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We exist to provide businesses with 'that' chance to reimagine and reinvent their digital world. Through trusting partnerships, our energy, expertise, and enthusiasm drive projects with passion that engage , educate, and inspires.

In today’s noisy and crowded world, the challenge to connect with your audiences in a purposeful approach is a must. We take pride in what we do, and our passion leads to solutions that capture your audience’s attention, improve your brand’s perception, and collect meaningful connections increasing your brand value and customer loyalty.

We love crafting beautiful, smart and inspired work that is focused on a business' goals and their customers. We do this across multiple touch points to help organizations achieve their goals.


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Key clients: 

USC, AT&T, Logitech, AstraZeneca, Tapatio Hot Sauce, Edwards Life Sciences, Rich Uncles, Corvel, Dacik Fit Foods, Halal Guys, Ingram Micro, YMCA, Saddleback Memorial, Liquipel, Creamistry, Thermal R&D, and many more.

TAPATIO | Hot Sauce Image

TAPATIO | Hot Sauce


It all started as a secret family recipe, and today Tapatio is a well-respected brand and popular, recognizable hot sauce, around the world. The Tapatio brand organically grew recognition in the marketplace, and they needed a website that reflected their success.

With our experience in branded websites, Tapatio and Devise were a perfect partnership. Our

teams met and agreed to kick off a high-level impactful design to showcase their brand, highlight their product, and tell the story properly. The new design helped push Tapatio and their brand recognition into the digital realm.

It was important to create unique content types to resonate with their audience. We created a fun way for Tapatio lovers to try popular recipes featuring their favorite hot sauce right in their own kitchen.

Our involvement also included improving their images – both through taking new photography and enhancing existing photos. The final website is beautiful. Tapatio has already seen improvements in sales, and we have taken note of longer visitor stays within the website.

And finally, our teams executed the new initiative of launching an online store. We implemented eCommerce functionality where users can make purchases directly from the website and even hold a Tapatio user-account.

HIIT BOTTLE | The Ultimate Protein Shaker Bottle Image

HIIT BOTTLE | The Ultimate Protein Shaker Bottle


The makers of the HIIT Bottle came to us with a big idea, but no experience with which to make it a reality. We saw this simple 3D Prototype, and we were inspired. We worked on establishing this new brand through the development of a logo & identity; we incorporated photography and design to not only brand the bottle, but

to inspire the lifestyle it promoted. The brand immediately took off, and we were able to manage a badass Kickstarter campaign that raised $130,000 in just 45 days.

First and foremost, We needed to build the identity for this new brand. We needed to align our creative with the objectives of a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. We offered complimentary photography to help get this project off the ground.

After our successful campaign, we created several assets to prepare HIIT Bottle for its entry into the mainstream market. We helped develop all the tradeshow collateral, packaging decisions, social media management, new brandable website, and photography to prepare HIIT Bottle for success.

AIRRO | Exceptional Graduate & Professional Programs Image

AIRRO | Exceptional Graduate & Professional Programs


Say “goodbye” to your inconvenient stack of business cards and let Airro create a digital Rolodex that you can access from your mobile device, anytime and anywhere. With the ability to organize and share professional contacts, Airro makes connecting simple.

Devise Interactive helped Airro define the native functionality of their program and built out an optimized,

easy-to-use, application for iOS. Devise worked closely with the Airro team to develop the software, while also updating the company’s brand and refining the mobile user experience.

Devise transformed the concept of Airro’s previous web compiler into a mobile application. The shift in platforms made the app less cumbersome because it now utilizes the customer's mobile device as a scanner and storage location.

Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, Airro is able to detect the edge of the document and from there, extract and repurpose data such as first name, last name, address, phone number and email address. The business cards are listed as separate contacts or can be swiped through in a slideshow format.

BLACK RESERVE | Premium E-Vape Juice Image

BLACK RESERVE | Premium E-Vape Juice


Black Reserve, a premium e-vape juice company, sought to forge its identity, inspired by a James Bond flick or the classic, masculine look of Jack Daniels. They partnered with us to help turn their vision for their company in the marketplace into a tangible identity. We ignited their new brand by cultivating their logo and identity and

integrating it into an interactive website and various marketing collateral.

Our goal was to give Black Reserve the look and feel of a premium, luxury brand by creating a timeless design with traditionally styled shapes and classic typography. Since the e-vape juice is a new industry, it was integral for our team to separate Black Reserve from their competitors in the market place. They produce a premium product created by one of the world’s best mixologist using only the highest quality ingredients.

