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Based just south of Birmingham, UK, Exploding Phone’s skilled team of software developers and designers has been developing apps since the creation of the Apple App Store in 2008. The company had delivered over 200 apps to over 100 clients by the end of 2018 and has grown with the evolution of the mobile app market.

Exploding Phone has the experience and skills to deliver world class solutions while maintaining the size and agility to offer you a highly personal, client-centred business partnership.

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Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Wheeley Ridge, Alvechurch
    Birmingham, WOR B48 7DD
    United Kingdom


Key clients: 

The Coleman Group;

Euro Packaging UK Ltd;

Ex Libris /oMbiel;


Healthcare Management Solutions;

HOPS Labour Solutions;


Taylor Wimpey;

Scolmore International;

SmartWater Technology;

The Steeper Group;

Vitec Imaging Solutions.

Taylor Wimpey Consulting Service and Evaluation Report Image

Taylor Wimpey Consulting Service and Evaluation Report

Exploding Phone was commissioned by Taylor Wimpey, a leading UK residential developer and a FTSE 100 constituent, to audit an application (app) solution which aimed to digitise and improve streamlining of Taylor Wimpey’s mobile technician scheduling. Delivering excellent customer service is at the heart of this homebuilder’s decision making, so being able to effectively schedule mobile technicians through an app, to carry out

repair works where needed in a timely manner, has been a key consideration.

Taylor Wimpey was in the process of moving its paper-based system of scheduling to a digital app, and ahead of this were looking to assess the advantages and potential risks of adopting the company’s ERP provider’s mobile application.

Taylor Wimpey identified Exploding Phone as an expert in the app development and deployment field, and engaged our lead consultant to undertake an extensive technical evaluation. Exploding Phone audited the app and supporting infrastructure and defined a set of ‘discovery questions’ for the ERP vendor, ranging from architectural questions through to clarifications regarding data exchange and Middleware. This process highlighted several opportunities to improve the resilience of the system and ensured that the app conformed to industry accepted standards of best practice. Following Exploding Phone’s assessment, the app was deployed across Taylor Wimpey’s 24 regional businesses and was deemed a success, demonstrated by Taylor Wimpey’s continuing investment in the solution.

HowDidWeDo? Customer Feedback App Image

HowDidWeDo? Customer Feedback App

The How Did We Do? original design brief specified iOS and Android apps for tablets and mobile devices to enable customers and other stakeholders to post feedback about their experiences via comments, ratings and photographs. As the project evolved the client identified a wider range of use scenarios and phase two of the project added the ability to customise the app to support virtually any visit based experience, and to allow

the client’s app administrators to edit questions, etc., via a web based portal.

Information gathered by the app is uploaded to multiple databases with comments, answers and ratings being stored on the client’s servers while images are stored in Amazon’s AWS cloud service. This necessitated building a system that authenticated to the AWS server without the user having to enter login details, and linking the images back to the core database with a unique key generated by the Amazon server.

Information is collated and presented via a dashboard enabling management to identify and mitigate potential customer satisfaction issues in a timely fashion. The data has also allowed senior management to directly engage with customers with highly positive outputs for each party.

The project was characterised by a high degree of flexibility, co-operation and growing trust as the client evolved its ideas and goals during the design and development process.

DomCare Management and Monitoring Mobile App Image

DomCare Management and Monitoring Mobile App

DomCare has a mobile workforce of around 100 carers who carry out visits to clients in their own homes. DomeCare wanted to modernise the way they share visit schedule information with carers and also to gather real-time data when a carer checks in and out of a visit.

We built an Android application which is used by carers to see their up-to-date schedule data. In each of their client's homes is a care folder which

contains an NFC tag. Carers just need to swipe their Android handset over the NFC tag to check into and out of the visit. This data is securely sent back to a cloud-based platform over the internet which allows a real-time picture of the carer’s progression through their schedule to be formed. It also adds to the carer’s safety as they can often be working alone.

