A Product first company in an AI first world


Founded in 2016, we are a Product-first company in an AI-first world. A differentiated tech-company, we specialize in building intelligent products backed by high-end technology, that clients love and users enjoy. 

We understand what makes a product “great” - the laws of visual hierarchy in good designing, simplified coding, engaging UX, we know how to make brands make an impression. By adopting the latest technology stack in AI, machine learning, blockchain, RPA etc. and complementing it with human-centric UI/UX design, data and analytics etc. we offer clients innovative products and solutions that are futuristic and result-driven. 

In the three years of our company’s operation we have successfully built custom products for enterprises (including Fortune 500 companies) and funded start-ups, across FinTech, RegTech, HealthTech, EdTech, TravelTech, social media among others. Our client portfolio includes brands from across markets in the USA, UK, EMEA, MENA, and APAC.

As a part of the company’s expansion strategy, we also offer value-added services and solutions for product launch and marketing, growth marketing, sales as a service and more.

Day1's core exprtise would be Artificial Intelligence custom solutions, Robotic Process Automations and AI powered Mobile app development.

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Key clients: 

SOS Method - Meditation for ‘Busy Minds’, 1TAM - Video Blogging Reimagined, Fullerton Markets, 360 Mall, Al Ghurair, BoschKiosk, Chatbot, Loar, Mascafi, MyAmbulance, PurpleCity, Rewards 360, SimpleChat, Stargaze, Trio, Vuzz, Park Genie,

The smart way to end parking woes Image

The smart way to end parking woes


A simplistic, mobile solution for smart parking in cities, shopping malls, etc. this platform makes it convenient to schedule a parking spot at the click of a button. While working on the designing elements for the app, our focus was to ensure that a simple UI/UX is provided for swiftness. A clean design, integrated with maps and payment platforms was designed, making it possible for the user to pre-book

their parking spaces (especially in crowded places) to avoid rush-time challenges.
Add fun to social Broadcasts in a fun way Image

Add fun to social Broadcasts in a fun way


Day1 Technologies extended its designing services to this one-of-a-kind social media app to add the ‘fun’ element to the app, while keeping it secure, fast and with an improved user experience. The unique functionality of this app is that it allows users to create, share and listen to broadcasts, or even listen to specific broadcasts by topic, hashtag, location, etc. on the go. As a result, the challenge was

to create a layout that encourages and supports voice communications. The designs also had to draw attention to the numerous other unique features that the app offered, including (but not limited to) direct voice chat with other group members, search functionalities, filtering options, etc.   
Investments done right (FinTech) Image

Investments done right (FinTech)



A FinTech ication but for a U.S. based client, this application redefines the manner in which people invapplest in stocks, cash, and bonds. As the design and technology partner, Day1’s role was to attract users and motivate them to invest intelligently by designing an aesthetically appealing, informative and easy-to-use app. By utilizing the latest tech in AI, ML, and blockchain, the

application offers additional security of funds invested and details of all transactions. The designs have also been done accordingly with a focus on graphs and charts to provide information visually.
Connecting with the Stars Image

Connecting with the Stars


Built for celebrities, influencers and popular personalities (in India) to connect directly with their fans, this platform is the perfect example of deep AI tech in the glamour world! The application would also provide influencers with the opportunity of making additional earnings based on their stardom and user base. When designing and building the product, our focus was to ensure that the UI/UX is a mix of

blitz, simplicity, and sophistication so as to connect with both celebrities and their fans. In addition to that, the platform also offered an advanced level of security with reference to commenting on posts, opportunity to win tickets, invites to participate in events, and more.      
Monitoring fitness in everyday life Image

Monitoring fitness in everyday life


An all-encompassing fitness platform built for global users, this platform makes it possible for users to keep track of their fitness especially by monitoring their food and water intake, eating habits and exercising routine. At Day1 our designing services included giving it a vibrant and colorful facelift while keeping it up-to-date with the latest trends in UI/UX designing so as to keep it appealing,

engaging and interactive. With the rise in the number of fitness tracking applications and the seamless integration with wear tech, the challenge was to keep the design elements easy to understand and consistent. The design and AI-enabled chatbot moreover had to be aligned so as to be able to offer all relevant information in one page, without being intrusive.
Reward points, cashback and more Image

