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Evoke Technologies is a software development company that has over 15+ years of rich industry experience and 600+ highly skilled technology specialists with an average experience of 6+ years, adding great business value to our clients. We’re an SEI-CMMI Level 3, ISO 27001 and 9001 compliant IT enterprise, focusing extensively on delivering high-quality business solutions.

Our global delivery and mature engagement models are designed to improve efficiency, governance and bring predictability. We constantly innovate and implement new methodologies, frameworks and best practices giving our clients the winning edge.

We believe that it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to accelerate innovative thinking. Customer delight is what makes us win!

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Configure & Visualize product in mobile app Image

Configure & Visualize product in mobile app

•Often the dealers has to travel with intermittent internet connection. So having visualization capabilities in offline mode is critical. The mobile app with offline features helps sales to get their configurations done like a breeze.

•Leads, Quotes and Orders has to be downloaded in mobile device/ tablet and shown to the customers.

•The sales person can work on a checklist without internet and then he can

submit the entire report and sync when internet is available.
Blockchain Integrated mobile app Image

Blockchain Integrated mobile app

HELIO, the Healthereum Life Portfolio, is the main patient user-interface to interact with Healthereum applications. An appointments calender is used to view, change, cancel, or confirm (Promise to Show) appointments. The appointments also migrate to a user’s native calendar. It allows the patients to gamify their attendance by using reward tokens. Messages from providers are also presented for ongoing actionable engagement

tasks based on diagnoses. Questionnaires and patient verification of services are also delivered and completed. Sending or receiving tokens is seamlessly integrated, and emergency identification information as well as insurance information is stored.


Visitor Capture for Booths and front desks Image

Visitor Capture for Booths and front desks

AirSlate iPad App is the solution for Enterprise's office’s front desk problem. Office admin can download AirSlate application on their iPad and leave it at the front desk for their visitors to digitally sign in to their facilities. This is the next generation front desk which greets your visitors with elegance. It is simple, elegant and secure.

  • Get rid of messy logbooks at front desk
  • No more peep-ins
that compromises your office’s privacy
  • Don’t worry about illegible handwritings of visitors
  • Notify employees when their visitors arrive via email or push notification in the AirSlate mobile app
  • Sign in and out your visitors in one easy to use system and store all that data in secure cloud.
  • Search visitor data and view analytics
  • Data is stored in secure cloud and you can view it anytime from web dashboard
  • Invite your guests from the dashboard and they will get an email invitation with your office address details and a QR code for quick sign-in at front desk.
  • AirSlate will print badge labels for your visitors when they sign in. It makes the whole process so easy and integrated.
  • Admin can change the color and logo in the AirSlate app through the settings in the web dashboard.
  • Use Vision AI to detect and recognize employees for capturing their attendance.
  • Marketplace Mobile app for Industrial Repairs Image

    Marketplace Mobile app for Industrial Repairs

    Trusted options for machine repair
    The Up! App quickly connects people who need machine service with service providers, including OEMs, distributors and third-party companies. This helps companies address one of the biggest challenges in manufacturing – machine downtime. 
    Here's how the app works. Repair and service are right at your fingertips. Get service options in three simple steps:
    1. Send Service

    2. Receive Responses 
    3. Schedule Repair Service 

    For service providers, the Up! App gives you another option for connecting with new customers and serving existing customers.
    • Service requesters quickly and efficiently communicate their request to a network of service providers
    • Service providers get notifications and can respond with proposals from anywhere 
    • User collaboration for service requesters and service providers with the ability to coordinate to all see the same information at once.

    Up! serves machines across a variety of manufacturing plant types, including job shops, machine shops, machine tools, tool and die, tiered suppliers, as well as industries, including aerospace, automotive, plastics, heavy machinery, medical, forging, stamping, metal fabrication, cutting and welding, and others.
    Mobile machining calculator apps Image

    Mobile machining calculator apps

    Machinist and Engineers need to make hundreds of right decisions and they perform very complex tasks in their every day work. Therefore, Kennametal offers several machining calculator apps to support them along the manufacturing process.

    App used to scan Kennametal packages to view the product's speed and feed information along with product details and availability.

    Product Barcode Scanner

    Speeds and Feeds Information
    Product Availability

    Linking with registered account would provide number of products available
    Calculators for Force, Torque, and Power For End Milling, Face milling etc.

    It's an enterprise grade cross-platform iOS and Android apps with Native User Interface controls.

    Mobilized interview feedback process Image

    Mobilized interview feedback process

    Hire mobile app streamlines interview feedback and recruiting tasks so that interviewer can focus on the people not the process. Spend less time on interview logistics and more time building relationships with candidates. 
    This mobile app would be used by:
    a. Recruiter and,
    b. Interviewer
    Recruiter would assign a candidate to an interviewer. The interviewer would get notified over push notification and

    email. During the interview process or later the Interviewer can provide his ratings and comments in the app. The recruiter would be notified of the ratings immediately to take further action. An overall summary of candidate feedback reports would be sent to HR manager weekly.