Turning digital services into an art form.

Using our experience in some of the most competitive digital markets, we offer clients a unique approach with complete transparency, state of the art tools and quality results within a 2 step process.

Step 1. Development - We help businesses by creating premium web platforms that focus on client objectives to increase engagement and drive measurable results.


Step 2. Digital Marketing - We consider campaign creation and optimization an art form. We are creative in how we target, develop and optimize campaigns making sure that our clients, get the absolute most out of them.

Right now: We are turning digital services into an art form.

Our services: Web Development, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), UX, and Digital Marketing.


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, Romania
  • Cluj-Napoca, Cluj


Key clients: 

Mobiliani, Aegon, Sushi Cluj, Mode Restaurant, Laitek, WIN, Centromed Oncosan, Casa Dacilor, Sports Festival, Undershark, Bombardier, Bombardier HR, Morphoza, Cosmetic Plant, Becker, Daimler, Noodle Pack, Transavia, Photogo, Contact Tire, Centra, Badea Implant, Munity, Hygia

Undershark Image


We took the challenge to develop a website for Undershark that fits perfectly with their sports focused brand image.

- We implemented a functionality in which users can see information about every athlete. This works great on desktop devices as well as mobiles.

- Creatively animated each section of the homepage.

- The admin can make changes in the website without any development knowledge needed,

onboarding material provided.

- Website is 100% responsive on any device

Centra Image


We were tasked to redesign and rebuild from scratch Centra's website.

  • Wordpress CMS with a 1 page layout system was implemented with a from-scratch design specifically for our client's needs.
  • Created an intuitive Tab management system to display multiple subcategories for each major menu category.
  • The same intuitive tab management system was reworked to provide the same features using the swipe
functionality exclusive to mobile devices.
Hygia Image


We were tasked to design and develop a fresh new website for this financial consulting company.

  • Designed and developed the website from scratch using the Wordpress CMS.
  • Implemented various custom functions such as multilingual functionality with dynamic text, custom clients system, custom services system, blogging with multiple authors and images for each and more.
  • Provided our client with the
ability to edit and customize anything within the site from the Wordpress Dashboard without any other need for our development team.
Munity Image


We were tasked to design and develop a clean website focused on animations and transitions.

  • Designed and developed transitions that create a user friendly experience.
  • Focused on a clean layout, 100% responsive with auto-play mute video integration for the homepage.
  • Created multiple animated pages with various effects to draw out key elements within the website.
Badea Implant Image

Badea Implant

We were tasked to develop a fresh new website that focuses on selling dental implants, then run ads for the French market to promote medical tourism.

  • Designed and developed a fully functional, 100% responsive website with dynamic services, ability to add Xrays, live chat and more.
  • Identified key demographics and ran ads on various platforms for the French market.
  • The best results were observed
on Google AdWords Search with multiple patients signing up for medical tourism and actually traveling to a different country to get their implant procedures done.
Contact-Tire Image


We were tasked by GITI to help develop a new website for one of their national distributors in Europe.

  • Developed a complete eCommerce style platform within the GITI brand guidelines.
  • 100% responsive with a number of custom features that allow the client to showcase and give detailed information on each product, each line of products and also each local distributor that sells their
  • Integrated a 2-menu custom solution that allows site users to always be aware about various Tyre types across each particular line.
  • Photogo Image


    We were tasked to offer a full digital marketing solution that would focus on performance marketing for their product.

    • Implemented advanced tracking with conversion value for performance marketing optimization.
    • Ran ads in multiple countries, on multiple platforms, created detailed audience profiles and used remarketing as an effective tool to increase conversion rates and move towards bigger profit
  • Created images, ad copy and animated videos to use within the digital marketing campaign.
  • Transavia Image


    We were tasked to revamp the implementation of Drupal 8 so that the client can have a functional site, without changing the initial design.