DomCare currently run their business from an MS Access database system. As this is integral to several processes such as billing and accounting which are external to the app, we have built an interface between MS Access and the cloud platform. This frequently synchronises data between the two databases, allowing DomCare to continue using familiar tools and processes.

Since the successful launch of the DomCare mobile app, we have also built an iOS management app. This allows the DomCare management to manage clients and carers. They can also view visits, changing the carers assigned to cover them. The app also notifies the DomCare management if there are any upcoming visits which do not have suitable cover.

Stannp Postcard Creation App Image

Stannp Postcard Creation App

Stannp is a postcard app which enables the user to create postcards on their phone, either by taking a photo or picking from their photo library. Recipients are selected and the postcards are printed and posted on the user’s behalf.

Beautiful collages with multiple photos can be created and the app includes tools for manipulating photos to best fit in the card. Recipients can be imported from the user’s contacts or

entered directly into the app, where they are stored for reuse.

Users purchase credits for sending postcards and the app features PayPal, Stripe and Worldpay integration giving the user a wide choice of payment methods. Sent postcards can be tracked in the app and reused to create new postcards.

WorkSafe Training Systems Portal Image

WorkSafe Training Systems Portal

WorkSafe Training Systems is an independent services provider offering work place related training, co-ordination and support for instructors. This includes providing the training materials, qualification cards and certificates required to run a successful course.

WorkSafe has an online portal which instructors use to provide details of the courses they are planning to run. Once a course has concluded the instructors

submit the details of the students who attended and this information is used by WorkSafe to generate and post certificates.

The portal allows students to register and leave feedback on their course, along with registering for ongoing updates and reminders. The portal also provides a repository for custom resources from which instructors and students can access and download relevant documents.

The portal provides WorkSafe’s administrators full access to information entered by instructors and students. Additionally, WorkSafe’s staff can upload and manage the resources available for download by the portal users.

Premier Waste Construction Environment Safety App Image

Premier Waste Construction Environment Safety App

Premier Waste manages waste disposal arrangements on large construction sites with multiple building contractors. Waste materials, etc., that have not been properly cleared cause obstructions, hazards and inefficiency. Previously Premier Waste’s on-site agents completed a paper “obstruction notice” requiring them to clear up, that was physically handed to the contractor. This legacy approach had serious limitations, being

inefficient and occasionally resulting in disputes with contractors.

Exploding Phone developed an Obstruction Reporting app which enables Premier Waste Management’s agents to electronically document obstruction details. This information, including photographs, is then emailed directly to the contractors as a PDF file. As the nature, time and location of obstructions is centrally stored and managed the possibility of dispute is virtually eliminated. If an ‘in-breach’ contractor fails to remediate the system uses an escalation system granting Premier Waste the right to clear the obstruction, thus maintain site safety. This service is charged to the contractor generating additional revenue.

The system features a Content Management System enabling off-site staff to manage the overall situation via reports detailing notices raised and outcome. The system also automatically generates a weekly spreadsheet which is used by the accounts department to keep track of notices and raise invoices.

Scolmore International Installer App Image

Scolmore International Installer App

The Scolmore Group manufactures and distributes electrical wiring accessories and lighting products. Building on a track record of delivering innovative ways to better serve its customers the company recognised that Installation Project Managers would benefit from access to electrical configuration tools and product specifications from their mobile devices.

Exploding Phone was asked to develop an app capable of

surfacing product information from the company’s database, providing a platform for a range of Calculation tools and enabling users to build and share lists of requirements which could then be shared with wholesalers. Along with core app development Exploding Phone also created a process to reconfigure Sage Accounting data for presentation via the app, and delivered a Content Management System to enable Scolmore to make changes to information published via the app.

Building the app also required the implementation of a robust integration with YouTube’s API. Despite the complexity of the project the solution was delivered in less than ten weeks.

Commenting on the project Scolmore’s Design Manager stated, “[The Exploding Phone] team has delivered above and beyond our expectations, our app has received a lot of positive feedback and won ‘Electrical App of the Year’ in the Electrical Industry Awards 2016”.