We had to build an identity that truly reflected their high-quality brand. Our work told the story of Black Reserve as we integrated their identity into a number of marketing materials, including labels, brochures, tradeshow booths, handouts, website, and more. Our team highlighted their marketing assets with a unique and fresh flavor to separate them as a stand out competitor.

ZUTILA | Redefining Real Estate Image

ZUTILA | Redefining Real Estate


Zutila is a new face in the world of real estate that focuses on educating and empowering current real estate agents. In the early stages of the company’s development, Devise Interactive was brought on board to help construct a brand identity that complimented Zutila’s innovative business model and quickly establish their reputation. Devise worked with Zutila to

create everything from the name to the logo and even the interior design of the office space, demonstrating Devise Interactive’s expansive range of skills.

To create an effective brand experience for Zutila, it was important that each component of the identity relate to the company’s promise to “redefine real estate.” We took the time to produce a name and logo that establishes trust in the marketplace and keeps people coming back for more.

We also created a vibrant website that highlights a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) search functions and quickly establishes Zutila as a place for buyers, sellers, and agents.

CREAMISTRY | Liquid Nitrogen Made Ice Cream Image

CREAMISTRY | Liquid Nitrogen Made Ice Cream


Creamistry is both a funky ice cream parlor and a budding franchise. They needed an animated and lively website to showcase their delicious specialty ice cream (and the elevated lifestyle it represents) in a strategically branded format. Creamistry also needed a relationship management portal to ease the growing pains as they rapidly expanded into more

and more franchises.

Although we were on a tight timeline – approximately three months from start to finish – we created a digital solution for our client’s business development needs. With their unique, high‐quality product, Creamistry has a scalable business model, which has turned into multiple franchises across Southern California.

We built them a vivid new website as a part of their complete marketing overhaul. The website featured images of the mouthwatering dessert for consumers.

The strong presence of their brand and identity showcased the gainful benefits of owning a franchise for interested entrepreneurs.

With eight franchises built and several underway, our client needed help in managing their budding franchises. We designed a web‐based franchise relationship management system to streamline their communications.

MOTE | Night Simplified Image

MOTE | Night Simplified


Our client, Mote, aims to simplify the way promoters and club-goers interact and locate one another digitally. Mote saw a gap in their market, and they set for the to create a model in which both the promoter and customer in the nightlife industry can engage to make their planning and business more efficient. Their business, much like the popular ride-share company –

Uber, is targeted for a sleek audience looking for indulgent, luxurious services.

Devise Interactive partnered with Mote to create a brand identity and design the app architecture to set Mote up for success in their fast-paced market. We focused on creating an attractive brand that would carry the same high-standards as a top-of-the-line nightclub. Mote needed to attract an audience that was familiar with nightlife. We incorporated straight edges and a deep and intimate color scheme to emphasize their connection with party-goers.

Our application creates a platform for promoters and customers to register and create independent profiles and engage with one another. Customers can book and research services while the promoters are able to offer their business to those interested. The app also includes rating systems to provide data back into the app in real-time, which keeps promoters accountable for their service. Their party-going customers will become a more loyal community while they book reservations, identify new parties, and manage a social profile.

CORONATION  APPAREL | Clothing inspired by street art Image

CORONATION APPAREL | Clothing inspired by street art


Coronation Apparel brings a unique and creative style to the evolving streetwear industry. Their clothing is designed to empower young street artists and provide a safe space for them to display their artwork Coronation Apparel produces clothing with beautiful design, quality material, and great attention to detail. Coronation partnered with Devise Interactive to

build an eCommerce website to improve their customer experience by sharing their story & passion to a wide audience.

We set out to build a fluid, responsive eCommerce website to tell their story and showcase their street style.

We incorporated vivid imagery, special typography tactics, and a user-friendly consumer checkout experience to highlight their brand identity on their art. It was important to intertwine direct and clear messaging to support the branded visuals and reinforce their identity.

To maximize their success, they needed more than a standard eCommerce website. We decided to integrate compelling content to create a digital life for their brand, including a lookbook featuring a long-scrolling image-driven gallery to fully show off their product line and section of the seasons. With inviting, easy-to-use formats, Coronation can engage its consumers by showing the evolution of their brand and products. The integrated content throughout the website allows for fans to really get to know the brand and make quick purchasing decisions.

MONDIGI | Smart Money, Smart Life Image

MONDIGI | Smart Money, Smart Life


Digital consumer financial services are popping up across the fintech industry. The core of Mondigi’s mission is to be an educational platform where consumers can understand and strategize ways in which they can match with the right platform to prudently diversify their investment.

Mondigi partnered with Devise Interactive to develop a logo & brand identity for

that represented their values in this up and coming sector. The new brand identity has been implemented across all channels including print, web, events and social media.

