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Key clients: 

Aon, Ascendant, Monmouth University, Allergan, ADT, Ameritrade, Boston Mutual, Brightstar, Chubb, COX, Humana, Kiely, Long&Foster, NYU, Pfizer, Prudential, TYCO, Vivint, Weichert, AT&T  

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Achieving Financial Freedom



Achieving Financial Freedom



Digital Consulting 

Digital Identity 

Digital Roadmap 


& System Develeopment 

Technology Architecture 



Client Background 


Flo is a financial industry start-up that works with one of America’s leading insurance companies to transform how financial advisors work with their clients. Flo is more than an app. It’s a community of people who are connected through a platform of strategists, partners, and products, which share the common purpose of achieving financial independence.





DefinedLogic has served as Flo’s full-service digital partner since 2017 when it first helped to conceptualize the desired customer experience by crafting a viable business model and solutioning the technology platform required to make the business successful. We helped shape the brand identity and designed the company’s go-to-market strategy, including web presence and every brand asset across channels. We then developed two applications for Flo – a mobile app for clients and a web app for advisors – on top of a transaction management platform that is integrated with two of the nation’s leading financial institutions. We have continued to support the successful launch of Flo’s initial pilot in July 2019 and have plans for future releases that continue through 2020.




After initially working with Flo’s founders to identify key features of the future app experience, Flo tasked DL with identifying a go-to-market strategy that would drive the company forward. We worked strategically with Flo’s leadership to develop a business model and adoption strategy rooted in supporting the connection between financial advisors and their clients. By implementing than pursuing disintermediation, Flo decided based on our recommendations to pursue a channel partnership that has resulted in a successful pilot launch.






Identifying the right minimum viable product (MVP) for Flo was crucial to its success. Our team of experts came together to identify, design and develop an MVP that would deliver on the Flo promise. This included providing a cross-functional team of product strategists, product marketing experts, experienced designers and developers with a clear vision for the client’s success in the marketplace. An integrated approach provided a quick market launch that proved to be an efficient use of Flo’s launch development budget.





Flo launched its initial pilot in July 2019, utilizing 10 general agencies and 100 advisors who signed on to do business with clients. The company is in the process of supporting those advisors, now known as Flo Strategists, through onboarding of clients and personalization of the customer experience. Flo expects to start development on a new release of the Flo app in Q1 2020 with additional functionality for empowering advisors to change the course of their clients’ financial future.

Weichert | Designing a Home for Modern Realty Image

Weichert | Designing a Home for Modern Realty

A digital remodel for Weichert

  • Analytics Consulting
  • Digital Consulting
  • Responsive Websites
  • Technology Architecture
  • User Experience

Established in 1969, Weichert Realtors has grown from a single office to 500 locations in nearly 40 states and Washington,

DC. Weichert partnered with DefinedLogic to enhance their overall digital experience and provide prospective home buyers a unique platform to search listings and connect with agents.

The challenge was to optimize the way people search for homes online by providing a personalized digital experience across all channels and then connect them to an agent when they are ready to take the next step in their home buying journey.


Rethinking home baseStrategy

Reinventing the digital approach in the real estate sector is no easy feat since today’s home buyer is more knowledgeable than ever before. We wanted to support the buyer throughout their journey from browsing listings to getting expert advice from the Weichert team. We arrived at a solution that supported the entire home buying lifecycle with an intuitive and robust search capability and educational tools such as the “How much can I afford?” calculator to get the buyer excited and informed. In addition, we connected the buyer to a Weichert agent through easy to find contact information and forms so that the customer could be supported both online and off.


To deliver this enhanced user experience, we re-designed site and page navigation, enhanced search to include multiple filters, added map functionality, and created a personalized experience by showing each customer homes based on previous search preferences.

Property listing pages were redesigned to include prominent calls to action allowing customers to quickly request more information thereby creating an opportunity for Weichert agents to be connected with new, qualified customers through their brokers network.

Understanding the importance of mobile and tablet usage in the home search process, we focused on building an adaptive site that seamlessly transitioned between web and mobile.


After the launch of the updated website, Weichert saw a 48% increase of mobile form submissions. This, along with an increasingly higher mobile conversion rate up 26%, indicated that users were engaging more on mobile than they ever had before.

Ascendant | Creating An Experience For Change Image

Ascendant | Creating An Experience For Change

Elevating a brand

  • Digital Consulting
  • Responsive Websites
  • User Experience

Based in the heart of Manhattan, Ascendant New York is a state-of-the-art luxury detox facility focused on helping New Yorkers begin their recovery from opioid and alcohol addiction.

A group of

addiction specialists and investors came to us with a new concept to bring a medically supervised detox facility into the heart of Manhattan. They wanted this brand to be personal, professional and accessible to those with high standards for comfort and care. Defined Logic was tasked with building the brand from the ground up.


Understanding your users with personasStrategy

Our early realization was how powerful and deeply personal the struggle with addition is and we aimed to honor that as we worked though how to best position the brand to reach those in need.

We had to start with understanding the person behind the addiction and did so through interviews, statistical and qualitative research. We then created personas and customer journeys to help identify the various steps and touchpoints from their addition to their recovery. These gave us the map we would need to make sure the brand would resonate with potential clients.


Combining our insights with the direction from the client on how they wanted to be positioned in the in the industry, we worked to create a name, brand identity, and tone. We then applied this brand voice and aesthetic to the company’s physical and digital experiences. Once the Ascendant New York brand was conceived, we completed the visual identity including the iconic “A” logo and tagline, “Recovery above and beyond”.

Relying on market research and available digital analytics, we further refined how to reach our audiences through the proper channels. We wanted to reach potential clients as well as doctors who would be referring their patients to Ascendant. Our multi-channel strategy rested strongly on discretion and personalization utilizing robust print materials and a variety of digital channels focusing on the NYC market.

Combining excellent user experience with a sophisticated and elegant design, we created a website that would showcase the quality of the staff and faculty while answering the critical questions of potential clients.


With the print materials, website and ad campaigns complete, our clients have launched Ascendant New York and are poised to reach those in need and connect them to their life-saving services.

Monmouth University | Enhancing Higher Education Through Digital Image

Monmouth University | Enhancing Higher Education Through Digital

Educating Monmouth in Digital Engagement

  • Analytics Consulting
  • Digital Consulting
  • Responsive Websites
  • Technology Architecture
  • User Experience

Located along New Jersey’s coastline, Monmouth University is a growing mid-sized private university offering

students a well-rounded and bold academic environment with abundant opportunity for growth—personal, professional, and social as they prepare to become leaders in their chosen fields.

As part of Monmouth’s strategic plan, the University wanted to increase alumni engagement and participation in the universities scholarship drive. DefinedLogic was tasked with creating an enhanced digital experience that focused on the needs of their key audience, creating a site that balanced intelligent media integration with an engaging, human-centric design.


Designing for the AlumniStrategy

Our team approached the redesigned by focusing on the needs of alumni. An analytical assessment of the site allowed us to identify problems and opportunity areas which allowed us to craft a multi-prong strategy that included a revamp of the consumer experience, content overhaul and diverse ways to get alumni to engage beyond the website.


Our UX team went to work to create more immersive page layouts across the 16-page site, creating an alumni site navigation and delivering quick access to information. Each page was revamped starting with fresh, new content including both imagery, video and short form text, galleries, and simplified forms.

We also add significant incremental value by spearheading a whole new content section, Monmouth Timeline, which showcases key university achievements, milestones and historical callouts across every decade since its inception in the 1930s. The alumni homepage has become a gateway providing all visitors a more engaging, more charming look into the rich history of Monmouth University.


Working alongside the goals of University Engagement, the redesign focused on allowing alumni to easily find and navigate to the information that were looking for. This resulted in a 21% increase in page views, proving that users were engaged in the digital experience and found the information they were looking for to get back involved with the University.

Long & Foster Launches Tailored Move Image

Long & Foster Launches Tailored Move

A Household Goods Moving Company

  • Digital Consulting
  • Responsive Websites
  • User Experience

Long & Foster is one nation’s largest privately-owned full-service brokerage firm. With about 170 locations, this real-estate mogul has offered residential and commercial real estate, mortgage, settlement,

insurance, property management, corporate relocation, and vacation rental services since 1968.

Wanting to make the home buyers and sellers experience as seamless as possible the client engaged DL for a complete brand launch of a household moving company, Tailored Move. The challenge came in multiple facets: create the brand identity including a brand framework, name, logo and visual identity system. Develop the customer journey and experience design for the new moving company, craft the go-to-market strategy and marketing vehicles needed for launch, and lastly lead qualitative research among targeted real estate agents as the business model is based on agents referring their clients to use the new household goods moving company.


A Household Goods Moving CompanyStrategy

By working closely with the client, we were able to develop workstreams that allowed us to gain the insights needed from the research phase to provide as much context as possible to craft the brand foundation, name, logo, visual brand identity, and customer journey.


To elevate the brand above the competition, it was vital that we laid the foundation for success. Armed with the knowledge and insights, the “Tailored Move” brand platform was created. Our focus was on connecting the right people, with the right information. We concentrated on creating consumer and agent target audience messaging, as well as developing a seamless user-experience website. We also worked diligently on crafting a strong brand’s identity, both online and in print pieces such as vehicle logos for apparel, branded truck magnets, and brand corrugated moving boxes.


The Tailored Move brand is forecasted to go live in April 2019. To-date, the Long & Foster CEO, brokerage leadership and our direct client have been extremely satisfied with the deliverables from DefinedLogic.

Prudential Financial | Rewriting the Handbook Image

Prudential Financial | Rewriting the Handbook

Process improvement through Agile
  • Digital Consulting
  • Enterprise Agile
  • Strategy

For more than 140 years, Prudential Financial has helped individual and institutional customers grow and protect their wealth by solving investment, insurance, & retirement challenges.

Prudential has eight product owners today

who are serving as the vital link between the needs of the business and digital value creation. For reasons of competitive delivery, Prudential needed us to apply our agile expertise to help accelerate the effectiveness of the product owner role; warranting that these critical resources operate at the highest level of maturity.


A product handbook for the digital product ecosystemStrategy

Our team analyzed the baseline performance of each department, to better grasp where administrative and prioritizing bottlenecks occurred uncovering several fundamental departmental needs. Marrying our knowledge of lean-agile frameworks and input collected from the stakeholder ecosystem we developed a framework-led approach that allowed us to compare best practices to those currently in place. This unique approach allowed us to both introduce best practices in a collaborative way and gain on-the-ground agreement.


We designed and developed a complete product handbook for the entire Prudential Financial digital product ecosystem that included executive management, product strategy, marketing, and development. This newly implemented process aimed to helped greatly improve communication between IT and Business. In addition, the DefinedLogic team worked shoulder to shoulder consulting with and training their entire staff on it the new processes.


Prudential Financial began seeing positive improvements in their product delivery and organizational “friction” even before project completion. Our approach allows us to change the collaborative thinking process, such that positive results can begin to appear almost immediately. Prudential Financial has since continued maturation and continuous improvement by leveraging the governance design that we implemented with them.

Through collaboration and trust, DefinedLogic successfully helped implement an Agile approach to product delivery, streamlining the business and IT intake process and decreasing bottlenecks and increasing new product go-to-market delivery.

When You Wish Upon A: Brightstar Image

When You Wish Upon A: Brightstar

Designing a customer-centric portal experience
  • Digital Consulting
  • Responsive Websites
  • Technology Architecture
  • User Experience

Brightstar Halo is a global provider of device protection programs. They aim to keep customers and their carriers connected and protected with their mobile devices.

Brightstar Halo was looking for a better way to share program performance data with its clients. Through increased transparency and accessibility, Brightstar hoped to further engage its existing customers while also attracting new clients through a customer-centric portal experience.

In a series of discovery workshops, the Brightstar and DefinedLogic team imagined a client portal that would allow for ongoing collaboration and provide real-time subscriber, claim, customer service and financial data. Security would be a critical requirement because of the sensitivity of Brightstar’s client data. The portal experience would also need to be responsive so that customers could access their data any time from any device.


An experience for ongoing collaborationStrategy

Running with these key features as a guide, we created a high-level release plan, utilizing wireframes and prototypes to illustrate portal functions. A constant flow of communication allowed our design and development teams to build in harmony with one another, employing an agile methodology to track progress and assess the impact of new or changed requirements. A fundamental component for the success of this client portal laid with the ability to present Power BI Reports, a business analytical service provided by Microsoft, which created both development and deployment challenges.

Power BI reports are not responsively rendered to auto adjust to different screen sizes. Therefore, custom handling of report layout changes based on the current screen width of the display device was required. On the deployment side, since the SQL Server Analysis Services data source was hosted within the Brightstar premises, embedding Power BI reports from the Azure cloud service posed a significant challenge in allowing the cloud-based report service to access the data. After architecting and prototyping all possible solutions, we determined the appropriate course of action was to set up and configure a data gateway to broker authenticated data requests and responses, securely through corporate firewalls.


The results, ReportIT, a custom-built secure user- friendly reporting portal was delivered under budget and by the clients deadline. The first release includes the display of several key reporting metrics at varying levels of detail including presentation of 18 Power BI reports. The portal’s admin capabilities allow Brightstar account managers to regularly collaborate with their customers by uploading financial reports and entering free-form explanations of each month’s activity. The portal is highly secure and provides an exceptional user experience on all devices.


A highly secure and UX friendly portal was launched, successfully integrating 18 Power BI reports for a seamless experience, enhancing Brightstar account mangers efficiency.


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Digital Marketing Optimization for B2B Company

"DefinedLogic is easy to work with and very honest. They operate as an extension of our internal team."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$50,000 to $199,999
Jan. 2019 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

DefinedLogic provides ongoing digital marketing services for a B2B company, including organic search, paid search, and email optimization programs.

The Reviewer
1,001-5,000 Employees
Holmdel, New Jersey
Digital Marketing Manager, Spirent
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Web traffic has improved dramatically since the engagement began, while cost per lead has dropped. DefinedLogic keeps the project moving through constant communication, providing critical status updates throughout. Efficiency is a hallmark of their work.

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

I’m the digital marketing manager at an international high-tech B2B company.


For what projects/services did your company hire DefinedLogic?

We hired DefinedLogic to help optimize our digital footprint (website, organic search, paid search, and email programs).

What were your goals for this project?

We want to improve volume, conversion rates, and efficiency.


How did you select this vendor?

DefinedLogic had both experience and certifications in the software programs we use.

Describe the scope of their work in detail.

DefinedLogic started by pulling performance data and content for our email program, and identified several optimization opportunities. They prepare weekly SEO & SEM performance reports and identify optimization opportunities. They also built a 9-page custom dashboard with all web, organic, and paid search performance data.

What was the team composition?

The team includes one senior digital marketing analyst and one junior analyst.


Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

Web traffic volume has increased, and cost per lead is more efficient.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

The workflow between our teams is effective. DefinedLogic holds a weekly meeting to report results and identify action items.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

DefinedLogic is easy to work with and very honest. They operate as an extension of our internal team.

Are there any areas for improvement?

It would be helpful to have a backup point of contact who is fully up-to-speed on the project. If our main contact is out of office, or resigns from the company, we will be in a difficult position.

Overall Score
  • 5.0 Scheduling
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer