Customer-focused product development & innovation

Digi117 is a customer-focused software company that provides MVP development and continuous product improvement services for emerging startups and enterprises from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, and other countries. 


With offices in Canada and Ukraine, our company delivers individual software applications for B2B and B2C projects globally, covering for the following cross-industry tech stacks:

  • Mobile apps & IoT
  • AI & data analytics
  • BI & process automation
  • Sales & CRM
  • Productivity & project management
  • Cybersecurity & infrastructure


Full-cycle product development

From scoping and prototyping through continuous product design and improvement, we keep every step in the development process agile to deliver the high-value MVP within the scope of work and as per your business expectations.


With the lean development approach in place, we aim to ensure that the MVP solves your business point-points as we assist you in building a custom product growth strategy that maximizes your market success and creates better experiences for your customers, teams, or investors.

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10 - 49
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Vancouver, Canada
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Key clients: 

Digital agencies, eCommerce businesses, mobile app startups, IT companies, healthcare providers, fintech companies.

Mobile advertising software for digital agencies Image

Mobile advertising software for digital agencies

A cloud-based microservice application with AI-enabled data analytics and processing to manage, track and optimize mobile advertising campaigns for CPA strategies.

This system allowed a US-based marketing agency to run ad campaigns and monetize ad inventory with various types of publishers such as websites, mobile apps, ad networks, and affiliates.

Key system components:

  • Complex
server-to-server logic for setting up and tracking mobile ad buying between customers (advertisers) and vendors (publishers)
  • Campaign management functionality to create, target and measure ad campaigns
  • Contact management functionality that syncs advertiser and publisher data with existing CRM
  • Detailed real-time reporting and analytics, including spreadsheets, graphs, and downloadable CSV/PDF files
  • AI-powered ad optimization that uses machine learning and predictive analytics to analyze ongoing ad performance and optimize it for campaign KPIs
  • Billing module that records finance data per campaign and creates respective invoice to be uploaded to existing finance software via API

  • To deliver the MVP of this application, DIGI117’s team used Node.js-based framework and NGINX web server, empowering JavaScript’s natural performance and scalability for high-load systems.

    To organize campaign statistics and data storage, our developers leveraged MongoDB and ClickHouse database technologies and implemented flexible Redis data caching. Google AI was integrated as part of the campaign management module to optimize ad performance and target KPIs.

    The system was designed as a cloud-based microservice backend architecture deployed with AWS. It utilized default progressive page-load together with server-side rendering that improved UX.

    A special emphasis was made on the fast processing of big data for real-time campaign analytics and reporting.

    Online fraud detection system Image

    Online fraud detection system

    This project included custom MVP development with product design and prototyping, AI machine learning for analyzing fraud patterns and anomalies, and high-performance database management for large datasets.

    DIGI117’s team provided the client with a detailed project estimate to specify the resources needed to create an MVP tailored to their needs, covering desired features and components for ad fraud


    Key steps in the development process:

    1. Making hypotheses and predictions about the must-have features
    2. Building a product backlog that reflects the client's technical and business requirements and shapes the project vision
    3. Creating graphic design and sketches, including product branding, HTML slicing, custom themes
    4. Developing core features and functionalities, including user management, traffic tracking, fraud analytics, database management system
    5. Delivering additional features, including artificial neural network module, API integration, file export, UI theme customization
    6. Sharing interactive prototypes with user groups to demonstrate new features and optimize UX

    DIGI117’s team included a project manager, data analyst, four developers, graphic designer, and two QA specialists. The team followed the two-week sprint process throughout the project course to build the requested feature set, collect regular user feedback, and customize MVP according to the client’s needs.

    The system identifies most types of mobile ad fraud and anomalies, including:

    • Botnets, device farms, device emulation, VPNs & proxies
    • Click spamming, click injection
    • App SDK spoofing and install hijacking
    • Incentivization, duplicates, invasive ads
    • Mobile attribution anomalies such as CTIT anomaly, wrong app versioning, abnormal device distribution

    Smart productivity app for Android users Image

    Smart productivity app for Android users

    This Android app had to be as simple as possible, the special emphasis was made on the lack of excessive functionality that could otherwise complicate the UX and diminish the idea of hassle-free daily task management.

