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Eclipp Inc is founded by Istvan Lettang in 2005. Creativity what keeps us happy. We truly believe in the transformative  power of video and its capability to communicate, inspire and engage people in the new digital and global world.

$100 - $149 / hr
2 - 9
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Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
  • 1605 Ford ct.
    Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236
    United States


Key clients: 

New York Times, Discovery, Alexander's Custom Clothiers, Kyyba, Forbes, Artistic Prosthetic, Can II Can Fishing Tournament, International Wood Culture Society, Suburban Fiat & Alfa Romeo, Syrp, Oxygen, Leep Group, Live Nation, TV One, Zara Creative, Frame Work

Alexanders Northville 3 Minute Brand Film

AWARDS: WINNER - Best Commercial - Never Zapping Festival - Spain (2019) WINNER - Best Fashion Commercial - FILM MIAMI FEST / BEST SHORTS WORLDWIDE (2019) WINNER - Audience Choice Award - Tampa Bay Film Society - (September 2019) WINNER - Best Commercial Video - The South Film and Arts Academy Festival - Chile (2019) WINNER - Best Original Score - The South Film and Arts Academy Festival - Chile (2019) WINNER - Best Production

Design - The South Film and Arts Academy Festival - Chile (2019) WINNER - Best Actress - Seattle International Fashion Film Festival (2019) WINNER - Best Commercial - Buenos Aires International Film Festival - Argentina - (2019) WINNER - Best Commercial - Peak City International Film Festival (2019) WINNER - Best Shorts Competition Award. Award of Excellence: Commercial (September 2019) WINNER - Best Commercial - California International Shorts Festival (Fall 2019) WINNER - Best Commercial - Short Film Factory - Romania (2019) WINNER - New York Cinematography Awards (June 2019) WINNER - Best Commercial - Top Shorts (July 2019) WINNER - Festigious International Film Festival - Los Angeles (July 2019) WINNER - Best Commercial - Oniros Film Awards® - Italy (July 2019) WINNER - International Independent Film Awards - Platinum Winner - Commercials (2019)

Greatcall - Andrew Dawe Collins-

Comic Book Artist

Foundation Hotel Brand Film

Foundation Hotel Brand Film

Everyday Humans - Wayne Oudsema

Director: Istvan Lettang
Editor: Istvan Lettang
Talent: Wayne Oudsema

Istvan and Wayne may have won our first place award, but we're not stopping there! We still have a heap of special awards to give out, so check back next Wednesday to meet a new Human.


Everyday Humans is a short film series inspiring creative film-making through compelling storytelling. No superheroes

or famous faces, just everyday humans doing what they do. Check back every Wednesday for a new episode!

Stuntman Gillette web spot

Stuntman Gillette web spot

Istvan Lettang Drone Pilot Reel

I own and operate an Inspire 2 with X7 Camera and Mavic Pro 2 drones.

Istvan Lettang DoP/Eclipp Inc - Interview Reel

Istvan Lettang DoP/Eclipp Inc - Interview Reel

Istvan Lettang - Narrative Cinematography Reel 2019

This reel is Narrative Cinematography only. All footage shot mainly on Arri Alexa and few on Red Cameras. Lenses Used: Cooke 5i, S4i, Cooke Anamorphic, Arri Master Primes, Arri Ultra Primes, Zeiss Supper Speeds, Sigma Cine Zooms and  Angenieux Optimo Zooms. 


#arri, #arrialexamini, #cinematography, #dop, #DP, #cooke, #zeiss