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Elite Crest is a leading mobile application development company with global presence and serving clients in United States and other regions.

With 50+ apps on IOS and Android platforms totaling close to 60K downloads and ever growing ‘very satisfied’ client base, we take pride in the abilities of our talented team containing a perfect blend of creative designers and proficient developers, in providing customized and high performing end to end solutions that will meet your needs at an optimal budget.

Along with mobile applications, we also have a full stack IoT team with expertise in dealing with international vendors for your IoT hardware and follow that up with firmware and software development, web developers specializing in building custom apps or websites using popular templates like WordPress and also offer enterprise services for developing, integrating, modernizing or reliably maintaining your business applications.

Proven Expertise: Extensive experience is a core asset that we bank on for delighting our clients with seamless solutions and apps that just work.

Innovative and cost effective solutions:  Our apps are guaranteed to stand out from the sea of other apps and are delivered to you at a cost that you can afford.

Faster turnaround times Global teams working and collaborating round the clock in perfect sync is all you need to convert your ideas to creative apps in no time.

Customer support We strongly believe customer engagement plays a key role in launching successful products. Our customer focused project managers ensure our clients are kept up to date throughout the development life-cycle and respond to their queries in a timely manner.

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Twinkle- Creative Platform  To Make You  A REAL Star Image

Twinkle- Creative Platform To Make You A REAL Star

Twinkle is a platform that allow users to voice their opinion via crowd funding approach to create the entertainment product that satisfy both the artist and audience themselves.

Be In The Spotlight:

Twinkle provides spotlight for the undiscovered talents by having them showcased

Collaborate with Others:

Easily collaborate with other artist within Twinkle


Crowdfunding Support:

Twinkle TV provides financial support to those who needs in the form of crowdfunding

How Twinkle Works?

1. Sign-Up

2. Upload Your Video

3. Be Famous

4. Get Rewarded

IKKOS is the mobile marketplace for learning physical movement from top experts around the world, with an experience well-beyond any other mobile learning environment, created through IKKOS’ award winning* learning technology. With IKKOS’ smartphone technology, you can learn any physical movement, better than you know how to do now, in minutes.
It’s like downloading movement onto your nervous system.
Whether it was

DVDs or online videos, people have desired to learn movement from experts they don’t have access to for a long time. Why wouldn’t they? Expert coaches and instructors provide insight well beyond what their less experienced counterparts offer. But, the standard video experience doesn’t do one important thing: It doesn’t teach you how to move!

IKKOS solves the problem of teaching, with its award winning technology.

Inside the IKKOS app, once you choose a sport, browse through our Expert Channel Partners, look through their teachings, and choose what you want to learn, all in the comfort of wherever you carry your smartphone.
No expensive lessons. No travel to the expert. No working your busy schedule around someone else. Learn on your own time from the coaches who will benefit you best.

Lemon Aid-College Recruiting Mobile App

LemonAid is certified NCAA Compliant as a social sharing & messaging app that suggests best fits for a 360° college recruiting experience. Athletes, coaches and fans can find tours and training in virtual reality, swipe through every college program, view your college rankings, all while browsing in depth profiles in an effort to match athletes and colleges. A recruiting match is complete when college and athlete

independently swipe right on one another.

To increase the likelihood of a match, high school athletes create a free, secure in depth profile to give college coaches a preview of the athlete's skills, accomplishments and achievements. Grab attention with performance video presented both in depth and in the swipe ‘deck’.

LemonAid does more than just recommend colleges; it suggests recruits to a college because no athlete should ever go overlooked. College coaches can tap to explore recommendations in depth, add filters to their swipe deck, and/or simply swipe right or left on personalized recommendations from LemonAid, club coaches and fans.

Club and high school coaches are the engine of youth and college sports. Now with LemonAid they can directly connect with their athlete’s approval/request, share video, and recommend colleges.

LemonAid even offers fans, friends, and family a chance to indirectly offer suggestions to recruits. These subtle recommendations happen by dragging and dropping an athlete’s profile onto a favorite college to highlight your enthusiasm.