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DESSS is a Software Development, Application Development, Web Design, Web Development, Outsourcing Services, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Translation, Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Litigation Coding and Medical Transcription Company based in Houston, and serving in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio in TX. Our Houston developers use the latest software technology in application development to cater for the client’s requirements to the fullest extent.

We are in the web design service industry; the aim of developing a website is to get more Business for our clients. Look out for those companies, which have engaging and attractive titles that will bind the attention of the website visitors. Our Web design Service gives a look that the client doesn't feel bored reading the information. We do IT(Information Technology) development service worldwide, we work on websites even off site operations too. Our services give the user-friendly application software to our customers. We use latest Technologies to develop the web application. We are the best Business Process Outsourcing Service Company in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas. We deliver the data around a short span of time. We are working 24/7 support, hence our service will be flexible to our customers worldwide. Our service bulletin links to Software Development, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Application Development, Litigation Coding, Medical Transcription, Medical Billing, and Data Processing. Our Houston developers make through study of the requirements scenario before proceeding to develop client-specific web application solutions.

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Web Design Portfolio

Web Design Portfolio Image

Web Design Portfolio

Accounting & Book Keeping Web Design Advertising Web Design Air Conditioning Web Design Automobile Web Design Boat Services Web Design Business Web Design Church Web Design Education Web Design Energy-Oil-Gas Web Design Engineering Web Design Entertainment Web Design Events Web Design Financial Web Design Healthcare Web Design Home Services Web Design Hospitality Web Design Hotel Web Design Industrial Web Design Information Technology Web Design Jobs / HR services Web Design Legal Web Design Loan Web Design Manufacturing Web Design Marine Web Design
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Employee HandBook Translation Houston

DESSS will translate Employee Hand book from any language to any other language that our client needs to want. DESSS incorporates specialized legal translators who know each and every corner points of legal laws for translating your employee hand book. It’s a good practice to know every thing in Employee Hand book but language should not be a problem to understand the content and logical issues in the Employee manual or Employee
Hand book.
Birth Certificate Translation Houston Image

Birth Certificate Translation Houston

Birth Certificate Translation Houston is the main document translation for many migration plans. What ever may be the need you are in deficit, DESSS assist you in many translations. DESSS is not only a Houston Translation Company but also a software development company . We offer and develop software tools and projects as needed for your requirement and also for your certificate translation. Our Houston Translation Company
incorporates all kinds of software's that are useful for your needs. You can trust DESSS for its quality.
Website Translation Houston Image

Website Translation Houston

Website translation Spanish to English website translation Spanish website Translation English website Translation English to Spanish website translation French to English website translation French website Translation English to French website translation Chinese to English website translation Chinese website Translation English to Chinese website translation German to English website
translation German website Translation
Marketing Translation Houston Image

Marketing Translation Houston

Marketing translation Spanish to English marketing translation Spanish marketing Translation English marketing Translation English to Spanish marketing translation French to English marketing translation French marketing Translation English to French marketing translation Chinese to English marketing translation Chinese marketing Translation English to Chinese marketing translation
German to English marketing translation German marketing Translation
Technical Translation Houston Image

Technical Translation Houston

Technical translation Spanish to English Technical translation Spanish Technical Translation English Technical Translation English to Spanish Technical translation French to English Technical translation French Technical Translation English to French Technical translation Chinese to English Technical translation Chinese Technical Translation English to Chinese Technical translation
German to English Technical translation German Technical Translation English to German Technical translation
Japanese Translation Houston Image

Japanese Translation Houston

Japanese Wedding Certificate Translation Japanese Marriage Certificate Translation Japanese Legal Document Translation Japanese Employee Hand Book Translation Japanese Partnership Deed Translation Japanese Agreements Translation Japanese Share Certificates Translation Japanese Website Translation Japanese Marketing Translation Japanese Public Relation Translation Japanese Technical Translation Japanese Financial Translation Japanese Medical Translation Japanese Pharmaceutical Translation Japanese Science Translation