    • Implemented a correct linking system with anchors that allows the client to showcase and link to individual products and categories.
    • Fixed responsive sliders and overall responsiveness of the site for an adequate mobile browsing experience.
    • Implemented
    functional GDPR system in Drupal 8 with automatic user data deletion after a certain period of time and a database that supports and marks consent.
    Noodle Pack Image

    Noodle Pack

    We were tasked to run a full digital marketing campaign that focuses on brand awareness and to resolve known issues within the eCommerce platform.

    • Ran geotargeted ads across multiple platforms using image, video and text ads to achieve their Brand Awareness objectives.
    • Ran geotargeted store visit campaigns which resulted in a direct increase in location foot traffic.
    • Developed and integrated a
    user panel, guest ordering systems, social login features, online payment integration and a customized business intelligence system on their previously inefficient delivery platform.
    Daimler Image


    We were tasked to help Daimler's HR department with their recruitment objectives.

    • Ran geotargeted and demographically segmented ads across a wide range of platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Display etc).
    • Integrated a brand awareness campaign with their hire efforts to increase employee retention and reduce employee acquisition cost.
    • Helped with the hire of over 600 people in the
    first year. Quadrupled budgets for the second year. We are still providing a quality service.
    Becker Image


    Our client Becker-Sws needed a new website to showcase it’s business operations but did not have almost any textual content.

    • Developed a simple one page website, aimed to focus on Becker’s main services and tools. We structured tools and services together to help the user understand Becker’s full range of services.
    • Site is 100% responsive with videos, style effects and easy navigation. It’s GDPR friendly
    and available in 2 languages.
  • Admin can quickly and intuitively make changes to the website without requiring any development knowledge.
  • Cosmetic Plant Image

    Cosmetic Plant

    We were tasked to create a new and improved website with freshness acting as the key element.

    • Design and development using the Magento 2.2x CMS with a fully functional eCommerce system.
    • Integrated custom functions such as GDPR functionality, order tracking, payment integration, custom filtering system and more.
    • 100% responsive with different, custom behavior on mobile devices to facilitate ease
    of use and to increase conversion rates.
    Morphoza Image


    We were tasked to create a new and improved website with a strong focus on their visual identity by seemlessly integrating videos within the live environment.

    • Created a complex and segmented way of filtering case studies and visually showcasing these case studies in an organized manner.
    • Created a full eCommerce product system with custom ordering functions allowing to send unique messages based on each
    offered product.
  • Site is now 100% responsive with integrated live chat, events registration, product management, blog, news features and more.
  • All elements can be edited by the client without any further development implication.
  • Bombardier Image


    We were tasked to help events organizers to manage and increase atendees at various local Bombardier events.

    • Designed and developed a custom made dynamic RSVP events management system to be used during the insights.bombardier campaign.
    • Designed creatives and ran ads across a wide range of channels with the aim of bringing people to the events.
    • Expectation was at 60 people per event - results
    over 200 at each event.
    Bombardier HR Image

    Bombardier HR

    We were tasked to help Bombardier's HR department with their recruitment objectives.

    • Created a granular job application platform within the Bombardier brand guidelines.
    • Ran geotargeted and demographically segmented ads across a wide range of platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Display etc).
    • Using this system we were able to create massive efficiency within their HR marketing
    Mobiliani Image


    We were presented with a unique challenge on how to develop a furniture store that sells custom products with over 16,000 combinations.

    - Developed a system that allows users to choose colors, sizes, materials in a visual format. All combinations have different pricing that is automatically calculated by the platform.

    - Users can pay a deposit online that is auto-calculated at 30% of the cart value, being tied

    with an automated invoicing system.


    - Created a complementary product system that recommends the most relevant products for each product that is being browsed. Example: Recommending chairs when users are looking at a table or recommending nightstands when users are browsing beds.

    - Transitions and effects when scrolling. 100% responsive on any display.

    Sports Festival Image

    Sports Festival

    We were tasked to ran a nation wide campaign for a major festival, a challenging one since it was their first edition.

    - We used brand ambassadors to generate as much awareness as possible.

    -We ran geotargeted, nation wide campaigns on all online advertising platforms with videos, a mix of images and impactful content that would have the highest probability of going viral.

