable customer service to professional expertise. The team was committed to delivering flawless, high quality results on time.


    Please describe your company and your position there.

    I am the co-founder of YAPILI, a micro-subscription messaging service for health advice, online follow-up, and secure digital health records. In African societies where professional medical facilities are scarce, costly, and stigmatized, YAPILI offers people new opportunities to establish effortless, affordable, and confidential contact with local and international healthcare professionals for a variety of issues and conditions. After building the core team, developing the product, and rolling out a pilot program, I now advise on product roadmaps, financing, and operations. 


    For what projects/services did your company hire First Line Software?

    We approached First Line Software to design, build, and deploy our web-based solution as an Android app. 

    What were your goals for this project?

    We wanted to improve YAPILI’s usability on Android phones, which is the primary channel for online access in many of our African target markets. 


    How did you select this vendor?

    We had heard of them by word-of-mouth within the The Hague business ecosystem. After connecting with First Line and explaining our challenges and aspirations, we found their team relatable on business objectives, technical solutions, and work culture. 

    Describe the project in detail.

    This was a comprehensive and challenging software development task. Not only did First Line Software exceed our requirements in several engineering tasks, they also managed to guide us toward the backend enhancements necessary to serve the new app. Work began within four weeks of the initial engagement, and our very tight deadline was no issue for them. They were incredibly responsive to our needs and scaled quickly when required. We were not only grateful but surprised that such professional discipline still exists today.

    What was the team composition?

    The team consisted of an Android developer and business team from First Line as well as a technical team from YAPILI.


    Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

    The product has improved our business position enormously. In addition to winning awards, we are able to speak to interested investors with more confidence and a stronger product. Not only did First Line deliver on time, but their outstandingly professional, polite team easily surpassed the high standards we expected. 

    How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

    Communication was their preeminent skill. Prior to development, they walked us through their process quickly and simply in order to clarify the scope and timeline of the agreement. They informed us immediately of any delays or complications, then worked tirelessly to resolve them. 

    What did you find most impressive about this company?

    Because of their solid work ethos, flexibility, and mastery of skill, they are the most reliable aspect of our delivery pipeline. We are confident that we will achieve even more success in the future with First Line, so they will continue to be our first choice. 

    Are there any areas for improvement?

    Based on the quality of our deliverables and the work produced by our collaboration, we saw no areas for improvement. We highly recommend them to anyone pursuing a software development project, regardless of complexity.

    Overall Score
    • 5.0 Scheduling
    • 5.0 Cost
      Value / within estimates
    • 5.0 Quality
      Service & deliverables
    • 5.0 NPS
      Willing to refer

    Web App Dev for Energy Strategy Management Company

    "Their level of service, attention to detail, quality, and thoroughness are all impressive."

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    Sept. 2016 - Ongoing
    Project summary: 

    First Line Software provided resource supplementation for core analysis, database optimization, web application development, and QA. They are currently engaged in additional business operations.

    The Reviewer
    51-200 Employees
    Irvine, California
    Carolyn McHale
    VP of Engineering, Phoenix ET
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

    First Line Software’s contract resources and QA support have helped stabilize costs, increase productivity, and increase quality and automation levels. The team is available and flexible in communication despite a time zone difference.  They provide thorough, adaptable, and detail-oriented service.


    Introduce your business and what you do there.

    I’m the VP of Engineering for Phoenix Energy Technologies. We provide cloud-based IoT [Internet of Things] enterprise energy management solutions, which include energy monitoring and optimizations and reductions across buildings for a variety of different verticals.


    What challenge were you trying to address with First Line Software?

    We needed quick, scalable resources. We were growing our teams and I wanted to add an offshore team to supplement the people we were hiring locally. I was looking for trustworthy senior engineers that could work with Agile methodologies and had good communication skills.


    What was the scope of their involvement?

    The product set of our company is mature and we were developing enhancements to web applications. The core Engineering team, design, and architecture are all local since there is a high complexity and deep domain knowledge required in our space.

    First Line was brought on for a particular project and has since been assigned to another engagement that became more important from a business standpoint. They initially provided resource supplementation for web application and database development and QA [quality assurance]. We since pivoted them to help build out new product offering that is launching in Q4 of this year. The technologies core is Microsoft stack – so primarily Microsoft.NET and SQL Server.

