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Prague, Czech Republic


Key clients: 
Expats.cz, Hala Prague, JazyGo!, Sraz Youngtimeru, Freevision, VUZ hotel, The Coffee Project.

Outlendar – National Geographic Calendar Design for Nat Geo Abu Dhabi


National Geographic wanted to create a calendar that would both raise awareness for and bring to life its new platform “Further”. They wanted this calendar to be a showpiece that media executives, who are bombarded every day with promotional material, could proudly display it on their desks and enjoy

interacting with it.


Expats.cz rebrand Image

Expats.cz rebrand

Logo and Identity Design, CI Manual and Branding for Expats.cz.

As expats we label ourselves as outsiders (according to Ernest Hemingway), that we don’t mix, that we are critical of the ways of the land and how we are treated by the locals.

But that is not what Expats.cz, the largest English speaking media network in the Czech Republic, had set itself up to do.
They felt that their current identity did not

express their true mission, bridging the gap between the expatriate community and the locals.

So we were approached to re-design their logo, corporate identity, CI manual and branding.

JazyGo! student handbook Image

JazyGo! student handbook

Learning a foreign language is already complicated enough for grownup students, so the school wanted their handbook to be simple, easy to update and use. This lead us to this minimalistic style of illustration with a single continuous line.

Hala Prague Branding Project Image

Hala Prague Branding Project

Brand identity Design for Hala Prague, a mobile app made especially for the Middle Eastern travellers to discover Prague.

Discovery, that little itch that each one of us has once or twice yearly when we pack our bags and travel to feed our curiosity.
Hala Prague is an app that helps us do exactly that.

That insight leads us to the logo Design for Hala Prague, a mobile app for the Middle Eastern travelers

who want to discover Prague.

Hala هلا is a common slang greeting in some of the dialects of Arabic and has multiple meanings like welcome or hello. We decided to use Arabic lettering and singled out the letter h “ه”, which we styled like an eye and created an icon, representing curiosity and discovery.

Shopaholic brand identity Image

Shopaholic brand identity

Shopaholic the Shopper Marketing arm of JWT in the Middle East.

There was more and more demand for a shopper-focused strategy at the point of purchase. They wanted an identity that would clearly reflect that.


We thought of barcodes when creating their Logotype. We used that concept in developing their visual identity. Additionally, we went for candy and neon-colored schemes,

reflecting the vibrancy of shops and the shopping experience.
Sraz Youngtimeru Branding Image

Sraz Youngtimeru Branding

Sraz Youngtimerů is a yearly event gathering of classic car collectors from around Czechia, the youngtimers. Each year owners of vintage cars from the 70s, 80s and 90s reunite for this event. The happening was getting bigger every year, and they wanted a logo and branding, to use at the event and on the website and merchandise.


Each car from this era had an iconic look,

especially the “Grille”.  These were recognizable even when presented in the most basic form. The idea was to design a logo using the cars grilles. We would stack them over each other to form our logo. And since collectors were very passionate about their own cars, the logo would have to adapt to their collection or preference if they were going to proudly display it. The”stackable” logo would then vary in size and car types. It would be flexible enough to adapt to any car collection or any event size.