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Eficode is a DevOps, software, automation, and design company with offices in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, and Germany. With almost 300 experts on board, at Eficode we believe the future of software development is fun, creative, and automated! For over a decade, Eficode has been helping companies build software more effectively.

Our leading-edge automation and UX expertise makes us uniquely equipped to complete DevOps transformations, create seamless UX, and build exciting career paths for Eficodeans. Our areas of expertise include:


Continuous Delivery

Test automation

UX research

Software Creation


Discover Praqma, a trailblazing Scandinavian Continuous Delivery consultancy which became an Eficode company in May 2019!

$100 - $149 / hr
250 - 999
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Helsinki, Finland


Key clients: 

We have worked with clients across all industries. Check out our case studies of interesting problems we've solved recently and a list of selected clients at https://www.eficode.com/cases