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Key clients: 
Tesla, Sony, Adidas, Triumph Motorcycles, Sodexo, Guinness World Records, Johnson Matthey, Samsung, Holland & Barrett, Weber, Microsoft   
Hyper-localized Websites For More Direct Customer Relationships  Image

Hyper-localized Websites For More Direct Customer Relationships

Yara International is the world’s leading supplier of plant nutrients in the form of mineral fertilizers – an essential ingredient in modern agriculture. Dept and Yara partnered to launch a new website which provided tailored content, expert advice and practical tools to develop a more direct relationship with their diverse range of customers in the farming and industry around the world.

Dept set out to help Yara retain

global control of their digital assets while talking to their customers on a truly local level. 

We worked with teams in each country to deliver hyper-localization. Then we designed, built, and rolled out a new website to over 35 countries, in 19 languages, each one engaging four different audiences and sectors.

We also built import tools that helped to pull data from other Yara sources (such as application databases). We integrated this with existing internal applications via web-services, to provide product recommendations and growth stage advice for crops. 

Yara’s new platform is globally controlled but locally adapted, specific to countries with tailored information and guidance to suit each particular audience. Customers now have more information than ever to help them use Yara products effectively, which, in turn, helps them to profit from higher yields, efficiency, and safety.

Creating A Cross-Channel Grilling Experience For Weber   Image

Creating A Cross-Channel Grilling Experience For Weber

Weber, the American kettle barbecue specialist, revolutionized the global barbecue culture with products sold in over 40 countries.

To ensure that all shops are coordinated centrally and efficiently, Weber opted for a globally standardized e-commerce solution, Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Dept was responsible for business and project consulting, training and implementation of the commerce solution.


ensure a personalized and more efficient interaction between Weber and its barbecue experts, Dept integrated the marketing platform Emarsys into Weber’s current systems. 


  • Rapid rollout: online shop in 21 countries and 12 languages.
  • Central coordination and control of the shop across all countries.
  • Personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Many countries with their own presence/shop in Weber Original Look & Feel.
A New B2B Site For The Industrial Automation Experts  Image

A New B2B Site For The Industrial Automation Experts

OMRON Corporation is a world leader in technology designed to solve social issues and improve lives. With global revenues of $8 billion, 36,000 employees worldwide, OMRON supports a wide range of industries. Dept partnered with OMRON to design and build a new, fully responsive site using an enterprise-grade customer experience platform, SDL Tridion Sites. 

The site has successfully been rolled out in four markets (USA,

Canada, Mexico, Brazil). Within two months of launch, the site has seen electric results:
  • +800 leads received
  • +600 Account Registrations
  • Bounce rate improved over 20%
  • Avg. session duration enhanced by over 20 seconds
  • Average position in search is 10 position higher
  • Organic Search traffic to the new site increased by 15%
  • 20% increase in traffic from Google
  • Increase from 14% to 23% in mobile visitors

Dept created a high-quality site that prepares for OMRON’s future digital roadmap.

A New Sitecore Site For The Leaders In Sustainable Tech Image

A New Sitecore Site For The Leaders In Sustainable Tech

With revenue above $18 billion, Johnson Matthey (JM) is a global leader in sustainable technologies. JM has been an influencer in its field for over 200 years, applying unrivaled scientific expertise to enable efficient use of our planet’s natural resources. JM’s focus has always been to work closely with its customers and to develop tailored solutions. Dept and JM partnered to create and compose a new website that is consumer


Dept was given the task of designing and building a new, visually engaging site, centralized onto an advanced content management system, Sitecore.

The business focus consisted of adopting a digital-first approach, a centralized content management system for all of their products, services, markets, and languages to adapt. 

Dept conducted a Sitecore audit to provide expert insight on the functionality available, and how best to utilize the features. 

The build of the site has future personalization at the forefront of their minds. This will enable JM to serve alternate versions of the site to returning visitors who match specific persona behavior. 

Dept’s DOS (Digital Operations Support) team works with Johnson Matthey daily to assure that the site is consistently monitored, maintained, and improved. 

The website rebuild was a huge success. The centralized CMS has provided JM with more control of its digital presence, and the new site has increased brand exposure and awareness of its products and services.

A Revolutionized Way of Tackling Record And Content Management Image

A Revolutionized Way of Tackling Record And Content Management

Everyone knows Guinness World Records™, the universally recognized authority on record-breaking achievement. For over 60 years, people across the globe are enthralled and eagerly await the discovery of their favorite record breaking acts. Have you ever tried to break a record? Dept and Guinness partnered to make the process of creating and maintaining records easier and more accessible.

To give you a glimpse into

Guinness World Records ™, currently, it has over 40,000 records and 1,000 new applications weekly from 174 countries, with over 6,000 records approved annually. Dept’s objective was clear: transform the processes for creating and managing records.  

Dept implemented SDL Tridion Sites which offers multiple benefits. It improved system processes by providing a centralized view of records, including the workflow stage and engagement history.

By jumping to a digital solution, the organization reduced its avalanche of paper, and ensured consistency in process and communication. The technical solution’s ability to repurpose content, increased digital marketing opportunities and enabled the easy creation of microsites. The content management system and website redesign have facilitated localized content for the organization’s global users.

The outcome spurred a full digital transformation of the organization. Dept helped Guinness to improve its offline processes and revolutionized the way it tackles record and content management.

Sony PlayStation: E-Commerce For The Gamers  Image

Sony PlayStation: E-Commerce For The Gamers

Sony PlayStation revolutionized the gaming world with groundbreaking entertainment, revolutionary graphics and gameplay. Sony turned to Dept with the vision of enabling its global audience from all corners of the world to purchase their official merchandise online. Dept was tasked with creating an action-packed e-commerce storefront for PlayStation’s official merchandise. 

When designing the platform, the team

considered how PlayStation engaged with users in the past and adopted the look and feel of its video games within the e-commerce platform. 

With modular website design, the e-commerce storefront appears unique, fun, and engaging throughout, yet maintains a level of familiarity for the user. High-quality, game-inspired imagery is showcased throughout the website.

The website was rolled out across multiple territories, providing localized transactional functionality alongside translated content. 

The initial release of PlayStation Gear was highly successful and laid a solid foundation for continued growth:

Excellent search visibility

  • +650,000 sessions from organic search 
  • +2,000 core search queries 
  • +650 root domains link to the website providing +76k backlinks

Since launching, PlayStation Gear has won multiple awards and is continuously praised in the gaming-community and over social media. 

GE Lighting: Rolling Out One Coherent Website, Worldwide Image

GE Lighting: Rolling Out One Coherent Website, Worldwide

The professional division of General Electric, GE Lighting, required a standardized, global digital platform to lower costs, improve quality, and reduce time to market. The fragmented infrastructure model caused duplicated effort, high costs, lack of consistency, and slow response times, all of which were preventing the business from communicating effectively with their global audience. Dept and GE Lighting partnered to develop

an integrated platform, combining central control with local flexibility, using a centralized CMS, SDL Tridion Sites. 

Dept moved GE Lighting from a fragmented to a centralized digital infrastructure model by consolidating regional processes, tools and development. This ensured that brand consistency and local needs could be met by developing a solution that would enable the easy and efficient sharing of localized content and reusable rich media. Dep developed a global platform able to support fourteen, consistent websites.

Dept managed the implementation and global rollout of GE Lighting’s site to thirteen countries, across four continents, in nine languages.

GE Lighting can now utilize consistent, reusable global assets, templates, and processes, which has the added benefit of ensuring consistency across the organization, and aiding localization. The project was recognized at a GE group level with the internal team receiving an award for the project.

Centralizing a fragmented global organization Image

Centralizing a fragmented global organization

Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd, a leading crop protection manufacturer and distributor, undertook a major global re-branding project that required a centralized approach to content management for its multi-lingual, multi-brand sites. 

Before the re-brand, Adama operated 40 separate brand names and hundreds of product brands, in over 45 markets. The company had 28 international websites using different CMS systems,

brand messaging was disjointed, and there were varying digital maturity levels across its global subsidiaries.

Dept was appointed to build a global, centralized content management system (SDL Tridion Sites), project manage the roll-out of Adama’s 49 new websites in over 40 countries, and deliver training to all of its international markets.

The 49 websites were not just a translated version of the same website; product offerings differ across the markets, and the websites needed to reflect the specific needs and target audiences in each country. To achieve this, a dedicated roll-out team worked closely with Adama’s local teams to deliver relevant content.

The success of this large scale roll-out hinged on developing the skills of the local markets.  Dept delivered CMS training to content editors in 33 markets. By up-skilling local teams, the pre-launch content preparation was achieved and the local markets are now capable and empowered to manage their sites going forward.

Billabong: For Improved Web Surfing  Image

Billabong: For Improved Web Surfing

Billabong is known for its modern lifestyle clothing and cool accessories. The sports supplier also offers everything the fashion-conscious surfer, skater, or snowboarders of today needs. As part of the Boardriders brand family, Billabong has already made the switch to the highly scalable e-commerce platform Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Billabong, therefore, decided to redesign its online shop and placed its trust in the

technical know-how of Dept. 

