Focus on the reseach. We'll do the rest.

Fieldwork has been a leader in world-class marketing research services and facilities for 40 years.  Our services include:

  • International project management with experience in over 50 countries
  • 15 top-tier qualitative viewing facilities throughout the US with local recruiting
  • US National recruiting center and a team to facilitate research in any location, anywhere in the country
  • Online research services
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Chicago, IL
  • 111 E. Wacker Drive Suite 220
    Chicago, IL 60601
    United States


Focus group suite, Fieldwork Denver Image

Focus group suite, Fieldwork Denver

Each of Fieldwork's 15 US research facilites boasts flexible conference rooms with spacious viewing areas and client lounges,  high quality recording and streaming services, full-service hosting and local recruiting.  

Webwork's Virtual Facility Image

Webwork's Virtual Facility

Fieldwork Webwork offers many ways to take your face-to-face research online, with unprecedented support from our dedicated team.  In addition to the virtual facility, Webwork offers mobile solutions, online homework tools, and survey development and implementation, all with recruiting, hands-on project management and tech support. 

Fieldwork Anywhere Image

Fieldwork Anywhere

Fieldwork Anywhere allows you to conduct research in any venue, anywhere in the US.  We scout the best location for your needs, recruit participants, provide virtual viewing and recording and streaming.  Great for small markets and creative locations. 

Fieldwork National Recruiting Center Image

Fieldwork National Recruiting Center

Fieldwork NRC, located in Chicago, has a database of over 1 million opted-in participants across the US.  NRC specializes in finding low-incidence targets using out-of-the box recruiting methods and can recruit for any methodology.