    What is the team dynamic?

    We initially brought in a more senior person to help with project and process standup, followed by a few more developers and QA specialists. We invited them to our California office location for requirements gathering and to build trust and communication with our local team. Currently, we’re using 4 of their members including the project team lead. We plan to bring them on for other projects in 2018 but the team size has been adequate for our current work.

    We follow Agile, so our teams have Scrum meetings every day, either phone or sometimes via chat if little to discuss. We also conduct biweekly sprint planning, demo, and retrospectives. I also get on the phone with them on a monthly basis for higher level management meetings to discuss the current team, if there are any concerns, or identify opportunities to continue to streamline the processes. Open communication is key with remotely distributed teams.

    How did you come to work with First Line Software?

    I first worked with the FirstLine team 10 years ago when I was working for ScriptLogic. We were looking for an offshore development partner that could help us scale our Product Development costs. We looked at several different vendors, did site visits, and selected the FirstLine team. Over the years at ScriptLogic we grew pretty large teams that supported multiple commercial software products; ranging from in the 50 – 60-person range at one point. We contracted with them for development, QA, tech writing, and user interface/user experience design. ScriptLogic was bought by Quest Software and while in Engineering leadership there we expanded FirstLine teams for some additional products. Quest Software was subsequently acquired by Dell, and we had to onboard FirstLine as a Dell approved offshore partner and continued to use them to supplement our Product Development initiatives.

    As I started building our Engineering and products teams here at PhoenixET, I knew that First Line would be a good option for managing costs and helping me ramp things up quickly. They’ve been a trusted partner to me for many years and have been able to adapt to whatever products or technologies I’ve needed, whether it was the Microsoft stack or an open-source technology. I appreciate that FirstLine is flexible on the business side and always able to find the right skills for my projects because I don’t have to start over with a new partner every time.

    What is the status of this engagement?

    We started working with First Line in September 2016 and the engagement is ongoing.


    What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

    They’ve helped me contain costs as we scaled the team and have definitely helped us increase our productivity as a department by providing supplemental contract resources. The quality and automation levels will increase over time as we have more QA. The team is adaptive and strives hard to meet the schedules as required.

    How did First Line Software perform from a project management standpoint?

    Overall, they’re excellent to work with and if I have a question or a point to discuss, I can reach out to them and they are thoughtful and collaborative. They’re highly available despite the time zone difference; our project manager has been happy to jump on a call if needed at 10 PM. On the account management and sales executive side, they’ve been top-notch and supportive. Early on, FirstLine met with our executive team in order to present company overview which made everyone comfortable with them coming in as a new partner (since nobody knew them but me!).

    What did you find most impressive about them?

    Their level of service, attention to detail, quality, and thoroughness are all impressive. FirstLine works to integrate and understand the whole product set so they can be a helpful part of our team, unlike other offshore companies that simply follow instructions on project tasks. They’re dedicated, want to do the right thing, and not afraid to ask questions.

    Are there any areas they could improve?

    The only drawback is their cost—as they’re not the cheapest but we also get what we pay for. They need to continue to maintain prices and models at a competitive level.

    Do you have any advice for future clients of theirs?

    Don’t be afraid to ask for their input. Many people think that everything needs to be spelled out up front when working with offshore companies, it’s great if you can do that all upfront. I’ve done it so many times that we have cookie cutter template processes, but for a new company starting with offshoring, it’s often because the current teams are resource-challenged and costs are tough. In that process, I would say don’t be afraid to work with FirstLine jointly to help get the right project teams, infrastructure, and process in place to manage. They’re not just an outsourcing company where the client hands over detailed specifications and they go away and build to spec; depending on your current team and resources they can also be a great supplementing resource partner to help validate whether you have the right offshoring plan in mind – appropriate staffing levels, skills, architecture, design or technology choices even.

    Overall Score
    • 5.0 Scheduling
      First Line will adjust in order to meet deadlines and put in extra hours.
    • 4.0 Cost
      Value / within estimates
    • 5.0 Quality
      Service & deliverables
    • 5.0 NPS
      Willing to refer

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