Enabling a digital world.

Exception is a Digital Solutions company that helps customers transform digitally and realise the opportunities for better business outcomes.  Headquartered in Edinburgh our customers are based throughout the UK and Europe. Our services include DevOps, Agile Software Development, Programme & Assurance, Intelligent Client & Cloud services.

We appreciate you have supplier choices. Choosing Exception to deliver your key Digital programmes provides you with:

  • Engagements only focused on your success
  • Accelerators and Tools to improve velocity
  • Agility to enhance responsiveness and to change and adapt readily to your evolving needs quickly
  • Greater certainty of delivery
  • Specialist Digital knowledge and experience to assure success

Our Expertise

Our people, combined with our industry insights, methods and technology acumen ensures we have the ability to design, develop and implement the optimal digital solutions for our clients. Exception’s specific expertise is in financial services, government, criminal justice, energy and utilities.

Our Values

We seek to work in collaboration and in teams whether that be leading a team or playing our part in delivering a great outcome for our client.  We always act with  integrity and with respect for the individual. Exception always considers the wider community and invests appropriately. Pragmatic in our approach, our goal is to deliver results. Delivery is the foundation of our customer approach. Operationally our customers are our most important stakeholders, business should be easy to conduct and flexibility is paramount to respond rapidly to any change our customers require.

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • 3 Lochside Way Edinburgh Park
    Edinburgh EH12 9DT
    United Kingdom
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