    As a result of the scoping session, we were able to offer a variety of essential suggestions, such as:

    • Using "Plan versus Actual" method, also known as a deviation analysis in project
    management, to organize tasks, dates, and categories, making it easy for users to track open and completed to-do items in the app.
  • Dynamically syncing tasks and schedules with cloud services such as Google Calendar and MS Outlook.
  • Implementing an automatic AI-driven smart priority system. App's AI would use machine learning to analyze task history (priorities, completion dates, task statuses, etc.) and suggest priorities for next tasks that feature similar attributes.

  • DIGI117’s team has successfully implemented a variety of features in the app’s MVP, for instance:

    • AI engine to analyze tasks and suggest priorities
    • Pie Chart, Bar Graph and tabular reports to track personal productivity by "Planned vs. Actual" stats
    • "Offline" mode to create and manage tasks, to-do lists, calendars, and categories when there is no Internet connection
    • Specify Status, Priority, Due Date, To-do List, Reminder, Notes, and Attachments for tasks
    • Sync tasks and calendars with MS Outlook and Google Calendar
    • Push, sound, email and SMS notifications
    • Sound, email and SMS notifications
    • Google location services to assign "Location" to tasks
    • Task export and backup

    The MVP version of the app has been delivered to the client within 10 weeks following the project kick-off and subsequently released to Google Play Store.


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    Mobile App Dev for Graphic Arts Company

    "They have flawless software application development and customer service."

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    $10,000 to $49,999
    May 15 - August 15, 2017
    Project summary: 

    Digi117 created a mobile app to allow for remote graphic design. The team did their own project management, design and development, and QA work to complete the application. 

    The Reviewer
    1-10 Employees
    Victoria, Canada
    Business Owner, JAM Graphic Design
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

    The new mobile app has helped the business functions to be more productive and win bigger client projects. Digi117 was responsive and communicated project objectives well. They gave high-quality development, proving they understood the objectives.

    The client submitted this review online.


    Please describe your company and your position there.

    I am the business owner of a small, but growing graphic arts company located on Vancouver Island. We cater to local clients as well as national or even international clients.


    For what reason(s) did your company hire Digi117?

    We needed a reason to keep in touch with top talent in the graphics arts industry in real time regarding upcoming projects.

    What were your goals for this project?

    We wanted to build a mobile app to complement our present portfolio. It allows various graphic artists to add value to a given project design providing them with an income stream and allow us to bid on larger projects not otherwise possible.


    How did you select this vendor?

    They are located on the mainland, but the manager indicated he makes trips to the island. This was very important for me to have that personal contact. It made them stand out from others who would only work remotely.

    Describe the project in detail.

    It's a mobile app that gives talented graphic artists an opportunity to collaborate on projects we plan to bid on. They bring unique skills and perspective that allows us to bid on larger projects locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally. Projects we choose to bid are sourced via personal industry contacts and government report (RFP) for proposals.

    What was the team composition?

    They provided 3 individuals: a project manager (to keep the project deliverables on track), a senior mobile web developer (to write the program) and a quality assurance tester (to iron out any bugs before releasing it).


    Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

    It's only been a couple months, but already we are engaging larger RFP's that would not have been possible without a mobile app to contact top talent in a timely fashion. We hope to increase our sales by 100% as a result of this new app.

    How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

    The workflow was excellent. Same time zone, occasional in-person visits and most email turnaround was within 2 hours. Digi117 clearly understood our objectives and stayed on course with that in mind.

    What did you find most impressive about this company?

    They have flawless software application development and customer service.

    Are there any areas for improvement?

    It would be nice if they had an office here on Vancouver Island one day.

    Overall Score They were an excellent partner to my growing company.
    • 4.5 Scheduling
      There were some minor conflicts in the schedule.
    • 4.5 Cost
      Value / within estimates
      It was extremely affordable with no hidden surprises.
    • 5.0 Quality
      Service & deliverables
      They made exactly what I requested!
    • 5.0 NPS
      Willing to refer
      They deliver results as expected.