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Emergya is a global company divided into different business units

  • IT consulting and development
  • Digital strategy and CRO 
  • Custom digital product design and delivery
  • Cloud solutions
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Sevilla, Spain
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Key clients: 



Virgin Mobile





Gobierno de Chile

Gobierno de España

Junta de Andalucía

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Great interest and success within the educational community. In its first month the application had thousands of downloads, and many positive reviews in the iOS and Android markets.

Edupills has won the “Open Award 2017: The most innovate application” prize.

The user feedback has been very positive which can be seen by the comments in the iOS and Android markets:

✔ More than 6,000 downloads in just one


✔ 4.3 / 5 rating on Google Play.

✔ 4.8 / 5 rating on the Apple Store.

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Sevilla Futbol Club

Within the many results we obtained from this project (and we are still working on improving it) we highlight customer satisfaction. In addition, helping and improving both strategies (technical and digital), tactics and metrics of a Digital Marketing Project with a client of international stature in the sport industry was a challenge whose outcome we feel very satisfied with:

  • The monthly increase of both
user acquisition and global audience has already risen by 10%.
  • There has been a marked improvement in the experience of the users who access through the digital channels for which the consultancy was conducted which has resulted in positive feedback regarding both their satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Backoffice user satisfaction with the new published, edited and translated versions was unanimous.
  • Performance of the new platform has improved tenfold.
  • Stability and high availability of the website
  • More readability of the code.
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    A satisfied client and committed users are the best reward.

    Among the many results which we obtained from this project, the most important for us is, the satisfaction of the client. However, helping this project for young entrepeneurs and social innovation to improve its impact on society makes us feel more than satisfied:

    1 million young people successfully supported and inspired to launch community projects,

    engage in social action, develop digital skills and gain the self-confidence necessary to get ahead in the job market. 

    Maintenance costs were reduced by 30%.

    Improved user experience and satisfaction.

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    The Procomun website currently services more than 20,000 registered users, who currently have access through the site to:

    • More than 80,000 open educational resources (Recursos Educativos Abiertos, or “O.E.R”).
    • More than 17,900 articles.
    • More than 200 online communities.
    • More than 130 educational events.
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    Firstly, we carried out an analysis. Our objective was to learn about the current platform and its behaviour. We analysed:

    Data transfer metrics:

    • Volume of data transfer to the Internet.
    • Percentage of traffic of logged on and anonymous user

    Hardware resource metrics: CPU, RAM, IOPS, iowait,etc.

    Size of the


    Database metrics:

    • Requests per second.
    • Write / read operations (percentage of select, update, insert and delete queries.
    • Average execution time for requests.
    • Concurrent requests per second.


    • Workflow deployed.
    • Infrastructure diagram with role description of each component.

    We used cache layers to lighten the load of web servers and database; high availability (redundancy of all services) to avoid possible system crashes; AWS self-scaling to horizontal growth; and CDN (Akamai in our case) to download all the multimedia content and their services.

    Once the process of creating the infrastructure and migration of contents (source code, files, database, configuration files ...) was finished, we had to orchestrate the deployment and upload of new improvements to the different environments.

    To achieve this, we created a new workflow, based on GitFlow and continuous integration: Git, Drush and Jenkins were the basic tools on which we relied.