Reward points, cashback and more


An e-Commerce payment system platform built for an Indian client, this application aimed at simplifying online bookings and reservations, purchase, money transfers, and mobile payments. The challenge behind designing the UI/UX for this project was to keep it unique, informative, and action-oriented, so that it stands out from other competitive payment platforms. The designs also gave prominence to

bestsellers, trending items, special offers, promo codes, etc. Separate design and development had to be scheduled for the client and customer platform.
Ambulance assistance at the click of a finger  Image

Ambulance assistance at the click of a finger

An app built for assisting people in having access to ambulance and medical services at a swipe, this platform simplifies booking an ambulance in times of emergency. The design and art direction we incorporated for the client involved simple, clean designs, with a maximum of two-three commands to complete an action. Designs also needed to integrate with navigation/map services, so as to notify nearby ambulances and

hospitals of critical cases. The main challenge of the design was to make room for including additional services such as ‘notify emergency contact,’ ‘notify doctors, ‘share location’ etc. or even uploading health records.
Hydration round the clock (Ecommerce) Image

Hydration round the clock (Ecommerce)


A platform for the buying and selling of packaged drinking water online, this design project for an e-Commerce platform for the Middle Eastern market provided the Day1 team with the opportunity to work in the field of online retail. The design required to be minimalistic, with emphasis on the color theory, so as to encourage sales and conversions. Emphasis also had to be put on integrating with existing

technology, payment platforms, warehouse and logistics, tracking and more, so as to offer users simplicity in use. The main challenge of working on the designing elements was to plan a layout that would provide all necessary information, highlight the strengths, and offer a competitive advantage. This project also involved designing for vendors on the one hand and the end-users/customers on the other.
Salon booking made easy Image

Salon booking made easy


Trendy, funky, easy-to-use, engaging - we had to incorporate all these elements into one when designing the UI/UX for this salon services booking platform for freelancing beauty and hairstyling professionals. The main challenge of designing the application was to facilitate integration with multiple external platforms and to keep it distinct for each professional based on service being offered (leading to an

increased number of pages). Independent beauticians and stylists could easily use the app for managing bookings, payments, showcasing their lookbook, sending notifications and appointment reminders, highlighting reviews and even deny/block bad clients. Clients/customers on the other could easily schedule a home service based on ratings and reviews, location, service offered, price card and more.
A multi-purpose enterprise chatbot for a global brand Image

A multi-purpose enterprise chatbot for a global brand


A one-of-its-kind project on designing a multi-purpose enterprise chatbot backed by AI, NLP, and ML, this project involved designing dual chatbots - for external customers and internal communications. The primary challenge of building a chatbot of this nature was in understanding the nuances of online communication and designing automated follow-up communication accordingly. The design had to be

device-specific, interactive and non-intrusive. The enterprise chatbot moreover needed to be able to handle simple and complex commands and/or workflows.
Serving a personalized cup of coffee (FoodTech) Image

Serving a personalized cup of coffee (FoodTech)


A fun and very unique project requiring end-to-end design services, this initiative involved designing for an application that would allow users to customize their coffee to the minute details and get it served every single time. The primary challenge faced was to have a tech-driven design process that provides a real-time 3D visualization of the beverage, ensuring the composition, color and [density of the

beverage changes visually based on the ingredient selection. By integrating the software with the brand’s vending machines, users simply had to scan a QR code and effortlessly get a coffee of their preference, without having to provide manual instruction. The project also involved designing for the integration with payment platforms of a global nature. 
Design Services for Fleet management company Image

Design Services for Fleet management company

Design and revamping services offered for a trucking and fleet management company based out of the UAE. A detail-oriented project, the idea was to give a new look to the app so as to make it user-friendly, flexible, scalable and running on state-of-the-art AI technology. The challenge was to include all functionalities including accounting, dispatch, tracking, maintenance, etc. in one application that can be accessed by

authorized individuals from across locations, on a device of their preference (web and mobile). Additionally, by using advanced AI and ML techniques, the platform would also provide data and analytics on performance. The design services required outlining different UI/UX  for users and customers separately.
Design Services for a Kuwait based mall management app Image

Design Services for a Kuwait based mall management app


End-to-end design revamp services for a Kuwait based mall management app. The concept was to redesign the app UI/UX in a manner so as to improve user engagement and retention by offering a personalized experience for visitors while safeguarding the business interests of investors. The goal is to have the app function as a one-stop solution for all mall-related information, status updates, and news in one

place, and offer an enhanced retail shopping experience as compared to online shopping. Popular features include location-aware technologies, search functionality, social media integration, payment ease, AI-based intelligent chat-bot to assist visitors with their queries for a more immersive and less intrusive shopping experience.
FinTech - Trading platform built for a Singapore based brokerage firm Image

