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We are experts creating effective tech solutions with disruptive design and a strong digital marketing strategy for startups or new tech-based business units, becoming part of your team and going the extra mile. 

With more than 10 years of bicultural experience, we offer consulting to design,  develop and implement innovative and successful solutions, bringing technology, design and marketing together to North American and Latin American companies.

We have worked with several industries, deploying effective solutions to every day problems or building new ways to gain customers from scratch.  We have worked for companies in the following fields: Healthcare, Manufacture, Services, Transportation & Logistics, Education, Sports and Tourism.

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Key clients: 
  • Story Louisville
  • Level Up
  • Sykes
  • Caribbean Health Group
  • Cannon
  • Gyo Cleaning
  • FleteYa
  • Wikiprofe
  • M.R.P. Pathology Lab
  • Ludycom
  • Virtualand


Virtualand: VR Arcade and Education Center

As the first VR Arcade in Colombia, the company needed a whole service package to help them build their brand, communicate and promote their place and attract their first customers.


After understanding their needs and what they wanted to do, we designed the Brand and all its applications including the facilities, designed and developed their website and are currently working with them on their marketing strategy working with social media, free press, influencers and corporate contracts.

Wikiprofe: Education Startup Helping Students

The team came to us with the need to improve the web platform they already had, and to make a deep rebranding. They wanted their platform to be complete, responsive and student-friendly; and they wanted their brand to look smart, kind and fresh. They also needed a new logo and a mascot to approach students and teachers in a more friendly way, and a complete marketing strategy to gain he first users of the platform and make popular their brand.


We studied the platform they already had as well as the process to rate a professor and the needs of the students. With all that information we began with the development stage of the new and improved web platform. In the meantime, we designed a new and cool logo and mascot, and a complete marketing strategy to reach students both online and offline. In a few months we had the platform up and running, allowing the students to have their own profiles and rank and give feedback to their professors,...

Caribbean Health Group: A Health Tourism Cluster

The Caribbean Health Group needed a new logo and an effective platform to offer their services to international patients and to promote Barranquilla and its clinics and health institutions as a great destination for medical tourism. They needed a new sales and marketing digital channel both for the Cluster as a whole and for the clinics and health institutions individually.

The Platform

The platform offers every clinic its own individual site, e-commerce, management, CRM and reports modules; as well as a management, CRM and reports module for the Cluster integrating and sharing information. The platform was developed in a few months and was launched in a regional Cluster Congress as their new sales and marketing website, becoming a new standard for the health tourism industry. 

FleteYa: Logistics and transportation easier and safer

FleteYa needed a tech solution to improve the process of requesting cargo, assigning a driver and a vehicle, picking up, delivering and final payment. They wanted to make the process faster for the company, the driver and the client, as well as to make it safer by reducing unnecessary risks, paperwork and cash management. The startup also needed a logo, a corporate image and a website. Elecsis developed an application both for drivers and for the office, designed a logo and developed a website.


The app is available on Google Play Store and had more than 1.000 downloads in the first six months with 5 stars ratings.