Combine Money and Digital and you get Mondigi - Simply Smart, Smart Life. They make it simple for you to make the smart decisions for your money. “Simple and smart “ are the overarching theme of their identity. A consumer will be drawn to Mondigi to utilize their extensive expertize.

Devise wanted to create a new identity that would sidestep the classic “financial” look for something more modern and eye-catching. Mondigi’s identity would be that of an expert organization that really understood their customer’s needs. This new messaging gives Mondigi the means to prompt dialogue with its audience. We integrated an improved tone of voice to emphasize a personal communication style to clearly identify their services. We built several assets for their new brand identity including print, web, events, and social media.

BRECREATIVE MARKETING | Branded Solutions Image



Becreative offers unique marketing solutions by creating experiences through branded products for other companies. Due to their somewhat dated perception, Becreative updated their brand to elevate their look to better reflect who they are. Now, they have partnered with Devise Interactive to create a unique responsive website to elevate their rebrand and integrate new-age web

tactics and digital technology.

Due to their unique and original marketing approach, Becreative was in need of a high-quality digital solution to complement their rebranding efforts. Our team developed a full-fluid, responsive website to enhance their digital presence in their industry. On the website, there were several elements used to accentuate their identity. Coupled with direct, clear messaging, this somewhat atypical website was able to raise the bar for Becreative and tell the story of who they are.

We even included animations of the logo for a playful, yet professional feel. The website also integrated their high-quality typography, providing the website’s visitor with direct messaging and examples of Becreative’s work. We also utilized masonry technology to create a beautiful, but slightly unconventional grid format for the images and case studies. The atypical website was the key to elevating their brand via their online presence.

THERMAL R&D | Premium Exhaust Systems Image

THERMAL R&D | Premium Exhaust Systems


For years, Thermal R&D has run a successful American business right under the radar. Although they have a well‐established reputation in the automobile world, they were known as a wholesaler making their business through selling quality products to resellers, not direct consumers. When they came to Devise, they had a limited website with outdated

information, very few marketing assets, and no images of their products, but they knew it was time to revamp.

Our client came to us armed with a readiness to elevate their identity, overhaul their marketing strategy, and grow their business for direct consumers. To help our client reach a new audience –with their new targeted products, the first step was to cultivate and enhance our client’s identity. We focused on making their brand more accessible to their growing clientele.

We transferred our client’s brand into a user‐friendly website and various marketing assets for trade shows to improve the visibility of their product line as they expanded their business. We integrated high-quality photography, complex product management backend, and consistent graphics to round out their marketing overhaul with a new business development focus.

GULDJIAN LAW | Personal Injury Law Firm


Three all‐star lawyers teamed up to form Guldjian Law, a dynamic personal injury firm serving Southern California. Each team member brought extensive individual experience into this collective, but what they lacked was the uniform look of a larger, professional law firm. A unified and strategic brand identity is the key to standing out in

their competitive and saturated business environment.

Our research showed that other firms in their field were very competitive online; our client needed a compelling brand to message that they are a trustworthy firm to potential clients. Our client received a top‐to‐bottom marketing overhaul. A new logo & identity were born. Using geometric typefaces, strong messaging, warm colors, clear forms, vibrant photography, and a consistent grid system, we built a new brand to drive results for our client. We developed their new website – integrating the look‐and‐feel of their brand into the layout.

We produced videos and photography for the firm’s use, marketing & stationery materials, and provided on‐ site SEO to maximize their visibility. We streamlined the tone of voice of the messaging to establish a clear, confident, and well‐rounded brand and website.

Our client is seeing the results through not only an increase in visits and conversions but through engagement with their community.

APOLLOGEN | Genetic Testing Image

APOLLOGEN | Genetic Testing


ApolloGen is a new genetic testing lab in need of an effective marketing strategy, including defining their identity, strengthening their brand and online presence, and creating collateral. Their business is complex because their patients must be referred by a medical professional. Apollo Gen needed to integrate clear messaging that their

consumers could understand while maintaining a sense of strong and trusted professionalism within the medical field.

Our client needed a new logo, new website, and all new collateral to help establish their marketing strategy. Their brand new marketing needed to educate their audience and introduce potential clients. With an audience almost entirely residing in the medical field, Apollo Gen needed a standout logo that had a strong professional presence to it. In tandem with the logo, their messaging also had to represent their reputable and trustworthy feel.

We whittled down their content into a digestible, manageable format. Although the nature of their business is complex, we wanted to ensure that their website was user‐friendly and easy to understand. We helped define the lab’s identity by creating a logo, a look, and messaging that was integrated throughout all of the assets created.