Jiji Bao Brokering App for Chinese Home Maintenance Market Image

Jiji Bao Brokering App for Chinese Home Maintenance Market

The Jiji Bao app and associated platform enables homeowners in mainland China to build and publish structured requirements to a community of property contractors. Potential suppliers then use a second app to submit bids to undertake the work. The ecosystem is underpinned by a custom administration portal and Content Management System.

All financial transactions are through WePay or CMB Bank and managed via the app. This

necessitated a complex negotiation with a Chinese domestic bank to manage compliance with the bank’s processes and its fiduciary responsibilities. In addition, the platform provides a comprehensive and robust workflow to manage and resolve disputes.

The app was promoted via an extensive print and TV marketing campaign initially focussed on the Guangzhou region, but with ambitions to encompass the entire Chinese market.

Naturally Jiji Bao uses Chinese characters and adheres to appropriate Chinese app conventions. Exploding Phone delivered to the client’s specifications successfully overcoming time zone and language challenges and is particularly proud to have delivered a rare example of software development being outsourced from China to the West Midlands.

Gas App Uk Finance Module Image

Gas App Uk Finance Module

Gas App Uk is a highly popular App with gas engineers. The company identified that smaller gas installers were not able to provide clients access to loans for new boilers. Gas App Uk asked Exploding Phone to add a Finance module to the existing app.

The project has two elements: 1) web portal that allows engineers to register and subscribe for the ability to offer credit, and 2) finance module app component which is

made visible once the engineer has signed-up.

The web portal required integration with a finance house’s systems to perform suitability checks. The portal allows the engineer to pay their annual subscription fee via integration with Stripe.

The new app module comprises: 1) A finance calculator providing comparative costs for differing repayment models. This is facilitated via API integration with the finance company’s system. 2) Once a repayment option is chosen the client enters their details via the engineer’s app. The data is sent to the finance company’s system and the application is accepted or rejected. A successful application results in a pdf quote being emailed to the end-customer with a link which the client later needs to click for the funds to be transferred to the engineer once the work is satisfactorily completed.

Key technical challenges included integration with finance company’s systems, providing caching of information within the app to avoid connectivity related glitches occurring during the application process, and capture to pdf of the client’s signature.

HOPS Labour Solutions Recruitment and Placement Portal Image

HOPS Labour Solutions Recruitment and Placement Portal

HOPS Labour Solutions Ltd. is a leading UK horticultural and agricultural recruitment specialist and temporary labour provider. HOPS required a cloud-based system to maintain details about farms, applicants, workers and recruiting agents. The system needed be accessible by HOPS users, farms, agents, applicants/workers and 3rd parties to view records of workers, to provide analysis and billing data and to manage the staffing

requirements of the farms.

The portal uses a responsive web design approach to provide a high quality experience on virtually any screen size and platform. The portal enables farms to make workgroup requests, for HOPS to validate the request and then allocate placements to their international agents who provide the required workforce for the farms. Workers can view placements, and upload necessary documents via the system. The system therefore needed to support multiple access levels so a robust Role Based Access Control system was implemented. The portal also needed to be highly intuitive to users with limited IT literacy and English language skills. The reporting system has been extended with advanced data filtering and searching functionalities and the system is now GDPR compliant.


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Mobile App Dev for Packaging Company

"Our partnership with Exploding Phone Limited has been one of our biggest successes."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$50,000 to $199,999
Jan. - July 2017
Project summary: 

Exploding Phone Limited developed a B2B e-commerce mobile application for PC, iOS and Android. Key features include SAP ERP integration for orders and inventory and custom UI/UX templates for customers.

The Reviewer
Walsall, United Kingdom
Paul Timmins
Group IT Director, Euro Packaging Ltd.
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Due to third-party delays, the app hasn’t launched, but user feedback in demos has been highly positive. Exploding Phone Limited used an agile workflow to deliver an intuitive app on time and within budget. They responded quickly to suggestions and provided creative, insightful solutions.

