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We provide a full spectrum of services for your Magento store using a melange of creativity, more than 10 years of technical expertise, and commerce marketing skills to bring accurate and measurable results. From scope to design to development, we have a vast experience of building successful Magento sites, that increase customer acquisition, conversion rates and ROI.



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    Tallinn, 37 10143
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Key clients: 

CompAndSave MyriadBeauty Tori Logotech

Magento Enterprise Image

Magento Enterprise

Utilizing Magento, we created a custom user experience catering to multiple product variations and perfect UX.  ComboInk needed a cost-effective integration to manage their physical store and provide their customers appealing navigation for recurrent purchases. ​

Magento 2  - MyriadBeauty  Image

Magento 2 - MyriadBeauty

Decima team successfully built a clean and contemporary website that heavily reflected Myriad Beauty brand and image. Fully powered by Magento 2 platform. ​

Startup Website - Magento 1 Image

Startup Website - Magento 1

Technologies: Magento 1 / PHP / JavaScript / CSS, HTML5, SASS

M2 Extension Image

M2 Extension

This extension does not show on your storefront. Its goal is to help out in entering many similar products manually. When products have similar values, it is very convenient to use this extension's new interface and its cloning feature. It can ideally fit to the use case when one needs to create product variations, or create subset of products. Its interface assumes that you can only fill in required attributes. Then, you can

edit each product in Magento conventional way and provide all other needed data.

Save your time on creating new products by providing only required data in one step. Bulk Products extension makes routine work quicker and simpler. Impower your store with Bulk Products extension and speed up your product management mechanism.


Magento 2 Extension - Photo Gallery Image

Magento 2 Extension - Photo Gallery

If you are looking for a user-friendly and powerful extension to create unlimited image galleries for your online store, Photo Gallery is the best option for you. This is an extension with rich functionality that is simple to use. It allows you to easily add and manage images or photos, use image tags to filter, choose the number of photos to display on a page and specify the page to display them on.