DTT is not your average software development company because besides technical knowledge we also have a solid marketing background. With passion, we work on a perfect mix of technology, strategy, and creativity. DTT was established in 2010, and in a short period we have made significant steps forward; a substantial portfolio, excellent credentials, respectable clients, and most importantly a competent and driven team.

App development is the core activity of DTT. We develop apps for: iPhoneiPadAndroid, and on HTML5 both native and hybrid. Besides developing apps for the consumer market, DTT also has a vast experience in making apps for business. Collaboration with DTT offers many benefits. Our services include:

- Strategy

- Concept development

-  UI/UX design

- Graphic design

- Development

- Security

- Marketing

- Hosting

And off course dedicated guidance during the whole app development process.

Do you have more questions about app development at DTT? Don't hesitate to give us a call (020 331 5848) or send an email ([email protected]) and we would love to answer all your questions.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


Key clients: 

Want to know what clients such as HG, Porsche, Persil, Philips, Volvo, Duola, I amsterdam, say about DTT? Have a look at our portfolio an the testimonials here:

Doula Labor Coach Image

Doula Labor Coach

Doula app is the most complete and highest-rated childbirth app. It will help you from the first contractions until delivery. The concept of the app belongs to an experienced midwife Marij. She will lovingly coach you through contractions, help you breathe more calmly and relax. A relaxing background music will set you on the right mood. The Doula app also provides insight into the course of contractions using a timer and two


The app is available in several languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish and Moroccan Arabic. The Doula Labor coach app was developed in collaboration with leading healthcare professionals and maternity assistance and therefore it's in the top five of the national pregnancy apps. Doula is recommended, inter alia by the midwives of the Birth Centre Amsterdam.

Users about Doula:

"I became so relaxed because of the voice of the Doula App. And even when I started to panic I pressed the ‘puff’ button and I was coached back to breathing calmly"

"What a pleasant app. It helped me through my contractions last night! Recommended for every pregnant woman."

I amsterdam Maps & Routes Image

I amsterdam Maps & Routes

As we all know: the Amsterdam city center is busy, very busy. The municipality focuses on progressive measures in various areas, such as reducing pollution and creating more space on the streets. Residents and entrepreneurs were also able to propose their own projects for co-financing themselves. Guess what we did?

As an Amsterdam app developer we also decided to take part in this initiative. We have

developed a mobile solution the I amsterdam Maps & Routes app which will allocate the tourist pressure from the center. We were insipired by Hoes - a geocaching app where the user leads his way through the city by answering questions and playing games. Thus, the user navigates to well-known and less known attractions. If the user is within 30 meters of a landmark he will get access to a certain challenge. The information and challenges are in the form of a video, audio file, or a quiz game.
Hebban books community app Image

Hebban books community app

Hebban houses the largest and most active book community in the Netherlands, Hebban is a platform for readers and made by readers. With the Hebban app, users can easily find books and add it to their reading lists. Additionally, the app shows details, ratings, reviews, and statistics about books. All this in a handy overview, with a beautiful design.

The books are retrieved from Hebban's existing database.

Blokster app Image

Blokster app

Find a new house in a fun and easy way with the new Blokster app. Filter out the houses by number of rooms, location or the price. Swipe left or right to check the houses shown, according to your preferences. 

Every house has it's own detail page with valuable information. The user can make an appointment to see the new house or sign-up for an open door day. Activate push notifications to receive a message when the next

open door day will take place.
RIVM Tick bite awareness app Image

RIVM Tick bite awareness app

The Tick bite app informs users about the tick bites dangers and Lyme disease. The app offers several functionalities to prevent tick bites and associated risks. The app shows the activity level of the nymph stage of the tick and makes a ten-day forecast of it. Users can activate push notifications and receive messages when the activity level of the nymph stage reaches a critical limit. A forewarned user is


The Tick bite app provides valuable information in the form of text, image and video. Following these instructions, one can check himself/herself on tick bites, remove the insect, and properly treat the bite. With the help of the tick bite journal, users can keep notes about the tick bite and the effects of it. Users can fill in relevant input fields, make a report and show it to a physician if necessary.

King Penguin - Greenpeace AR Image

King Penguin - Greenpeace AR

To bring awareness to the protection of the Antarctic, home to penguins, DTT has developed the King Penguin AR app and concept for Greenpeace. The concept resembles the popular Pokémon GO app, except that users are looking for penguins instead. Did you spot the penguin? Then you can use augmented reality to take a photo of the penguin to unlock the search for

the next penguin. Furthermore, the app contains interesting facts that can be shared with friends, alongside the photos they’ve taken. In addition to the game, users in the app can also sign a petition to protect the Antarctic.

The penguins can be positioned via a CMS by selecting a location on the map. When a user is within two kilometres of a penguin, the app will show it. For users who are not within this radius, a random penguin location will be generated outside of any prohibited areas, such as highways, train tracks, hospitals, and bus lanes.