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dctrl is an independently owned studio for creative technology based in Zurich/Switzerland.

Based on an open, transparent and new agency 2.0 model, our name dctrl (di:ken’troul) describe the ever-changing digital medium in which we communicate, work and conduct and we believe that digital technology is a main driver of today’s communication and culture.

We like to see ourselves as a small, flexible, fast-moving team with big ideas and we aren’t afraid to be different. At dctrl, everything is unique and nothing is impossible. We believe in quality over quantity.

Always with our finger on the pulse, we are exploring new technology, new means of communicating, and new ways of expression. We want to be at the forefront of creativity in this new arena, opening up new opportunities in digital transformation and pushing brands into new, exciting territory.

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Zurich, Switzerland


Key clients: 

Alpiq, Clariant, Credit Suisse, digitalMedLab, Emmi, IBM, Masterfoods, Novartis, Ogilvy, Schweizer Brot, Swisscom, UBS, Wirz

+GuideDesk - Business Knowledge Management Image

+GuideDesk - Business Knowledge Management

Your Medical Guidelines in your Pocket — anywhere, at any time.

The usefulness of any guideline is based on how up to date the information is. With +GuideDesk this is not a problem anymore.

Alert Watch - Smart watch solution Image

Alert Watch - Smart watch solution

Falls are identified as a major health risk not only for the elderly but also for people with neurodegenerative diseases, such as epilepsy, and are considered as a major obstacle to independent living. Fast detection of falls would not only decrease the health risks by enabling quick medical response; but also make independent living a safe option for the elderly.

Besides automatic fall detection, our application

provides location information of the subject using the integrated GPS module and also sends a warning about the fall and the location information to interested users, such as the caregivers, the doctor or ambulance service providers, via SMS, email and Twitter messages.
Hapimag - TV OnAir-Styleguide Image

Hapimag - TV OnAir-Styleguide

Sharing Economy since 1963: The members of the Hapimag community share a large selection of holiday resorts. They use them sustainably and individually - an economically attractive and ecologically sensible alternative to their own holiday home.

Hapimag has asked us to harmonize and professionalize the TV information channel of their international resorts. In a first step, the previously used video templates should be

visually revised and standardized. This will be achieved through our newly developed OnAir-Styleguide, which will also serve as the basis for the further expansion of the Hapimag TV-Channels.
Die Post - Online Campaign Image

Die Post - Online Campaign

Online campaign for the Swiss Post.

Osys - Point of Sale System Image

Osys - Point of Sale System

Osys AG has been providing IT services in the areas of data center infrastructures, systems engineering and software development since 1978. The company is an award-winning IBM Premier Business Partner and VMware Premier Solution Provider.

Osys AG has commissioned dctrl to design and develop an interactive point of sale (POS) system that displays the company's services in the IBM partner showroom as well as at trade

Plan.B - Architecture studio Image

Plan.B - Architecture studio

Plan.B is an independent own architecture studio based in Zug, working across every aspect of today’s built environment.

Plan.B asked us to design and develop their website based on their mission of simplicity, quality and beauty.

+WoundDesk - Mobile health solution for professional wound care Image

+WoundDesk - Mobile health solution for professional wound care

+WoundDesk offer an integrated wound assessment solution at the point of care.

+WoundDesk was designed to be simple, fast and intuitive to reduce administration costs, documentation errors — and get more time for patients.

Hypertension eDiary Image

Hypertension eDiary

Hypertension eDiary is an app developed by dctrl for patients with hypertension.

Hypertension eDiary helps in the management and documentation of blood pressure.

The app was developed based on the latest findings in the treatment of hypertension and allows the patient and his doctor to set target values together, exchange measured values and thus support the success of the therapy.