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We do: strategy. web design. coding. social media. digital branding.

All starts with the mindset. To be in present, but think one step further. Our goal is to help you to get there. Digibrand is a balanced team of conceptual thinkers, creatives and fearless designers. We help companies to create beautiful and meaningful experiences across digital and beyond.

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Riga, Latvia


Key clients: 

Audi, Rexona, LG, Lipton, Helio, Visma.

Rexona 5000 steps Image

Rexona 5000 steps

The speed and convenience of modern life and technologies has caused us to become more sedentary. We’re moving less than ever and we don’t even realise. That is why Rexona and we, Digibrand, made campaign to motivate people walk more.

We made mobile app, to count your steps and motivate you. To promote campaign in internet we made landing page and to get more information about app and campaign. For thous who already are

active, there was outdoor print campaign.
Audi stock locator Image

Audi stock locator

Audi stock locator is created based on a global Audi design system and is targeted to help the potential buyers to find a stock Audi vehicle among the multiple dealers in Baltic states. Fullscreen layout large imagery and detailed car specs allow user to inspect and choose the suitable vehicle. As well, user friendly filtering and search option allows to easily find and purchase the model user is interested in.

Helio Image


New look. Bold style. Vivid colors. Joyful imagery and brave layout. Yes, all these things combined in one project - eye catching and fun website created for a new Latvian brand. Helio is an interactive television project of biggest latvian telecommunication company "Tet".

Lipton Image


Perfect timing, important topic and sustainable brand. We mixed up these 3 ingredients to create great campaign. Unilever brand Lipton always have had approach of "Think global, act local", and this time we actually acted. #Liptonize was a campaign that changed brand image from giant foreign company, to serious green thinking brand, who actually cares about the sustainability.