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Key clients: 

Redpath, Planforce Group, Gary Anderson Landscaping, HED Cycle, ESCH Supply, Gunderson Constuction Inc., North American Nutrition, Kaufhold's Cheese Curds, Aguardion Monitoring and PDA Wayfair.

Kaufhold's Kurds | Hand Breaded Cheese Curds Image

Kaufhold's Kurds | Hand Breaded Cheese Curds

Kaufhold’s Kurds is a well-established brand offering 3 styles of premium cheese curds for commercial sale and more recently the consumer marketplace.

Their excellent reputation has been built successfully over time through personal relationships and never sacrificing quality for growth. The challenge? Unless you know someone personally or are an industry insider, such as a food broker or restaurateur,

you’d likely have no idea they exist. In an effort to help Kaufhold’s making their presence known in the marketplace and properly position their brand among the other leading cheese curd manufacturers, Evolve delivered and continues to execute a more holistic marketing strategy.
Aguardion | Monitoring System Image

Aguardion | Monitoring System

A hallmark of our process is to deeply understand our client’s business goals before taking action. We take our understanding and use it to architect solutions that not only solve our client’s challenge but also create a platform to grow their company with through our proven 5-step process.

Aguardion came to us with a revolutionary idea of changing the way an entire industry does business. We saw it as an

opportunity to do something innovative in a largely stagnant market. An industry of hundreds, plus thousands more state, county, and federally-run monitoring companies were largely utilizing a variety of disconnected online and offline tools to track inventory, client records, and process payments. They needed a secure SaaS program that was reliable, easy to use, and consolidated their tools into one easy-to-use application. And the final challenge? Convince a low-tech industry to put their trust and livelihood into an entirely new digital product.


Gary Anderson Landscaping Inc. Image

Gary Anderson Landscaping Inc.

When Gary Anderson Landscaping came to Evolve they wanted a new website that would elevate their brand allowing them to attract high-end clients.

They had a website that was over a decade old, and while they offer exceptional design and landscaping services, they were having a hard time consistently attracting their ideal client. They held the common belief among many businesses that all they needed was a

new website and their problems would go away. Our team at Evolve saw a much larger opportunity to change the way they do business and overhaul their brand language.

Unwilling to rebrand, our design and development teams needed to use the existing logo and colors to update their brand’s look and feel. We took a look at brands their ideal clients were loyal to in other areas of their life – auto, Homegoods, apparel, etc. and made sure that our work reflected the style and experience of these brands. We needed to adopt similar high-end design motifs in order to better align with the lifestyle of Gary Anderson’s target clients.

HED Cycling Image

HED Cycling

Evolve Systems® and HED Cycling were first introduced through a peer networking event, and after a short conversation, our team quickly identified substantial cost savings opportunities for HED Cycling. “The merchant processing conversation is what really started our relationship.” – Marnie Ochs-Raleigh (CEO, Evolve Systems®)

Through our conversations about the savings opportunities could provide, more information about

their website and its’ shortcoming surfaced. During an ongoing discovery process, it became obvious that their website was not mobile-friendly, could not be managed by HED Cycling’s internal staff, nor was it able to update inventory information with transactions.
Planforce | Architecture Image

Planforce | Architecture

Plan Force Group was in the midst of a merger that involved integrating the expertise of an interior design firm and an architecture company into one office.

The copy on Plan Force Group’s old website was very transactional and did not foster a relationship with their client base. This showed that during the update, we would need to change the language of the site to match the engaged and educational tone Plan Force

Group was wanting. Following the merger, Plan Force Group had a website lacking the necessary ‘wow’ factor and wasn’t effectively communicating how their enhanced services benefited their clients and prospects. They needed a site that better represented their brand, values, and capabilities.
Redpath and Company Image

Redpath and Company

Redpath did not have complete ownership of their website and was unable to make updates when they wanted to. Their HR department needed to share the story of what it is like working at Redpath as a new hire, especially for their intern program, and as an experienced CPA joining an established firm. Their culture was not clearly articulated through their website, nor did the website have the ability to submit a resume for


When they came to us, we were able to identify that their website was not responsive nor was Google analytics set up correctly to be tracking the site visitors or reporting to Redpath about how their marketing strategies were interacting with their target markets.

Gunderson Construction Image

Gunderson Construction

Gunderson Construction, Inc. came to us in need of a new website. Their office manager had previously worked with two other companies that had websites created by Evolve Systems® and knew we could deliver what they needed.

Their website did not demonstrate their construction capabilities, it lacked a project portfolio, was not mobile accessible, and it had outdated copy that lacked SEO or Google Analytics compatibility.

This created an environment that was not conducive to growing their customer base.


Esch Construction Supply, Inc Image

Esch Construction Supply, Inc

Esch Construction Supply, Inc. and Evolve Systems® have a long-standing relationship and Esch has utilized Evolve Systems®’ services for the past three updates of their website as well as managing their credit card processing needs for all their locations. Esch knew they were losing customers and market share by not offering a mobile-friendly e-commerce experience. For the past several years Esch was utilizing their website as

merely an extension of their point of sale system, lagging behind the trend of creating rich experiences for consumers.
North American Nutrition Image

North American Nutrition

North American Nutrition (NAN) needed a new mobile responsive e-commerce platform that incorporated a simplified checkout process and user-friendly interface with industry compliant copy language. They knew their web presence was hindering their growth and their current audience was a niche market unable to facilitate future prosperity.

VFW Post 246 Image

VFW Post 246

The James Ballentine VFW Post 246, in the popular Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis, was in the middle of a $1.5 million expansion and renovation that would modernize the post and dramatically increase the number of patrons they could serve.

VFW Post 246 needed a website that would not only showcase their new facility but also promote their events. They also needed to manage online ticket sales and be able to easily

update the site with new promotions and events. With a goal of increasing membership, they needed a site that would tell their story and connect the local veteran community. They also needed a partner that would provide technical support after the launch to continue their ROI.