A clear view is not only a must on a surfboard but also when shopping on the internet. Dept, therefore, decided to change the site’s user interface. The customer can now expect a transparent and streamlined main navigation page, which only differentiates between a “men’s” and “women’s” section. Gender-specific garments and accessories then follow in the sub-navigation. Larger pictures and a straightforward design also create a uniform look.

The outcome was a blog, which is intended to improve how specific target groups are addressed and improve communication with customers. In addition, the integration of the blog increases the search engine ranking of the website and strengthens the brand experience and lifestyle of the brand. Sales campaigns and loyalty schemes also keep customers committed to the label and are therefore popular with customers.


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IT Assessment for Facility Services Company

"One thing that really stands out from our engagement is their genuine desire to help us achieve our goals."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$10,000 to $49,999
Feb. - Mar. 2019
Project summary: 

Dept conducted an assessment of a CMS and several e-commerce applications, including their development infrastructure. The team delivered technical documentation and recommendations for improvements.

The Reviewer
10,000+ Employees
Gaithersburg, Maryland
Bonnie Fuson
Director of Digital Engagement for Universities, Sodexo
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Dept provided extensive documentation and comprehensive reports to address a variety of challenges. The team offered additional support to tackle projects that were outside of the initial scope of the engagement, delivering long-term solutions while adhering to the set timeline and budget.

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

I am the Director of Digital Engagement B2C as part of Global Offer Development for Universities/Schools. At Sodexo we provide a wide range of on-site integrated services ranging from dining solutions to facilities management. I am responsible for managing our 700+ partner websites and digital property providing information and e-commerce enhancing our onsite services.


For what projects/services did your company hire Dept?

We were transitioning from a vendor after a new upgraded version was implemented for our CMS and e-commerce applications. Due to the large scale project and unforeseen complications we were experiencing less than ideal performance issues, lacked the full implementation on some deliverables and felt there were some foundational issues that needed to be assessed for us to reach our longer term goals for the application.

We hired Dept as an expert in the CMS to assess and review the installation, setup and performance of the application with consideration for our business objectives and future roadmap.

What were your goals for this project?

We expected to learn where there could be stabilization and enhancement opportunities while also determining if the setup of the system was optimized for our scale and future integrations.


How did you select this vendor?

We requested proposals from several consulting groups, including the software professional services team, and after considering the experience and high recommendations for Dept we decided to proceed with their services. Their reputation as a problem solver and experience with a similar large scale implementation influenced our decision.

Describe the project in detail.

Our engagement included virtual interviews as well as an in-person meeting where our remote team met with the lead consultant on this project. User groups, dev and strategic leaders were asked to participate in the analysis to assess how well the existing implementation of the applications were meeting our needs as well as to gain an understanding of our future business goals to ensure we were setup for future enhancements and functionality. The technical team was also given access to our hosted environment, met with our internal dev team, had access to the application and met with our implementation managers, as well as our BAU vendor to complete the overall technical assessment.

The vendor then supplied us with a summary presentation that was easy to follow with multi parts identified for issue remediation and opportunities for enhancements in a phased in approach. In addition to the summary report and virtual presentation we were supplied with a 100+ page report that provided the analysis and technical documentation about each area reviewed. This provided a recommended strategy to proceed with changes to improve the applications.

What was the team composition?

There were three primary people involved in this engagement including our account manager/consultant, lead architect and infrastructure architect.


Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

We are starting to engage Dept to act on areas most important to our business strategy and the stabilization of the platform. Their detailed report and ability to bundle efforts into smaller projects is appealing for us to begin work and schedule against priorities and budget.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

The team was very responsive and conducted a very comprehensive report in the expected timeline. We had several special requests for support during the project and Dept showed their willingness to go above and beyond during the engagement to support us with other business critical needs and requests for service. Communication was easy and they made extra efforts to meet during our availability.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

There is a distinct confidence that we observed during the engagement about how to solve for and improve our current situation. One thing that really stands out from our engagement is their genuine desire to help us achieve our goals. They were concerned for our situation, timeline, and budget while remaining adamant in their approach to proceed in a way they feel is proven to meet our goals even at the risk of not getting additional work to complete a temporary "workaround".

Are there any areas for improvement?

All of the resulting presentation and documentation was great and somewhat beyond expectation for the detail analysis. However, additional work could be done against cost/benefit analysis to help business owners understand the recommendations for change and immediate benefits gained for each phase of implementation and future projects.

Overall Score
  • 5.0 Scheduling
  • 3.5 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer