Branded Cinematic Experiences

Enamoured Iris is a creative video production company producing online video content marketing for travel and lifestyle brands. The company’s head office is known as “The Owlery” and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our goal is to push the evolution of storytelling by making advertising as memorable as an experience at the cinema. Offering video production, video marketing services and the production of new media (360 & VR video), Enamoured Iris fuses the art of cinema and the science of marketing to create branded cinematic experiences.

Having worked alongside management to grow some of Melbourne’s top brands with video marketing, we believe every business has the capacity to become a lifestyle brand. With powerful marketing insights and cinematic video production, we cultivate aspirational brands that inspire, guide, and motivate consumers to cement a brand’s products at the centre of their life.

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Brunswick East, Australia
  • Factory 1, 10-12 Moreland Road
    Brunswick East, VIC 3057


Key clients: 

Civilex, GTI Tourism, Beyond The Valley, TRAVLR, Echt, Norwood

LATAM Airlines / GTI Tourism

With LATAM Airlines announcing direct routes between Australia and Chile, a joint venture is ignited with Melbourne based fine dining restaurant Atlas Dining, fuelling an exploration of both South America’s finest ingredients and head chef Charlie Carrington’s novel approach to cooking.

Facilitated by specialised marketing agency GTI Tourism, Enamoured Iris delivers the video direction, production and post-production

for this global culinary content marketing campaign.

Discover the incredible Behind The Scenes secrets behind our global video production for LATAM Airlines.

TRAVLR Global Launch

Coordinating a company overview video with regional launch videos in New Zealand, Fiji and Indonesia, booking platform “TRAVLR” captures the attention of millennial travellers in this comprehensive marketing campaign.


  • Campaign length: 30 Days
  • Page views: 1,776,477
  • Total Web Users: 529,531
  • User
Sign ups: 19,016
  • Trips planned: 13,269
  • Norwood Industries

    Traditionally associated with the horticultural industry, the Australian print company desired video production that foregrounded its playful identity to corporate and commercial clients.

    Approached by Norwood Industries to head the production for an entire rebranding campaign, Enamoured Iris worked alongside the client to forge a vision that would embody their shifting business model yet remain faithful to the

    company’s core ideals.

    The new model saw a move towards more innovative forms of printing for corporate and commercial clients. Requiring a playfulness that re-established Norwood in the changing Australian marketplace, this advertisement ultimately served the purpose of making them more relatable to the consumer.

    Presenting a Virtual Reality installation to attract Australia’s top engineering graduates, the civil construction company humanises its image with an immersive experience into the daily life of a Civilex employee.


    Iconic Melbourne based health and fitness apparel brand Echt launches a multi-channel video marketing campaign to promote the launch of seasonal clothing.

    Beyond The Valley

    Equal parts countercultural and cinematic, Melbourne’s premiere New Year’s music festival, Beyond The Valley, approached us to produce the official after movie for their event in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

    Complementing the splashy festival after movies that generate enormous awareness for the event, Beyond The Valley harnesses Enamoured Iris video production to: announce lineups, sell tickets, build attendee loyalty

    and strengthen festival partnerships.