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Datum Brain is a growing AI startup working on researching & developing top-notch distributed systems that involve big data, graph databases, high-performance computing, reactive web applications and data science pipelines. We offer competitive salary packages and a play ground to really learn something from the experienced.

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Lahore, Pakistan
  • 3rd Floor, Gulberg Rd, Block H Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab
    Lahore, P 54000


Service lines
  • BI & Big Data Consulting & SI
  • Custom Software Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
Client focus
  • Midmarket ($10M - $1B)
  • Small Business (<$10M)
  • Enterprise (>$1B)
Industry focus
  • Consumer products & services
  • Information technology
  • Business services


Key clients: 

Parcelist Predict Data, Inc.

Polymer - Data Catalog & Sanitizer  Image

Polymer - Data Catalog & Sanitizer

Do you have user/customer data lying down under heaps of your structured/unstructured raw data? Polymer comes to save you the hassle. Just put your data in there, let us figure out what's what, allow us to mutate your data and you can password protect/partially encrypt it yourself.

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Parcelist is a fast-growing parcel delivery business. Parcels are not to be worried about anymore, just sign in to Parcelist and add the tracking number - leave rest to us!


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Web Crawler Dev for SaaS Provider

"We’re very happy working with them and are going to hire them for another contract."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
Less than $10,000
Dec. 2019 – Jan. 2020
Project summary: 

Datum Brain developed a distributed web crawler that captures, processes, and transmits data to an end-customer.

The Reviewer
11-50 Employees
London, UK
Ayoub Fakir
Solution Architect, ReportBrain
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Internal stakeholders are pleased with the finished product and praise Datum Brain quick communication of potential delays. Customers can expect a well-prepared partner capable of working independently.

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

I’m the solution architect for ReportBrain, a SaaS provider.


What challenge were you trying to address with Datum Brain?

We needed to build a crawler for one of our client’s websites. We hired someone, and the crawler wasn’t scaling well. It took too much time to crawl so we needed another partner who could develop a distributed web crawler.


What was the scope of their involvement?

They developed an Apache Spark-based web crawler from scratch.

What is the team composition?

Fahad (Co-Founder, Datum Brain) worked on the project.

How did you come to work with Datum Brain?

Our founder found him on Upwork.

How much have you invested with them?

We spent $2,000 with them.

What is the status of this engagement?

We worked together from December 2019 until January 2020.


What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

The crawler is part of a much bigger data pipeline where we needed to crawl the website, get the data, process it, expose it, and send it to our customer so they can see what had changed in his data. Without the crawler, we couldn’t build inside this pipeline.

Datum Brain developed a wonderful distributed web crawler that scales how we wanted and has all the features we wanted. We’re very happy working with them and are going to hire them for another contract. The finished solution is reliable and functional.

How did Datum Brain perform from a project management standpoint?

Project management was good. Fahad kept me informed whether things were going well or not. If any issues came up that could affect delivery time, he quickly communicated it. They delivered on time and budget.

What did you find most impressive about them?

When we first hired them, I clearly remember Fahad telling me he has a plan A, plan B, plan C, and plan D, and that I didn’t have to worry. He applied Plan B and it worked well.

Are there any areas they could improve?

He could communicate more. Most of the time, he gave us enough information to see how things were going. Sometimes I had to go to him to ask for details about certain things. Overall, it wasn’t a big issue.

Do you have any advice for potential customers?

Trust them. They respond very well to trust. If a client wants to micromanage them and have them say exactly what line of code they have written and when, then I don’t think it will work out.

Overall Score
  • 4.0 Scheduling
    A few features didn’t come on time because of some issues out of their control.
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
    Their deliverables matched our expectations.
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer