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Vehicle Transportation Image

Vehicle Transportation

Project Summary

Virginia Transportation Corporation needed an app that removed all the manual tasks of delivering vehicles including arrival/departure updates and documenting damages. 

VTC Mobile for Virginia Transportation Corporation was developed for iOS and Android using the cross-platform software Xamarin. The app allows drivers to log in to the VTC database and access current load

data. The driver can choose to accept loads and update arrivals/departures from pick-up and drop off locations. 
Social Network Image

Social Network

Project Summary

The Unrapp team came to us looking to take their current app and have it recreated using a cross-platform program to allow for faster updates and app longevity. New features were added to allow for a seamless user experience and fast video encoding.

Unrapp's key features includes photo editing and sharing, camera/screen simultaneous video encoding,

and payment capabilities. Unrapp provides a social platform for users to send images, which are digitally wrapped, then sent to the chosen recipients. The recipient must swipe the screen to unveil their gift while the front camera captures raw reaction footage. This footage is then shared with the gift giver to complete the gift giving experience.
Rocketsaur Image


Project Summary

Rocketsaur was created with the notion that comedy and action are not mutually exclusive. It's an action game where the goal is to stay alive, but get a good laugh when you lose.

Fly Rex or one of his friends through an army of robotic arms in this action-packed 2D game. Maneuver through obstacles and collect more coins the farther you go and unlock achievements while

sharpening your skills. Use your coins to uncover exciting new characters. 
Food Bite Image

Food Bite

Project Summary

BitToast LLC came to us to help them create a macro tracking app that can be used on all major mobile platforms. The app needed to have the capability to track, create, and scan food to calculate calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

Food Bite is a health app meant to help people lose weight and meet their fitness goals. The app breaks down complicated calories,

fat, protein, and carbohydrates and are calculated into one singular number known as "Bites."
DoTERRA Oils Image


Project Summary

The DoTERRA Oils app contains information vetted from top sources, real oil users, doctors, physicians, and medical professionals. The goal was to provide a platform for essential oil users that is interactive and users are able to apply the use of oils in a way that suits them. There are hundreds of health, wellness, and medical conditions listed in this essential oil reference guide app

specific to each oil, with detailed instructions how to apply and use every oil.

The user interface of the app was designed to focus on the use of all the information that the app has to offer. The home screen breaks down the oil information contained in the app into the main topics (usage guide, single oil information, etc). From there, the users are able to choose the topic that interests them and want to learn more about. The design is simplistic and straight to the point. 

One of the key features of the app is the capability to save information regarding oils and medical conditions. This feature allows the users to save notes about their experience and use. This is important to users as everyone has different oil applications and they can personalize the app in a way that is relevant to them. Since there are hundreds of oils to choose from, saving notes on the oils is critical to documenting your experience.