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Electrik Kidz Image

Electrik Kidz

Featuring collaborated with Electrik Kidz to establish the children’s clothing brand’s new positioning. The opening of its flagship store, Le Petit Magasin, on Saint Laurent Boulevard marked a turning point that the company wanted reflected in its visual platform.

Our creative team dreamed up a rich and eclectic world for the brand, which targets millennial parents. Its playful candy-coloured pieces are inspired by

nostalgic themes. Six photos, produced with the creative duo LM Chabot, depict kids in fictional, precarious scenes—a world inspired by a child’s imagination, playground games, and comic strips. The agency also came up with a new logo that is just as electrifying as the original.
Colorbeam Image


Colorbeam, a lifestyle and wellness lighting and reliable LED company enlisted Featuring to rethink its positioning and brand universe. The agency  established a clear positioning statement that promotes Colorbeam’s unique value proposition. We also created one brand voice that reflects views and intentions of the leadership team and anchored the strategic and business development of the company. Finally, we designed and

developed a brand platform that resonates with all stakeholders (internal and external).
Equal-Salary Image


Featuring Agency recently revamped the visual identity and website of EQUAL-SALARY, a Swiss foundation whose mission is to promote equal pay for women and men at companies around the world through certification. The agency designed an evocative visual identity based on the concepts of symmetry and balance. To mark its visual rebranding and the now-global reach of its certification, the Foundation's website was also redesigned,

with a new split layout that pays tribute to the organization's fundamental purpose.

The blue-and-coral colour scheme evokes taking action and the seriousness of the EQUAL-SALARY methodology, while reflecting the gender equity that the foundation advocates through its certification process. The typography is reminiscent of protest posters, except that the use of images has been replaced by quotes inspiring reflection and calling viewers to take action.