    - We reacted on social media in

    real time as the event was happening to generate even more engagement.

    -We implemented advanced tracking and were able to track ticket sales across all platforms for individual events. We targeted users by various interests which meant different audiences based on individual sporting events.

    Casa Dacilor Image

    Casa Dacilor

    We were tasked to create 3 websites in one with a large amount of pages and content.

    - Developed a restaurant presentation website showcasing two individual restaurant locations with separate menus.

    - Developed a separate section within the site that showcases their small hotel. Section includes online booking service as well as multiple pages for individual rooms, facilities and location map.


    Developed a completely separate online ordering system for their takeaway business, complete with unique menu, dynamic filtering, online payment, automatic SMS. On mobile devices, the entire section works as a mobile app via the user’s browser.

    - All sections are 100% responsive on any display.

    Centromed Oncosan Image

    Centromed Oncosan

    We created a new and improved website which highlights the quality of CentroMed’s services.

    - We integrated a programming form for each service and doctor. We integrated a live chat button so users can get in touch directly with reception.

    - Developed individual doctor’s page which includes their entire resume information so that users can get a better perspective about doctors’ studies and experience.


    Included a unique testimonial delivery system that pulls data automatically from a database and showcases most recent testimonials on the homepage and an individual testimonial page.

    - The website is 100% responsive on any display and can be entirely edited by the client without the need of our development team due to our extensive documentation.

    WIN Image


    We were tasked to redevelop a new website for our client, WIN, which manufactures double glazed windows.

    - Created an animation heavy homepage as our client desired.

    - Implemented over 50 pages in total automatically translated in 5 languages with Google Translate integration and full 100% GDPR support.

    - Developed a system that allows users to compare all relevant products at the same time. This system

    was developed differently for mobile devices where screens have a much harder time of showcasing that amount of information.

    - Developed individual showroom pages with maps and unique images

    - Developed a careers system where the admin can post openings and users can apply for individual jobs by submitting a form with their information and uploading their resume.

    Laitek Image


    We took the challenge to create a new and improved website with a main focus on user experience and a modern look.

    - Radical changes and re-organizing of all site content in a more intuitive manner for a more user friendly experience.

    - 100% responsive site with animations, style effects and full GDPR support. 

    - Empowered user admin with full capacity on editing any changes to the site without any

    development knowledge required (Onboarding material provided).
    Mode Restaurant Image

    Mode Restaurant

    We took the challenge on creating a new website with a modern and fresh feel, that focuses on user experience and easy navigation.

    - Due to a content heavy menu we came up with a solution to make scrolling through the menu in an easy and intuitive way functional on multiple devices.

    - Site is 100% responsive and includes an online reservations system. The admin is notified directly by email and has the ability

    to directly approve / disapprove from the email itself.

    - Site is easily editable by the admin in its entirety, onboarding material provided.

    Sushi Cluj Image

    Sushi Cluj

    We were tasked to develop a new site with an online ordering system.

    - We created an intuitive menu system that showcases all products on one page.

    - We developed a double menu system that allows users to easily navigate the one page.

    - The menu system as well as entire ordering system works exactly like a mobile app on mobile devices but is entirely web based.

    - Hosted the website using

    LiteSpeed server technology for incredibly fast loading times on a page that feeds over 100 products.

    - Included a payment gateway system that is also tied to automatic SMS messages when orders are leaving the restaurants and going towards the customer.

    Aegon Image


    We accepted a challenge from Aegon to come up with a different take on how they serve ads to their users.

    - Ran national geotargeted ads across a wide range of platforms: Google Display, Facebook, Instagram and unskippable YouTube videos.

    - Obtained a CTR (Click-Through-Rate) 20x bigger than the industry average.

    - Implemented a branded Aegon line angle on the right side of the platform which is 100%

    responsive on every display, retaining the same angle across all devices.


    - Developed a savings calculator where users can choose their age, monthly amount and the time period they want to save. Savings results are displayed and calculated in real time.