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Get a head-start into getting your business started and learn the basic concepts of representing your company online.

Not specializing in SEO but there are certain development aspects that will affect your SEO if you don't handle them properly.

For example:

  • Slow websites
  • Images not loading or taking too long
  • Not having full-control
  • Complaints that all your websites look the same

All of those are things that can be affecting your reputation as a company. But it's not all bad, you probably have a good amount of clients, so congrats for that! 

It's not easy to get clients but now that you're able to get clients on a regular basis, it's time to overdeliver on the development aspect.

It's time to give your new clients and possibly your current clients a new, unique and professionally branded website.

You can give each of your clients a design that matches their target audience, which will maximize their profits. You know what's the best part about your clients making tons of money? That they'll recommend you and worship the floor you walk on! They will bring more and even higher paying clients.

What's your current problem?

You know how SEO works and know how to design websites but your lack of coding abilities hinders, and ties you down to using a website builder tool. For as useful as they are, they won't perform anywhere near as close to a professionally developed website. 

A website that doesn't have a single line of extra code. Take the leap and sell your clients on an even better product! It will give you longer-lasting, happier and more clients.

$25 - $49 / hr
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