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EYEMAGINE is an eCommerce software development company focusing on


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Our engineers are Magento Certified.


Our Managed Services team's core competency is eCommerce on the Magento platform. We specialize in integrating Magento with 3rd party systems (ERPs, shipping/fulfillment systems, CRMs, SalesForce, ESPs, and more).


We have successfully helped companies achieve 80%+ Year over Year Growth.

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Key clients: 
Some of our world-class clients include Disney, Hewlett-Packard, BenQ, TOYOTA, Cisco, Universal Audio, Cinda B, Braven, and StriVectin.


EYEMAGINE is tokidoki's Magento Solution Partner. We support their online store by maintaining it on a daily basis and developing new modules and custom features. We have assisted their accounting department by increasing Magento's reporting functionality. We are also helping them create new features to support their dynamic business needs. A company with products as cool as tokidoki, deserves a site that is equally awesome!



Classic Shaving is a leading men’s purveyor of traditional shaving kits and a proud supporter of traditional wet shaving methods. Its products, which range from razors, brushes, mugs, toiletries, and other grooming items, are made of high-quality, durable materials. Classic Shaving works hard to provide excellent customer support and advice for those interested in shaving with the timeless straight razor.

To take their website to the next level, Classic Shaving selected EYEMAGINE, a Magento Gold Solution Partner, to implement a complete website redesign and upgrade their site to the Magento Enterprise Edition platform.



Hewlett-Packard teamed up with Disney to supply the internationally acclaimed amusement park with photography hardware, and called upon EYEMAGINE as their eCommerce subject matter expert. With EYEMAGINE‘s help, it is now even easier for Disney vacationers to capture and purchase each magical moment during their stay.

EYEMAGINE helped the Disney and Hewlett-Packard teams implement the custom software

architecture needed for the Disney PhotoPass service. EYEMAGINE worked closely with Disney and Hewlett-Packard to provide code reviews and guidance in the Magento Enterprise Edition platform.

EYEMAGINE‘s role in the project was to act as the metaphorical “foreman” and chief architect, overseeing the building of the eCommerce infrastructure. The Disney and Hewlett-Packard teams relied on EYEMAGINE to help with the integration of payment and fulfillment systems, and eCommerce development. EYEMAGINE ensured that each component of the eCommerce platform worked seamlessly with the PhotoPass software, to provide a fluid, intuitive user experience for the visitor.

Disney's foray into the world of eCommerce is new and exciting. EYEMAGINE is proud to be a part of Disney's global evolution with Magento as their eCommerce platform of choice. Working with EYEMAGINE has allowed Disney to fully realize the maximum potential of the Magento Enterprise Edition platform and its many built-in features.




When Podium Distribution decided to launch eCommerce sites for their flagship Matix Clothing and DVS Shoes brands, they knew that critical to their success would be conveying the company's very focused, audience-specific image to customers. They came to EYEMAGINE for a full restructuring plan that not only preserved their carefully cultivated image, but brought them onto the feature-rich Magento Enterprise platform

with total integration to their custom ERP system.

EYEMAGINE took on the challenge by working very closely with the DVS design team, communicating weekly to ensure every design and feature fulfilled DVS's desired aesthetic. We kept their "Full Circle" ERP intact, all while adding a wealth of new marketing and merchandising tools offered by the Enterprise Edition.



Alpinestars wished to update the design and improve the user experience of their website, while also bringing all code up to “best practices” standards. EYEMAGINE provided subject matter expertise in Magento and led the research process to deliver a customer facing web interface that is easy, clean, and effective resulting in increased conversion rates and average order value. EYEMAGINE leveraged out-of-the-box Magento

functionality, customized modules, and successfully implemented the new site theme for desktop and mobile.


cinda b is a fast-growing enterprise with more than 1,000 independent retail locations throughout the United States. However, before EYEMAGINE completely redesigned the company's website, a visitor would have never guessed that it was such a successful, robust company. This is because the eCommerce website was operating under an eCommerce platform that couldn't handle or support the business' online potential. As a result, the

overall appearance of the site lacked the luster that the brand craved in terms of aesthetics and lifestyle design: the 800 x 600 site template projected a cookie-cutter feel that didn't accurately represent the cinda b brand.

In order to better project cinda b's style and appeal to the modern online shopper, EYEMAGINE broke boundaries and built a Magento Enterprise responsive design from the ground up to create a classy, custom eCommerce website for cinda b. This work ultimately won the IMA's Best in Class Award. 



Sgt. Grit is a successful online retailer specializing in clothing and novelties for Marines. After a failed partnership with another development agency, Sgt. Grit came to EYEMAGINE with a completely broken Magento implementation. What happened? The core of Sgt. Grit's Magento platform source code had been improperly altered, resulting in a

non-functional eCommerce store. Many of the key features of the site were broken, it was constantly crashing, and it was converting very poorly. Furthermore, they couldn’t upgrade to the latest version of Magento due to the unstable state of their current Magento platform. In order to fix these problems, they needed a complete upgrade and reintegration that would streamline their eCommerce website and create a site that supported their needs and growing online presence.


Lift Supports Depot is a successful web-based support lift and specialty automotive business. When they reached out to EYEMAGINE, the company already had a strong online store - with their 3.2% conversion rate being well above the industry average of 

1.85%. However, their site was unstable and it needed a new code base, new web design, and increased functionality to perform more consistently.

To address these issues, the EYEMAGINE team first worked to determine the top areas for improvement on Lift Supports Depot’s website, conducting a User Experience (UX) review and analyzing data from Google Analytics. Ultimately, the team identified two key issues that needed to be addressed in order to further increase Lift Support’s conversion rate and improve their site’s overall performance:

  • Homepage layout obscuring the main CTAs and preventing people from clicking through or converting
  • Friction in checkout


Uwila Warrior is an up-and-coming luxury women’s underwear company. They reached out to EYEMAGINE to help them launch their eCommerce business, specifically by building their Shopify store and taking over their online marketing efforts.

EYEMAGINE successfully completed both tasks. Our eCommerce

development team built a high-performing online store on the Shopify platform, and our marketing experts created multiple high-converting marketing workflows as a part of our ongoing, full-service engagement with the brand.
BENQ Image


BenQ, “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life”, continues enhance the areas of life that matter most to people – that have the greatest impact on the enjoyment and quality of LIFE today. BenQ reached out to EYEMAGINE for help increasing conversion rates.

EYEMAGINE designed a successful landing page as part of an 

inbound marketing campaign. The campaign achieved an 83.49% conversion rate, generating 1,651 new self-segmented contacts.

According to Search Engine Land, “the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%, yet the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher. Ideally though, you want to break into the top 10% — these are the landing pages with conversion rates of 11.45% or higher.” This 83.49% conversion rate broke the mold.

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Clear Gold is a newly-founded brand that aims to revolutionize the cannabis industry by creating a luxury, customizable experience. They reached out to EYEMAGINE to help them launch their business by providing full-service marketing and web development support. This included assisting with their products, packaging, branding, 

Shopify website development and marketing.

One of the first, most important steps of this engagement was developing a comprehensive branding strategy and style guide that the company could use to create all of their future marketing, website, and product materials. With these efforts, we were not rebranding an existing company, but rather creating something completely new, ultra-personalized and unique.




Icing On The Ring is a successful wedding band and engagement ring retailer based in the Los Angeles Jewelry District. Although they had consistent sales and success in their brick-and-mortar store, they were looking to improve their online performance and increase their ROI by building a store on the BigCommerce platform that could rival what they had on Magento. 

Based on our reputation and work as an experienced

eCommerce agency, they selected EYEMAGINE to implement these changes. EYEMAGINE refined Icing On The Ring’s inbound marketing techniques and created a completely new website for them using the BigCommerce platform. This involved time, expert-level development skill and complex customizations


Download Youth Ministry (DYM) is an educational website that provides a variety of resources - including games, activities, and educational content - for churches and pastors to use in their youth ministry services. When they approached EYEMAGINE, DYM was having trouble providing material that effectively engaged teenagers during services. In

other words, they had an entire persona and section of the market that they could not reach with their current content and marketing efforts. To solve this problem and generate new leads and contacts for DYM, the EYEMAGINE team developed an eBook titled "55 Ways To Be More Effective With Teenagers."

By directly addressing the problem of teen engagement and demonstrating DYM’s knowledge on the topic, this piece of gated content worked to establish DYM as an authority on teen engagement. This in turn increased traffic and engagement on their site, strengthening the company’s online presence in a big way. 



United Studios of Self Defense (USSD) has grown to become the largest Martial Arts and Self Defense organization throughout North America since its founding in 1968. USSD has over 80 locations nationwide and is growing every year teaching Kempo-style Martial Arts. Their iconic logo of the bonsai tree in front of the sun is one of the most recognized symbols for Martial Arts in North America.


announced the launch of a new website for USSD, a brand offering self-defense classes all over North America. USSD selected EYEMAGINE for a complete website redesign to unify their brand and maximize their growth potential through exceptional user experience. 

Ultimately, this work won the Interactive Media Council's 2016 Best In Class Award.

MR. BEER Image


Mr. Beer is a successful online retailer that sells home brew beer kits. When they reached out to EYEMAGINE, they were already using effective marketing techniques and utilizing various HubSpot tools to increase their online traffic and revenue. However, their website had one significant issue: it was not integrated with its marketing platform. This inadequate integration led to insufficient automation that

kept them from effectively inputting and analyzing their data. They had to manually input their customer data of over 350,000 contacts, a problem that led to lost revenue, severely depleted efficiency, and untargeted marketing efforts.

To solve this problem, the EYEMAGINE team, creators of HubSpot's official Magento integration, worked to:

Ultimately, our work earned W3's Silver Award, The Communicator AwardDavey's Gold Award and WebAward by WMA's award for Outstanding Website in 2015. 



Warm Your Floor is the #1 nationwide distributor for radiant floor heating mats, cables and snow melting systems. Warm Your Floor engaged EYEMAGINE to help improve conversion rates with an improved user experience (UX). EYEMAGINE analyzed site usage data and created a next-level eCommerce

experience that dramatically improved the customer experience and online presentation.

EYEMAGINE delivered a sophisticated new design and custom eCommerce solution that helped turn the company’s online store into a powerful sales tool. Our Magento development experts:

  • Migrated website from Magento Enterprise to Magento Community Edition
  • Migrated their Knowledge Center from ExpressionEngine to WordPress
  • Customized an integration between WordPress and Magento
  • Invented a custom configurator, called Quote Builder
  • Implemented Magento multi-store configuration with a Canadian (.ca) site

Each of these complex integrations and features worked to increase functionality and ease-of-use in their store, helping the company effectively reach their buyer personas. Ultimately, this work won the Interactive Media Council's 2016 Best In Class Award. 



BRAVEN’s Bluetooth speakers carry a unique sensibility. The popular audio device is one of the few that can be listened to anywhere - unplugged - which means that consumers can use BRAVEN speakers while they're doing things like skateboarding, lounging by the pool, or even charging their phones. However, even though the brand speaks to consumers’ active and mobile lifestyles, they found that their website didn’t

successfully get that message across.

They needed to update their site so that it would convey the BRAVEN experience and demonstrate the edge that the brand has over its ever-expanding competition. In technical terms, they needed a site that could:

  • Support a flexible, robust framework
  • Handle intensive ERP
  • Automate distribution
  • Easily report inventory
  • Keep tabs on customer service

What better way for an audio retailer to distinguish itself from the competition than to present its newly upgraded website at the Consumer Electronics Show? BRAVEN reached out to EYEMAGINE to help them make this happen. However, there was one catch: presenting their new website at the Consumer Electronics Show meant that the EYEMAGINE team had only 2 months to develop, design, and launch.