FinTech - Trading platform built for a Singapore based brokerage firm

A thoroughly challenging project, it involved developing an efficient, easy-to-use and secure platform for people who deal with funds directly. Built for a mobile-first generation, the project required redefining the user experience in terms of simplicity, navigation and UI/UX. Along with seamlessly offering users ease in their trading transactions, this one-of-a-kind natively developed application also doubled as a

comprehensive platform for financial and industrial news, updates and events without locational constraints. 
HealthTech - Meditation and mindfulness application built for global B2C and B2B markets Image

HealthTech - Meditation and mindfulness application built for global B2C and B2B markets

A platform built for a U.S. based client, the project involved building an innovation mobile app/platform for a global audience. With contemporary features like filters, offline mode, favourites, community sharing, the app had to be accessible on the go, easy to use and engaging. The project included revamping the old, non-performing app and giving it (and the brand) a new image through the use of sophisticated deep

tech like AI and ML, elevated designs, and simplified UI/UX. The project also involved implementation of app marketing strategies, growth hacking, and plans for expansion into global markets. Currently the app is available and in use across 10 countries with over 20k downloads. 

Social Media - Vlogging app replicating real life conversation

Built for a client based out of Dubai, this video based feedback and opinion sharing app allows users to share views and thoughts in short, quirky 60 second videos. The app also allows users to follow others, participate in conversations and belong to a community. The real challenge in building this app was to keep it distinct. Following our intensive signature Design Discovery Workshop, we built a highly intuitive app

(for iOS only) with gesture based controls, advanced video compression techniques, and a simple architecture that allowed actions to be completed in 2-3 taps.
TravelTech - Smart, digital payment system for paying tolls Image

TravelTech - Smart, digital payment system for paying tolls

An app built specifically for paying tolls, it offered highway commuters an easy alternative for cashless payments and for reducing the waiting time at toll booths. The challenge was to build a platform that provides convenience without high infrastructure costs. Using military grade geo-fencing technique to track location including lane changes, we built an app that would connect seamlessly with the toll-authority

systems, resulting in quick, effortless, digital payments.
FoodTech - Enhancing the nightlife experience for party goers Image

FoodTech - Enhancing the nightlife experience for party goers

Developed using the latest tech in AI and ML, this app, currently built for the Indian market, is a refreshing way for party goers to enhance their nightlife. Using advanced geo-location system, the app provides real-time information on parties, events, restaurant cuisines, offers etc. within a 5km radius. The easy-to-use design and interface, allow users to quickly make table reservations, avoid queues, place

food/drinks orders, and even bond with others by offering drinks to others in the same community or engage in a chat in real-time. The platform also facilitates managing bookings and driving incremental sales for pubs and restaurant owners.
6awla - Restaurant reservation made smoother. Image

6awla - Restaurant reservation made smoother.

6awla is a platform to find, explore, reserve, and manage restaurant reservations free and instantly—anytime, anywhere.

6awla’s app helps you find new restaurants; view restaurant menus, reviews, and photos.


Native iOS, Android Apps

Technology Stack

MongoDB, Node.js Backend


Restaurant reservation for a big group is a daunting exercise. Coordinating plans with friends, reserving the restaurant and scheduling the time for it on your busy day. The team at 6AWLA wanted to make the restaurant reservation experience hassle free.

Thinking Strategy & Approach

Day1 built an automatic booking recommendation module to optimize the booking experience for users and avoid any delay. This solution made it seamless for even a large group of people to book a table trying with different cuisines and checking availability for their group of friends. The backend system reduced the intervention from the restaurant side by booking the table automatically. This ensured a faster booking experience while optimizing table allocation at the restaurant.

A realtime dashbaord for restaurnat admins and separate Host app for restaurant waiters enables them to take control over the automated process in case they want to optimize the allocation for walkin customers and any cancellation / staff / kitchen issues.

Result Final Experience

An intuitive UX and UI design of the Website, Restaurant portal & Host app to manage the booking.

Development of Native iOS application using SWIFT 4 supporting all devices from iPhone 5SE to the latest iPhoneX Development of the native Android application to support devices XXHDPI and XXXHDPI and Android OS 5.5 and above.

Fully responsive Web portal developed using ReactJS and a highly scalable backend architecture developed using NodeJS and MongoDB database.

Acadmi - A solution for application of training knowledge within the workplace. Image

Acadmi - A solution for application of training knowledge within the workplace.

Acadmi is an intelligent and personalised Mobile Training Solution for SMEs & Corporates to deliver highly engaging, interactive training content to their employees.

The app takes care of the individual employee’s training needs and employs gamification to engage the user and get them hooked to learning.





Technology Stack

Ruby on Rails (ROR)



Along with Day1, the team at ACADMI wanted to address a very specific issue that HR and Learning & Development Departments in corporates are currently facing: the engagement, recall and application of training knowledge within the workplace. The task: An engaging interactive platform personalized to an employee’s training needs, goals, interests and performance that engages the user while encouraging them to return to the platform frequently.

Thinking Strategy & Approach

The Learning Methodology, researched by top neuroscientists is focused around continuous reinforcement through repetition. Considering this methodology, Day1 built an interactive gamified learning platform that hooks the user to upgrade their skills consistently in a fun manner. With elements of gamification like competing against your peer group and game-like exercises, all delivered through the immediacy of a mobile device, Acadmi is the ‘fitbit of corporate learning and skills development’. In essence, Acadmi aims to increase a Company’s Productivity while lowering L&D costs and employee attrition rate.

With real-time metrics and analytics as well as a huge range of features, this is a training solution that is tailored to a mobile generation and set to redefine mobile learning.

Result Final Experience

UX and UI Design of Acadmi platform and development of backend as well as a fully responsive Web front-end supporting both mobile and desktop.

Reward points, cashback and more Image

Reward points, cashback and more

An e-Commerce payment system platform built for an Indian client, this application aimed at simplifying online bookings and reservations, purchase, money transfers, and mobile payments. The challenge behind designing the UI/UX for this project was to keep it unique, informative, and action-oriented, so that it stands out from other competitive payment platforms. The designs also gave prominence to bestsellers, trending items,

special offers, promo codes, etc. Separate design and development had to be scheduled for the client and customer platform.
Smart office commuting in cities Image

Smart office commuting in cities


In an effort to find a solution to the ever-growing commuting challenges in big cities, this app offers a simplified solution through corporate shuttle services. At Day1 our role was to give the app a complete makeover through an innovative design-driven initiative, that would be device-specific, user-friendly, easy-to-understand and action-oriented. Designed exclusively for the office going folks in cities,

it provides commuters the option to select by vehicle type, rote, timing, while providing real-time tracking services. The primary challenge with the design direction was to allow maximum information to be delivered visually while using maps.


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Chatbot Development for Facilities Management Company

"They're a very robust, thinking team that can solve issues no matter what."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$200,000 to $999,999
Oct. 2018 - June 2019
Project summary: 

To improve client interactions, Day1 Technologies developed a two-way chatbot that was customer- and client-facing. The solution featured multilingual AI and integrated automation.

The Reviewer
501-1,000 Employees
London, United Kingdom
Theodore Brinsky
CTO, Xonos Facility Management
Not verified
The Review
Feedback summary: 

First response times to customer queries decreased drastically from two minutes to about 14 seconds thanks to the chatbot. Day1 Technologies took a thoughtful approach to the project, resolving challenges regardless of the complexity.

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

I handle the technology division at XONOS also the governance side of things.


For what projects/services did your company hire Day1 Technologies?

We wanted to build a 2 way chatbot both customer and internal facing

What were your goals for this project?

Improve customer experience and readily available always bot


How did you select this vendor?

Their methodology to make us understand the human feel in chatbot made us hooked to them

Describe the project and the services they provided in detail.

2way facing chatbot Multi lingual Artificial intelligence integrated Automation

What was the team composition?

I had a team of 4, Ai with ui/ux


Can you share any information that demonstrates the impact that this project has had on your business?

XONOS currently has just 14 sec wait time compared to 2 mins before the chatbot was in place

How was project management arranged and how effective was it?

They were great. We had spocs setup bot the sides and JIRA looked updated

What did you find most impressive about this company?

They're a very robust, thinking team that can solve issues no matter what.

Are there any areas for improvement?

I didn't see one

Overall Score
  • 4.5 Scheduling
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer

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