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Calgary, Canada


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WCWWA, NJPAC, Fall Brook School District, Great Western Containers, King William School District


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Executive Coaching Web Development

"They have worked to grow with us, and have a good understanding of our business."

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The Project
Less than $10,000
Project summary: 

Damang Media Group developed a website for a team of industrial psychologists and integrated it with SEO to occupy most of the first page of Google results.

The Reviewer
11-50 Employees
Kelowna, Canada
Executive Trainer, Professional Training & Coaching Agency
The Review
Feedback summary: 

There is a need to upgrade the design as the clients noted that it's too familiar. Damang Media Group has done outstandingly in expanding the exposure of the company to the web. Their relationship with the client has also developed.


Can you give me a brief description on what your company does?

We're a team of industrial psychologists, and we are a training and development and coaching company at a very high level. So, we work with corporations, and we have private practices. We work with social enterprise, board of directors, and lead teams.


What was your main goal or objective for working with Damang Media Group?

To bring an adequate representation of what we do to a Web-based format that gave our clients an opportunity to get to know us as individuals, who we are as a team, what we do, play with our blog, and really start to use that as a relationship development tool.

What was the process for discovering and choosing Damang Media Group to work with?

I met Matt [from Damang Media Group] six or seven years ago. I was introduced to him in the middle of another project and, at the time, we were looking at how we want to be represented on – in the public forum, like the Internet and World Wide Web. Matt gave us some direction way back then on some of the ways that we could begin that. Then, it became a maturing process. Six or seven years as we matured in our understanding around how to use that medium to develop the relationships that we want. So, it was a sort of learning curve for both Damang Media Group and us as we were gaining more understanding of how best to use the medium.


Can you tell me more about the project itself?

Yes, it was more where we really relied on Damang because we're scientists. We don't know the score about technology, and we needed to understand what keywords were, how to use them best in writing, how not to get into trouble with Google, and how to be ranked at the top of the Google search.

If you Googled our company, we own the page, and we knocked out Lockheed Martin, the aerospace company,, and Capricorn Consulting, who were all leaders in the field around the conversation of our company. But, because of the advice that we got from Damang, within the first six months of launching, we literally have captured and maintained the number one position in our search term.

That's big for us because we're constantly saying to people like, "We can tell you all about us, but the best thing to do to get to know us is just go Google us. Google our company, do the study, and you'll learn who we are." It worked amazingly.

Can you give me a general cost estimate for the project?

Oh, it was unimaginably reasonable, way more reasonable than I imagined. I was thinking tens of thousands of dollars because I've been used to print mediums, and I come from an older paradigm. What I discovered pleasantly was one, I could control a fair chunk of it myself, which kept me attached to it and got very excited. But the entire development process was less than $5,000.

It wasn’t cheap. It was inexpensive, and there's a difference. It was much less expensive than I imagined, and Damang kept it very efficient cost-wise.


How happy are you with the results?

Oh, I'm very satisfied with where we are. We're just about to launch into a new design because we've had that design up for three years. The survey we did with our clients was that they recognized it, but it doesn’t give them the oomph because they're just so familiar with it. So, we're going to do a bit of an upgrade to it, and we can. Damang is going to manage all that for us.

When working with Damang, is there anything that stands out as being unique or special compared to other vendors you have worked with?

We've developed a really neat relationship with them, and we feel that we've kind of grown together as they've grown as a company. They've matured as a company as we have matured as a company. Like I said, we're psychologists so while we do get served by our vendors, the relationship with the vendor is way more important. We feel very clearly that when they understand our business better, and are able to sort of pre-read some of these conditions, so it certainly reflects that. They have worked to grow with us, and have a good understanding of our business. That's tough to buy.

Is there anything that you'd do differently a second time around or you think Damang could improve upon?

I think like any company, making sure that they have the capacity to bear the load. Because clients like me, we can get quite demanding, and I always have to consider if they capacity to handle our demands. That can be in question, it could be in training, it could be in response and information, so just like any company that they would bring the resources to handle their growing capacity.

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