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

I’m a group IT director for Euro Packaging Ltd. We provide paper and plastic products for retail and merchant companies.


What challenge were you trying to address with Exploding Phone Limited?

We have a large contract with a client that order around 16,000 of our products to each of their 1,200 stores. However, the e-commerce website we had in place needed an upgrade in style and functionality. We wanted to allow users to save baskets, retrieve products, and have a localized shopping experience. The new site also needed to be eye-catching and mobile-friendly. We ultimately decided to move the ordering process to a full B2B mobile application.


What was the scope of their involvement?

We’ve never embarked on this kind of mobile app development project before, so Exploding Phone Limited held our hand through the entire process. From the project brief we created together, the team built wireframes and storyboards for how the platform would look and feel. They then developed an app for PC, iOS, and Android platforms. The Android version came at their suggestion and we’ve found it to be sound guidance. The app integrates data feeds from our SAP ERP, feeding orders from the app and stock files from the ERP into each other continuously. Exploding Phone Limited also built a CMS to create unique templates and ordering profiles for each customer, allowing them to have an app experience customized to their business’s needs.

Outside our original scope, we’ve also developed a B2C app with Exploding Phone Limited. It includes features such as easy access to discounts, credit checking, and a fully-integrated payment system.

What is the team composition?

The team consisted of a variety of members, but I interacted with two people on a frequent basis. Andrew (Managing Director, Exploding Phone Limited) was particularly helpful and communicative on the contractual side. He remained involved throughout the project, but only when necessary.

How did you come to work with Exploding Phone Limited?

We initially looked abroad for partners on this project, but we ultimately came up with a list of ten local firms. As we looked at these firms’ websites, Exploding Phone Limited impressed us with their history of building custom apps instead of relying on templates. They had an agile work style that we liked, and they came up with features that we hadn’t thought of from our single-page document of loose requirements. Plus, they were local so we could spend time getting to know their team and have meetings at our office or theirs.

How much have you invested with them?

We’ve spent about £47,000 (approximately $62,000 USD) on the B2B app and £12,000 (approximately $16,000 USD) for a second app.

What is the status of this engagement?

The B2B project app lasted from January–July 2017. We’ve completed other projects with Exploding Phone Limited since then.


What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

Due to unexpected delays on the part of our client, we haven’t yet fully launched the mobile app. But we’ve demoed it in their stores and users have so far given nothing but positive feedback. The app works the same across all three platforms and is both easy and quick to use. It can save 60–70% of users’ time when they’re ordering products, not to mention that users can order on-the-go.

How did Exploding Phone Limited perform from a project management standpoint?

Exploding Phone Limited has an agile work approach with a personal touch. Their team can think outside the box and have great insights, but they were also flexible and willing to look into ideas. When our side had last-minute thoughts and suggestions on the app, the team included our changes within a week. The other day, when I had a concept about another app to manage inventory and returns of seasonal products, the team immediately offered to scope it out.

Exploding Phone Limited also was highly accessible. We communicated primarily via WebEx conferences and email—where a response always came in under five minutes—but we also met face-to-face for critical stages of the project. Andrew always made us feel welcome to visit them and to ask questions. At the same time, they also built the CMS so that we can manage the app internally without requiring additional IT people.

What did you find most impressive about them?

They never made the process difficult. The team explained their work so that even someone with a non-IT background could understand it. They were upfront about their capabilities and the challenges of what we’d ask for, but they fully committed to the work. 

We’re looking forward to hiring Exploding Phone Limited again for future app projects.

Are there any areas they could improve?

I can’t think of anything. Our partnership with Exploding Phone Limited has been one of our biggest successes.

Overall Score
  • 5.0 Scheduling
    We have no qualms; in fact, they delivered early in some cases.
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
    If anything, they could have charged more.
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
    Their work was excellent, professional, and well-structured.
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer
    I have already recommended them.