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Amazon Web Services AWS Cloud Expert

Hello. I help technology small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs reduce IT costs and operations by moving your solutions to the Amazon AWS Cloud; a secure and reliable environment. This could be your websites, CMS, portal, web applications, mobile backend, databases, or business backend systems.


AWS Cloud Architecture:
Following the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Framework, I will design and implement the AWS Cloud architecture for your current and future workloads, ensuring security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

AWS Platform Assessment:
I run a complete assessment for your current AWS environment, following comprehensive checklists that are tailored to your needs, whether you are looking to ensure platform security and compliance. A full report with findings and solutions will be provided, highlighting immediate concerns if any and showing a solution architecture for your workloads.

Cloud Migration:
If you are running your business on a hosted environment (VPS) or on a colocation data center, or if you are currently running a development environment and decided to turn it to production on AWS, I will perform the migration for you, end to end, ensuring a smooth transition of your workloads, and helping with third-party integration, DNS configuration and application/data migration.

I will allocate dedicated time to your project upon defining the project scope, needs and timelines. Our periodical WebEx meetings for discussions or showcase can be held on weekdays and weekends to ensure your review and satisfaction with the project progress and results.

Pricing depends on the size of your project and your plans. You will get a detailed breakdown of the work along with a cost estimate for the project delivery beforehand.

$100 - $149 / hr
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Plano, TX
  • Plano, TX
    United States


Key clients: 

Technology startups, entrepreneurs and small business who want to leverage the cloud to run the current workloads or cloud-native apps.