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Fanbytes is a leading influencer marketing and social media advertising agency; a company with Gen Z expertise and proven success in providing 'advertainment' through their content; a term pinned by CEO Tim Armoo.

Founded in 2017, they have been recognised by the likes of Forbes as being a platform that "ensures advertisers are getting plenty of "bang for their buck", but also operating in a native, non-intrusive way."" Fanbytes is an award winning platform that is home to a talented team of creative strategists and content creators. Whether it's gamers, fashionistas, beauty queens, or sports buffs, our communities are able to reach the core audiences that young people want to engage with.

They have worked on campaigns with the likes of Deliveroo, Missguided, Warner Music, and have even succeeded in sending Major Lazer viral with their challenge on Tik Tok. And it doesn't stop there - they are a young company with a wealth of knowledge, who are continuing to thrive by helping brands win the hearts of Gen Z and Millennials on social media.

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London, United Kingdom
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Key clients: 

Warner Music, Deliveroo, Hayu, Boohoo, Charlotte Tilbury, Major Lazer, Missguided, Warner Bros, Barry M, Deezer, Hily, Poshmark.

Charlotte Tilbury Snapchat Campaign Image

Charlotte Tilbury Snapchat Campaign

Charlotte Tilbury came to us with a goal in mind. They wanted to reach 16-25 year old females to drive email sign-ups for their Glomo makeup range. To do this, we had to make sure that we were using effective advertising techniques without making the campaign seem derived or unnatural. The results highlighted our success in doing just that. We enlisted top snapchat beauty influencers and managed to receive 50,000 email

sign-ups in only 3 days.
Plato AR Lenses Snapchat Campaign  Image

Plato AR Lenses Snapchat Campaign

Plato, a mobile gaming app, approached us because they wanted to use unique methods to reach 13-17 year olds globally and increase brand awareness.

Our idea was to create a buzz around their new game called 'Werewolf' by creating two different AR lenses. The lenses would create a virtual 3D environment which users could explore with their phone camera. Because the lenses were such an immersive and unique experience for

the user, we exceeded expectations and the campaigns were extremely successful. Both of the lenses combined saw 5.5m views, 350k scans of the lenses, and 160k shares. That's not all - Both lenses reached the number 1 slot on the Snapchat Lens Creator charts.
Pix Pax Snapchat & Instagram Campaign Image

Pix Pax Snapchat & Instagram Campaign

PixPax was an app created by Kodak that allows users to print print polaroid-style pictures straight from their camera roll, free of charge. Their goal was to reach a 16-25 year old audience in the UK. We identified Snapchat & Instagram as the perfect platforms for this campaign. We were able to drive 13,000 swipe-ups to the apps.