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Dream Farm is a creative animation studio that creates animation and game art for the broadcast and the web with a strong focus on well-designed characters.
We work for advertising agencies, independent production companies and directly with brands throughout the world

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In 2018 IBCAP (International Broadcast Coalition Against Piracy) following its mission defined by Dish Network, ordered a 30-second 3D commercial Animation to Dream Farm Studios as to prohibiting illegal stream from fake IPTV boxes. This  3D animated video features a romantic Date Night of couple who are having a nice time but finally when they sit together for watching a movie, the TV stream gets disconnected just at the

most romantic scene and their date subsequently gets a bad ending to itself…

Getting To Work On Time | Freelancer Animation

Freelancer promotion video created for BY Dream Farm Studios When it comes to promotional animation, there are a lot to be included from products turned into their 3D models with a realistic look to a promo video which is going to explain a process, features of a an app and etc.

3D Commercial Animation | Dish Network (Arabic Version)

IBCAP (International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy) arranges to make awareness about fake IPTVs which broadcast content from satellite channels through flyers, videos and other campaigns . This 3D animated video features a family who buys an IPTV hoping they can watch channels they are interested in but when they are watching TV the stream is removed as the IPTV was fake...

Promotional 3D Animated TVC for Madbid (Santa Claus)

Santa Claus is the name of a series episode produced for to promote an online auction. This series audience is mainly European people.

3D Commercial Animation | Dish Network (South Asian version)

IBCAP promotional teasers are designed and produced at the order of Dish Network aiming to stopping unauthorized IPTV box purchase . The current one has targeted South Asian audiences settled in US and other locations.

2D animation Demo (CGI Animated) | Digital Animation

This is a 2D Animation Portfolio demo showing some digital 2D animation produced by Dream Farm Studios.

This type is a simple and affordable animation appropriate especially for kids and others groups exposed to training and education.