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Deorwine offers a broad foundation in designing, developing and delivering web and mobile apps with responsive, latest technological solutions that strengthen how companies meet customer expectations in today’s mobile-first world.  

We create impactful development experiences directed by insight, strategy, design, and technology to accommodate clients to succeed at the speed of innovation. We specialize in working with our clients on Innovation & R&D on web, mobile & emerging platforms.Deorwine's skilled developers and designers create an innovative web app and industrial solutions that engage the target audience and generate traffic leading to increased revenues. Our ultimate goal is to develop a project which will indicate your idea and we'll match our strategy to deliver the result you want.

We Expertise:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Open Source Development
  • On-Demand Solution
  • Hire Dedicated Resources
  • Embedded Services
  • IT Consultancy
  • Experience design
  • Branding and illustration
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Key clients: 
Sports News Addict Image

Sports News Addict

This is a web-based site that has a lot of challenges we faced. Ads based complete news portal where we add features of quiz, poll, and videos many. We made a website especially for news and videos, where users can view news of different-2 fields, videos, etc., with social integration.  We developed multilingual because this website is running in many countries and cities. The Ad based website for news is a great experience

with our client.

Queen of Tickets Image

Queen of Tickets

Queen of Tickets is Australia's Number 1 biggest marketplace for tickets to the best concerts/ shows and sporting events around the country. Queen of Tickets is specially developed for ticket distribution according to their schedule and cost of tickets and multi-currency for different countries. We completed many tasks for users, account creation, shopping cart. Well-designed website with specific different categories. In this

website has strong back-end for handling different concert and latest news, blogs etc.
Afghan Saffron Image

Afghan Saffron

Afghan Saffron is an e-commerce website that is made for selling products. In this website, we have implemented a shopping cart where the user can add products and checkout processes. That is a trending task on e-commerce nowadays. E-commerce is on trend and we have developed many and one of is Afghan Sarron. This system is based on the most popular web-based is WordPress, Woo-Commerce plugin. And the database solution is MySQL

and local service is Apache. The selling website (e-commerce) can be more implementation but according to the client's requirements and their needs, it's developed accordingly. 

True Visitor Image

True Visitor

Trues visitor.Ca is a major insurance company, we have already developed the same website for the same purpose, so there are only fewer changes we had a face. Web-based PHP framework we used because we find according to client’s requirements and we used CorePHP with Apache local server. Basically database we made in MySQL which is secure for the particular propose. We built this website with two developers from our organization

and given complete hours for delivering this project on the client’s time. This is the biggest challenge for our development team. We did a few different tasks on the website because we have to fulfill other company requirements.
Compare Buy Aave Image

Compare Buy Aave

  • comparebuysave is a website that provides services for insurance to Canada. This website is developed in Front-end - Core PHP and back-end - Apache MySQL.  comparebuysave is a reliable company in Canada that provides services in Canada users only. It provides types of policies for insurance and follows the complete process to get user's details. Implemented with Live chat, article & blog and support line. We have
developed a website with more pages that provide guidance to use and know more about details.We used: -

  • Mysql
  • Bootstrap
  • Rasham Restaurant Image

    Rasham Restaurant

    Rasham Restaurant is a food website that specifically made for a particular restaurant. One of our clients requested from South Windsor that specify their requirements to us. We elaborate restaurant menu by WordPress designed and developed. As this website has good traffic in their area so here we used back-end MySQL. Implemented of gallery feature with great quality of images. We provided Admin for user usability and can

    upload images on their website. The website is looking good and attractive as a design purpose. We can be more improvements in functionality whenever the client will have need.
    nycb2 Image


    A website for ordering chicken items by the user. The website displayed the complete menu where the user will get prices per dish and view all the food categories. This website is developed in WordPress which has an attractive design theme for nycb2 of the menu display, the home page, etc. This website is located for the only US, Hartford city and the restaurant is located too in the same place. nycb2 Website especially

    specific a restaurant, which has a menu and cost details. It's developed with the strong backend of MySQL. Have a great order.

    Proofer - Social Media Management Image

    Proofer - Social Media Management

    Proofer - Social Media Management Made Simple
    We've created an in-built editorial calendar so that you can personalize your social media campaign. 

    • Customize your strategy, pick the topics you'd like to cover and decide on set-times for the best impact.
    • Proofer is simple and easy to use. Get organized with
    • your team by pre-planning your content.
    • Producing unique
    content regularly is time-consuming. 
  • Proofer saves all your scheduled posts and images and makes it easy for you to tweak and re-use them in just one click.
  • Features

    • Twitter Unfollowing
    • Image Editing
    • Team members
    • Analytics
    • Schedule content
    • Re-use old content
    • Editorial Calendar
    • Approval System
    • Store all Media

    All the examples are available with video practical, go to the website and manage your organization marketing. 

    Website -

    Horoscopes: Sun Sign Astrology Image

    Horoscopes: Sun Sign Astrology

    Our horoscopes are written by some of the world's most deeply knowledgeable & passionate astrologists. They strive to provide you with the most accurate predictions possible, to help you navigate through life with comfort.

    Key Features: -

    • Beautifully designed minimal app to help you read your daily horoscopes with ease.
    • Horoscope forecasts are available DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY &
  • Read your horoscopes in detail across various life matters like LOVE, MONEY, HEALTH & CAREER in addition to your general forecast.
  • Set REMINDER NOTIFICATION's so that you don't forget to read your horoscopes daily.
  • Check your ROMANTIC COMPATIBILITY with other Zodiac Signs.
  • The App provides detailed & accurate horoscopes for all Zodiac Signs: - 

    • Aries Horoscope
    • Taurus Horoscope
    • Gemini Horoscope
    • Cancer Horoscope
    • Leo Horoscope
    • Virgo Horoscope
    • Libra Horoscope
    • Scorpio Horoscope
    • Sagittarius Horoscope
    • Capricorn Horoscope
    • Aquarius Horoscope
    • Pisces Horoscope

    Now you have the power to understand what the cosmos is saying to you and take complete control of your life!

    FindMeAFreak Image


    The App “FindMeAFreak” highlights the top-performing dating app and apps for the iOS & Android App Store and Google Play. Our analysis and enthusiasm covers trends among the leading apps across countries and sections and is the industry model for experts regarding associate leading apps and publishers.

    We have successfully achieved Ten million users of “FindMeAFreak” app developed by “Deorwine Infotech”. 

    new people right from your mobile device.

    We already build many features: -

    - Login with Facebook
    - View other profiles with photos and complete profile info with security.
    - Are You Interested - Swipe to meet singles.
    - Swipe Left & Right for like or unlike profile.
    - Keep track of who’s viewing your online profile.
    - Love Calculator, Games, Love quotes and horoscope
    - View and rate your Daily Matches. 
    - Etc. many more feature you will find in the "FindMeAFreak" dating app.

    Subscribe and unlock even more online features:
    - Send and Receive emails 
    - See list who is interested in you
    - Know when your or chat message is read
    - Highlight your profile in Search & Inbox & much more

    Download the dating for singles and start browsing for free today!  
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