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Edsson is a global provider of high-end software outsourcing services based on "A+" experts.

We are the technical accelerator for software development companies, startups and IT departments of large enterprises. We build dedicated teams of best extraordinary software development experts with a strong mathematical and algorithmic background.

Also, our customers have direct access to shared experts in AI and Machine learning, Data Science, UI/UX, Scrum Masters, DevOps to exceed the complexity of modern software solutions and achieve minimal time to market with optimal cost.

Worldwide, Edsson provides an excellent combination of cost-effective software engineering, creative graphic design, advanced user interface development, and faultless technical implementation.

Developing tailored software to add value to the business of our clients.

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Key clients: 

Trans Track International, NCR, GPI, KPN, Convergate, Vaillant


E-commerce 3D-store Development & Design

The project was implemented for Britain retail company Catalyst.
The primary goal was to make shopping more straightforward and more engaging for customers.
We developed UX comprehensive design, used a swipe technology to help the customer to find and buy a perfect outfit.


Key technologies: three.js, Gulp, Saas, jQuery


Find Colleagues

Simple iOS application for finding colleagues in the office or out of it. Based on iBeacon technology, the application can precisely locate each person inside the building.


FindColleagues can help with:

Count work-time of your employees. 

Spend less time to find co-workers in the office.

Track all meeting rooms to find a free one.

Know who is not in the office today


all work contacts in one place

Key IOS Technologies:





Key Android Technologies:




Dagger 2


Team amount: 4

Smartwatch Applications Development with UX Design

About the project

The new generation of cross-devices for health with a concise design. Based on the unique algorithms.

Developed Applications:

Heart rate monitor

Control of the general state of the body

The amount of oxygen in the blood

Sleep quality control

Control calories burned

Control the number of steps

Control heartbeat


Motion timer / Fitness tracker

and other applications

A unique device that combines fashionable smartwatches and bioresonance device.

Mobile Application Development & Design

The application is developed for creating, store and sharing new events in a single Wallet!

The application allows inviting attendees on any type of event from birthdays to music festivals.

Key Technologies: 
MVP (Model-View-Presenter)



Plugin for Browsers, Site Development, UX design

Tool for productive working online.

Webpages are the new documents, History Search makes sure you can always find them back.

Automatic Indexing:

Installing the History Search browser 
extensions enable you to index the 
the text of webpages as you browse.

Full-Text Search:

Indexing webpages enable you to find 
them back using any words you 


Data Protection:

After indexing is complete all your data 
is stored to your private encrypted 
cloud storage.

Android application for an electronic discount system

Android application for an electronic discount system designed & developed by Edsson

Project objective:
Develop a Slimcard application that helps customers to get discounts worldwide and free up space in your wallet from unnecessary plastic cards.
It should simplify the process of customers buying goods and services worldwide and to unite all the global loyalty systems and discount programs worldwide in

a single device.

The main target of this project is to create a multifunctional and intelligent device that allows you to combine all of the main features of an identification system in one format (discount cards, payment cards, coupons, e-tickets, badges to work, etc.). Most importantly the card offers a simple way to use - SINGLE-CLICK EASE.

The user doesn't need to open their phone, choose something in it, or look for the right card among a stack of unwanted plastic. You simply take out our card, press one button and immediately get the discount card you need. All you have to do is pass to the cashier or waiter and get your discount. Our card is as easy to use as any plastic card and saves you time and space by combining all of your cards into one.

Companies cooperate with slimcard in order to target their clients, collect current information about customers needs and as a result of that information, our partners have the ability to offer new services and expand their business.